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Couldn't find the content among all those ads :|

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N4G should ban these kind of sites. its 90% advertisement and 10% BS content. The Order 1886, Quantum Break and Uncharted 3 open world?

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I want Dragon Age: Origins remaster so i can replay the series again.

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There's just one reason: MODs

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just look at this fan made Dragon Age: Inquisition cover arts:


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its just sad to see studios like Irrational Games get closed and some other BS developers make profits. just finished Burial at Sea Episode 2 and i was shocked to death after seeing the ending.

Ken Levine is a genius

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gamingforever.de - 8.1 out of 10
moviepilot - 7.8 out of 10



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gawwd UI is not looking good, i miss the Origins UI :(

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im a PS4 fan but bi**h please 1 out of 5?

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Persia would be the best choice. Darius was the first assassin to use the Hidden Blade to murder Persian King Xerxes I.

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ah stupid french rating range :D

fixed it on site but can't do it here

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for those who are on energy saving mode:

VideoGamer (French): 17/10
Gamekyo: 4/10
Examiner: 2/10 (SPOILERS)
TalkingAboutGames: B/A+
Famitsu: 10/9/9/10

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"if you see enemeies coming ahead, you're going in the right way..."

this is what i learned from games!

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WOW Digitalchups.com gave this game 6.4


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LOL, here in iran it's actualy around 1300 $
38000000 iran Rials

so i wish i lived in pakistan :-L

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The Dark Phantom is being made by persian (Iranian) developers :D

buy it and support game development in other countries...

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We love

• Rendering and excellent animations.
• A single-player campaign that puts the spanking than BF4.
• Gameplay nervous and effective.
• The Squads mode to try their hand.
• AI rather successful solo as multi.
• A competitive multi ultra dynamic ...

We do not like

• ... but major cards missing.
• No changes in history.
• Riley is actually quite trivial.
• Short Solo (5h-6h max)...

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worst user name i've ever seen
i mean really? badly packed keebab? lol

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its been some years that every new game leaks a few days early on Xbox 360 and PS3.

but for PC you need to wait until actual release date so crackers can crack its main exe file.

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oh god i need a AAA RPG on my PC right now :((

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