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ATTENTION,ATTENTION!!! those of you that have not bought criterion MOSTWANTED yet and realize criterions HOTPURSUIT was craptastic, it is the same as hotpursuit CRAPTASTIC. returned the game to retailer...............

that is all

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eh, big decision Forza?? or Mostwanted?? hmmmm
if mostwanted did not remind me of BURNOUT i would pick MW. Forza a open world game ( which i hate)
so my choice be neither. now if MW was like Underground with cops that would be a WINNER hands down.

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so do i izumo. check the other day on AMAZON Einhander going for 74.00

and silent bomber ps1 still have plastic wrap on silent bomber game.

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Einhander??? oh my goodness. i would explode if it was on bluray ps3 disc.

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@ stage88

someone should teach STAGE88 this thing call FREEDOM OF SPEECH dang nutcase.

The freedom to speak your mind and express yourself

learn this: dont matter if it sound intelligent or dumb its still freedom of speech. not everyone will agree.

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haaaaaaaa, no my friend RETRO STUDIO would greatly pump sales for wii-U if those ip's i mention above was re-made.

im dieing for old school sidescrolling games castlevania,contra,r-type,grad ius,metroid again.

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Miyamoto changed his mind possibly retro studio will be making zelda for wii-U

received his prestigious Príncipe de Asturias award in Communication and Humanities. During the discussion Miyamoto talked about Retro Studio’s handling the Zelda franchise.

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ahhhh, RETRO studio could make the wii-U a smash hit. start off with ZELDA,SUPER METROID 2,DONKY KONG COUNTRY RETURN 2,CONTRA alien war 4,CASTLEVANIA,SUPER R-TYPE 2,GRADIUS 6 etc.......

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was pumped about nintendo buying rare til reading comments MS own RARE. but im sure RETRO will provide good classic games. maybe a re-born SNES in the wii-U

amything is possible.

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haaaaaaa, wish i could design NEED FOR SPEED game
it would be like first 7 need for speed re-done on ps3 with cops,instant reply to view my amazing cop crashes.
costumization if u like.

other 9 i would leave out
underground 2 (did not like)
mostwanted (confusing)
carbon (lame)
prostreets (dumb)
undercover (need i say anything)
criterion) hotpursuit (to much like burnout)

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HIGHSTAKES remake would be awesome!!! with exotic cars

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I agree no visual customization as UNDERGROUND have.

i hope not all criterion NFS will be open world and free roaming that would be
highly undesirable. if criterion only make free roaming and open world need for speed im out= no buy for me.

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seem to me this site spew SPECULATION on up coming games and (dlc) and speculation up-coming consoles.

no one knows the future of possibilities so why not wait til ACTUAL announcement for title of console.

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seem to me this site spew SPECULATION on up coming games and (dlc) and speculation up-coming consoles.

no one knows the future of possibilities so why not wait til ACTULLY announcement.

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@ wiiulee
if the WII-U is the SNES of this new era

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wow!! to much imagination of wants and no patience to wait for the REAL deal this E3 2013
I would like all this too
1080p minimum all games

8x aa minimum all games

60 frames minimum all games

dx11 minimum all games

500gb HD
but until MS, sony announce it its all speculation for now.

if MS sell the 720 for 500.00 im sure they witness sony ps3 launch f...

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im a FUN WHATEVER game gamer.

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welcome to the WORLD OF N4G
the "only" site where SALES matter and logic an rationality is immature.

let the debate begins.

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@ Marquis_de_Sade and old mcgroin

marquis, mcgroin is COOOORRECT! each nov. MS find away to banned gamers to support a reason for more SALES!!!! this time it is halo 4

according to GOOGLE first bann was modded 360's, 2. call of duty modern warfare 2 3.halo 4 im sure there is a forth one.

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That Paradise itch? What about Most Wanted?

MOSTWANTED is Burnout Revenge with NFS slap on title.

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