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I saw the whole island as the "tomb." in "Tomb Raider."

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I know I've teared up while playing more games than this, but "Final Fantasy VII", "Journey", and TellTale's "The Walking Dead" come to mind.

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You have me figured completely wrong, friend. Everyone has their own opinion. I don't get upset when people give bad reviews for something I enjoyed. Nor do I look for just good reviews. I usually don't even let reviews sway me to buy a game. If I believe it's a day 1 purchase, I pick it up without waiting on being told whether I should or not. In this game's case, I did not believe it was a day 1 purchase. I felt it was a rental at best. But, that's just my opinion. I sti...

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Sounds like this game belongs on my shelf, next to "Lost: Via Domus."

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As a fan of the TWD universe, I plan on playing this. Bad reviews or not -- I'll make up my OWN opinion about it. But, I'm not eager to spend 50 bucks on something just because it has "The Walking Dead" slapped on the cover. So I'll probably either rent it or pick it up cheaper later this year. Although, I'll admit, the comments on amazon.com are a little comforting. It's the type of reviews I want to read (i.e. "Not the best graphics, but a FUN game," ...

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You could beat Jak II in 12+ hours if you knew what you were going (speed run)

So, who knows, maybe they are saying 12-16 hours because they know what to do/where to go. Might end up being 20+ if you're taking your time and exploring. We'll see. Either way, I'm happy with that estimated length.

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Whether or not "Phantom Pain" and "Ground Zeros" are 2 different games is yet to be officially announced (I believe they are.) Though, I'm sure we'll get the answers in a little over a week.

In my opinion, I think both are next-gen. (PS4/XBOX 720)
Last year when Kojima showed off GZ and said it was running on PS3/360 hardware, I called bullsh!t. He obviously couldn't say it was "next gen" when neither Sony or Microsoft had off...

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I booted up "Payday" for the first time since 2011, a few days ago. It had a massive 2GB update (wtf?) But when I finally got to play the game, I liked all the changes. The main menu was different and I could now play any of the heists on any difficulty.

Can't wait for part 2. I love that we will actually be able to try and pull off the "perfect" heist. Hated that no matter what you did in the first one, it always turned into a shootout.

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Yup. Confirmed by a Naughty Dog dev, via Twitter.

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Sorry, man. I just assumed if someone was going to read about a GoW game, they more than likely have played the previous ones... or haven't and don't care about spoilers.

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The main character has always been Desmond in the AC games. So comparing AC to GoW is an odd choice.

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"God of War: Ascension" is a prequel. Kratos died at the end of "God of War III." Hopefully this just hints at him being brought back to life for a "God of War IV."

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I don't know why these games need to take a break. They can release them all they want.
As a gamer/consumer, you should be the one to take a break if you want. It's not like they are forcing people to buy their games.

I passed on this year's installment of CoD. I will be passing on GoW:A for now. And I probably won't buy ACIV when it comes out in October, but wait to get it at a later date on the PS4. I'll play/get to those games when I damn well f...

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Indiana Jones movies + A female protagonist = Tomb Raider (1996)
Indiana Jones movies + Tomb Raider (1996) = Uncharted series.
Uncharted series + Tomb Raider (1996) = Tomb Raider (2013)

And in all honesty, there is not a whole lot of similarities between the Uncharted/Tomb Raider games, other than them both being treasure hunters. Both are original in their own ways. Both have something to offer.

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haha, yes, I loved that part.
But, in all fairness, the scene in "The Descent" was a nod to a scene in "Apocalypse Now."

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The secret room in "Arkham Asylum" hinted at "Arkham City." The secret room in "Arkham City" hinted at Scarecrow in Gotham City.

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I'm only 10+ hours into TR, but I have to agree -- It's better than Uncharted "3".
And in all honestly, I almost feel like this game is enough to put Lara Croft back on top in the "adventurer" games.

If Indiana Jones + Tomb Raider = Uncharted.
Then Uncharted + Tomb Raider = Tomb Raider (2013)

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RE1 and 2 were great. RE3 was meh. RE4 was a breath of fresh air. RE5 was okay. RE6, I enjoyed more than 5.

That's just in my own opinion though.

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You missed out on a good game then. I would recommend at least renting DS3, if you don't want to buy it.

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Both EA and Visceral have responded to this and said it was false.

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