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If someone wanted to make that game, sure, they have every right to. Heck, it probably already exists somewhere. But, I'm not sure what you're trying to say. This game looks like a guy killing indiscriminately.

The better question is, if the main character was a homely looking woman, would it be -as- shocking to some people? If she were previously raped and getting revenge on a corrupt town, would that somehow justify the violence?

This game will neve...

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It's not the first game of its kind. Like "Postal" from 1997, it features a creepy dude just killing for the sake of killing -- and I loved that game. My 15 year old self played it a lot, and it did not make me want to run out and kill people in real life. If anything, that game relieved any of the "teen angst" I had and PREVENTED me from snapping one day.

So, I say good job to the people creating "Hatred." It's a new game for a new gener...

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I'm from the SF bay area. I was amazed how viral this story went last month when it was announced. I was following Batkids adventure online (and on the local news) the other day. I couldn't help but smile.

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October 8th.

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Since GTA3, I always wanted a Rockstar developed Wild West game. Red Dead Revolver was not what I had in mind... but RDR was. Wishes come true.

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I didn't read the article, but I agree with the headline.
This idea would have been awesome as it's own original IP.
I wish Ubisoft had done just that.

I'm still looking forward to playing ACIV, though.

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What the hell is MS doing?! My brother uses his 360 more than his PS3. His friends are on 360, and most of his games are for his 360... But this announcement is even making him and his friends say that PS4 may be their "main" console next gen. And that is saying a lot, trust me.

Big mistake on Microsoft's part, in my opinion (and obviously a lot of others.)

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Yeah, but who's to say the "Phantom Pain" is real? I'm still going with my theory that it's all a coma dream (even though they tell him he's come out of it.) Hell, even a demon-ish Volgrin makes an appearance in TPP. And he's dead. So, who am I to say the bandaged man is not the burnt man? Could be the younger version of him, in Big Bosses' mind. (?!)

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I still think it's just a place holder and not confirmation that it's coming out for PS3/360. I'm assuming it will be announced at E3 (after Microsoft officially reveals their new console) that it is in fact PS4/NextBox.

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Started Monday. Ends Friday. Still plenty to come.

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The Ground Zeroes segments are the "Prologue" in the game.
The Phantom Pain segments are the "main game."
And the official title is "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain."
This is from Kojima himself, not a theory.

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He has never "officially" said it is this gen. All he said last year was that GZ was running on PC specs equal to PS3/360. But, even then, I call BS. He very well couldn't say it was "next gen" when neither Sony or Microsoft had announced new consoles. I'm going to assume he will officially say it's PS4/NextBox at E3.

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Same here. This is one game I would have loved a "New Game +" on.

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I'm sure it will hit 3.4 Million sales, when all is said and done. Especially around the holidays, when people are looking to get caught up on games, that haven't bought a next-gen console yet.

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I didn't get into Borderlands 1 until last month. I downloaded part 1 from PS+, beat it, then really wanted to play the DLC. So, I went out and bought the GOTY edition for 20 bucks.

I'm hoping they release a "Complete Edition," or something, for Borderlands 2. I'd rather wait and pick that up.

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Because they go to ELEVEN!

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I wouldn't hold your breath on a PS4 port.
It was a basic shrug-off answer to a fan's question.

I'm sure TLOU will eventually be playable on the PS4 down the road... as a streamed/downloadable "PS3 Classic." ;-P

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They didn't say it was coming on PS4. Or that it was even a thought. I honestly doubt it will, with the way he answered it.

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Super Mario Bros. 2
Stunk compared to 3 and SNES' "Super Mario World."

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This would fit right in between my VHS and Laser Disk player.

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