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As far a a quick search on amazon goes I can see Rock band as being listed as $170 in the USA.

It's not a great leap of imagination to believe that the UK price will be £170. Despite 170 pounds converting to 330 dollars at the present time.

Also a point to any American friends wondering about the UK price drop of the Xbox 360. In the US the xbox 360 premium is $299.

That converts to 150 pounds. In britain the Premium cost 200 pounds. This converts t...

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I never play first person shooters on the PSP due to the lack of dual thumbsticks. I would buy a second PSP that did even if that was the only change / upgrade.

As a passing thought why can't you connect a sixaxis controller to the psp via the usb port? Imagine that! play games portably the current way but when at home you have the option of plugging the psp into a tv and using a normal playstation controller.

Think about it Sony, you can sell a proprietary cable to ...

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Personally I thought the ending to Jericho was excellent, it was a cliffhanger ending. I saw it as the Jericho squad breaking the cycle that had endured for thousands of years. Taking a risk that would either destroy mankind or save it. Otherwise they would just patch up the breach and it would only be a matter of time before the cycle would begin again and nothing would be achieved.

I think most people were disappointed because there were no answers, as a Lost fan I have learned...

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As pointed out to me on my blog and here on n4g I did get that wrong in the original post. Yes you can see achievements in game, as jenzo points out by pressing the guide button when an achievement pops up.

What I didn't know and presumably some other people didn't either, is that by pressing A on the section with gamerscore and status written on it the guide sends you to a menu named profile. The Profile menu has an option to view games and you can see your achievements here fo...

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Hello there everyone, Horza Gobuchul here.

Thank you to Kalistyles for reading my blog and posting this news, I don't know you and thank you for posting my article, it is much appreciated.

I know that blogs are not news, and this probably should be a comment in a related news article, i have done this before with other posts from my blog. It is here now though.

Firstly I just want to say that I am a 37 year old nurse from the UK who has been playing game...

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To PirateThom,
You are probably right, I don't know, i am really just asking the question, I don't ever expect an answer. They most likely do know which accounts belong to which console through the mac address. I just wonder if they choose to use the user accounts or mac addresses of ps3's online to base their figures on.

To ravinash,
I am sure they know too, as above i wonder if they choose to turn a blind eye for the sake of figure inflation.


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This is a post from my blog i wrote a few days ago, seemed appropriate to post it here.

If you take the time to read some forum posts, most people have multiple accounts on psn for downloading from each territories store. This is done because, while some demo's are released in all areas at the same time, most are just released in one or two specific regions at a time.

For example Ninja Gaiden sigma came to the USA store two months before the European. Ratchet and...

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