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I may have to wait for the PC version.
....will there be a PC version? :( ??

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Is it in the list (link won't work due to to much traffic usual)

I have been playing games since the 2600 and I can honestly say Donkey Kong is the hardest game I ever played. Any youngsters on here who don't believe me install Mame and try it. BRUTAL

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Crysis on full settings is still the best graphics out there period.
It challenges even the the most expensive CPU/GPU combination on the market to this day, which are BTW like having a hundred ps3's in terms of power.

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For me I have had a ton over the years...

METAL GEAR SOLID - Psycho Mantis fight, swaps Joystick ports wtf!!??

GTAIII - I know it's dated now, and there are a ton of free roam 'sand box' games, but when I first played this (stoned) and realized I could get in any vehicle and go anywhere, shoot or do anything I was blown away.

METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - When Snake falls asleep on chopper and you go into the full PS1 GFX fist Shadow Moses Island level and play i...

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There has not been a truly great Castlevania since the PS1 symphony of the night. And IMO Super Castlevania IV is still the greatest ever.

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The last line when he talks about Nano suits, he's implying that it IS being dumbed down for Cryis 2?
Choosing cloak, or strength, speed or maximum armour was a core part of the game. And was f()cking awesome. Console gamers can't choose from 4 options without their heads exploding?

And yes (not that it's a bad thing from a business standpoint) the fact that this game is on console will make the PC dumbed down, I guarantee
it. This game will NOT be a bench marker for...

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F()Ck Nvidia.

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Are parallel threads not encoded in game graphics now?

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And I'll wager you have no link to the Manchester in any way whatsoever, like 85% of your fans.

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I'm not even going to explain the level of failure that these choices are carrying.
OMFG, don't even click the link.

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I'm currently playing Mass Effect 2 1680 x 1050 everything on high and it runs like butter. (amazing game BTW holy S**t!)
And that's a q6600
4 gig ram and a 4870.
Hardly bleeding edge.

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ATi forever for me. Nvidia always like to one up the stats, but they are always louder, hotter, use more power and cost more.
Not worth it.
Oh, and at Kakkoii, man you sound like an Nvidia cheerleader. Of course Nvidia try allot of new innovations (not like ATi havn't) but Nvidia is a HUGE company with a gazillion dollar r&d budget. If it wasn't for AMD (who have to fight INTEL no less) Ati would be no more and we would all have to buy those buggy, hot loud over priced POS. ...

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I like my linux partition thank you very much, it was one of the many features on the ps3 that got me to get my launch night 'FATTY'.

I hope this is BS.

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it wasn't for the very OBVIOUSLY FAKE LAUGHTER from the losers in the studio audience.
It's grating how they hoop and holler at the crap jokes. If they didn't do that all show, I could sit and look at Olivia Munn, she's easy on my eyes anyway.

Maybe I'm too old who any younger gamers here on N4G actually find this funny? :(

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Doesn't scumsoft have some kind of license deal locking this franchise to the 360?

And unreal engine games DO NOT port well from 360 to PS3, so if it does happen, expect a 'blurry' slightly crappier version.

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I haven't upgraded my rig for years, and it p1sses all over every single console.

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The fact that one of the failed points this loser tries to put forward is that somehow p2p (total and utter laggy sh1te) is better than a dedicated server, shows the huge amounts of EPIC FAIL this article has.

I love my consoles, so don't cry at me too hard kiddies.
But PC gaming is the ultimate gaming, not for everyone I know, but if you can get the best then get it.

P.S Mouse and keys for FPS says hi, as does almost unlimited performance tweaks/enhancements o...

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I remember when I bought my launch ps3, I thought (naively) that consoles had got to a stage where they would be so powerful that I didn't need a decent PC rig anymore.
Now I love my consoles (PS3 and a Wii) but boy was I wrong. ALmost immediately I realized that the games were not even 60fps, most of them have tearing and low resolutions and crap anti aliasing.

I just came to accept them for what they are, and I do love them.
I just wish Microsoft and Sony, would (o...

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