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and every other AC trailer. I love them.

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Awesome trailer. Looking forward to this. But, I think I might wait to pick it up for the PS4, when it launches.

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You obviously didn't read the article. Cliffy isn't leaving the console market. The person who wrote the article ABOUT Cliffy's blog post says he is "done" with consoles.

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Yeah. Too many people thinking the headline is a Cliffy quote. Read the article/Cliffy's blog post, people. Sheesh.

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Good blog post by Cliffy, but crybaby article by Maxwell.
He's "done with console gaming", yet in the same breath says he is still getting a PS4/XBOX's next console... "For his job." Anyone else find that funny?

Personally, I don't even see the big deal about this topic. Some DLC is good, some is not. Choose wisely. Spend your money on what you want; avoid what you don't. Simple.

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Dafoe is one of the great ones. Awesome addition to the cast.
This is the last "major" PS3 exclusive before the PS4 drops. Very much looking forward to it.

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True. PS3 owners can expect watered down ports of next- gen 3rd party titles and minimal-to-no big exclusives.
That is how the PS1 saw it's last few years, as well as the PS2.

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I still played my PS2 even after I bought my PS3. (I didn't like the way my PS3 made my PS2 games look.)

I'm sure a lot of people (myself included) will still continue to play their PS3 after they buy a PS4.
As well as those who decide to buy a PS3 when the price drops dramatically, post-PS4 launch.

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"The Last of Us" is the last major PS3 exclusive for this year. I don't see too many more exclusives coming out for the PS3 after the PS4 drops. Watered down ports of PS4 exclusives, maybe, but not PS3-only exclusives.

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I'm not saying make XBOX Live free, I'm just talking about online-play. They could still charge for extras that XBOX Live has. (i.e. cross-game chat.)

Imagine how many MORE people would be playing online, if it were free. (Like me. I own a 360, but I don't play online multiplayer games on it.)

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If Microsoft announces free-to-play online for the next console, THAT will also be a huge competitive move.
Charge extra for other stuff (like Sony does for PS+)

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They won't delay. If anything, I could see them trying to get it out before the PS4. Probably even the week before, in order to get ahead in the sales.

They had a countdown to the new XBOX reveal at E3. Now that Sony has thrown their hat in the ring first, I expect Microsoft to officially announce their new console well before then.

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I didn't get AC3 until after Christmas. (I was still taking my time with RE6)
It had a few updates when I popped it in, though I had read about all the problems people had at launch. But, when I played it, I had zero problems.

I'm glad I waited on buying it, or else I'm sure it would have left a bad taste in my mouth, like many of the people who picked it up on day 1.

Not that it's their fault. We all expect to buy a finished game on d...

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Who says it's a spin-off game? It may be numbered because the present day story still follows the events of AC3.

Though, "Brotherhood" and "Revelations" were not numbered, and they continued the present day events with Desmond. So, I don't know why they feel the need to number AND subtitle this installment.

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Agreed. I'm hoping they drop the "IV" from the title. Especially with the rumored animus story taking place before AC3's, it just seems like a spin-off and not a true follow-up to AC3.

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You can easily beat each AC game in 20-30 hours. (That's WAY less than it would take to get to max prestige in a CoD game, kids.) It's all the running around/killing/exploring that people do that turns them off/makes them get bored and not complete it. It's the same with the GTA franchise. But, if you buckle down and just pump out the missions, it's a very enjoyable story.

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Can't wait. I loved the naval missions in AC3. A whole AC game dedicated to an assassin who happens to be a privateer/pirate? Sounds like fun to me! Though, I'm more interested who will be the star of the current day missions, between animus sessions.

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Correct. So if I wanted to play with my brother (who buys most his games for his 360) and I bought the game for my PS3 (which is the console I buy most of my games on), we would still be able to play together online.

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Not really, since so many men even use female avatars.
Most people just go about their own business, unless they know each other.

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Same here. Loved Xi 1, but not enough to want to pay for the sequel.
I still pop in on HOME once in awhile to check out events, like the E3 event last year.
And I will probably go in HOME to watch the PS Meeting on Wednesday.

As much as you hear people talk trash about it, it's ALWAYS busy. And there are actually people who only use their PS3's for HOME and don't even play anything/pay for anything else on it.

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