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I'm sorry, but your username cracks me up

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this will make everyone hate me, but as the guy suggests, everything is going to be similar; we'll finally have more equal tech games across the board (i.e. no more shoddy ports like with the PS3) so for once, it may not matter which system you buy

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this man is my hero.

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I think this is the way to go. not sure about the flashlight... waiting for it to charge with no batteries built the intensity in the original, but american nightmare sort of made it smoother with the quick charging light

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i think i'm the only one excited for Metro.

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You can't wait an extra day!! You must buy it as soon as it is out

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rockstar typically aren't very glamorous in these things, because they know gamers/press will make the glamour on their own. So it seems credible to me.

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Yes please...

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obviously, he's laughing out of his sadness

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that's very true... :(

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ancient greece would be pretty cool.

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That was utterly brilliant

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can't wait for this game!!!

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we go from Purple everything to Blue everything. should be interesting

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uhh, no

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the faces and lighting.... all of my money!

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makes you think - if it's a great game but there's no challenge, is it still quality?

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Will never forget Burnout 3... saw it in a store and bought it purely to crash cars

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... interesting

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you make points sir, but don't you think he was probably addressing it from a market standpoint?

surely when you look at it through that lens he makes a bit more sense; look at how much the App Store makes and I'm sure it may be more than Nintendo makes from its portable market (purely conjecture, feel free to prove me wrong)

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