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It has a 76 Metacritic.

Like I say every year, here comes another dumb Spiderman game.

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Twenty bucks is just a bit too much for this. Not to mention, I played the game for like 150 hours last Winter. I'm not sure what is basically a faction questline from both sides is nearing an expansion.

Will buy at about half that price.

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That twenty dollar pricepoint seems excessive, unless it is literally one of the greatest add ons ever.

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They should just fix the whole game.

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Sluts are very important to me.

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The prices for a 3DTV went wrong. They are always going down, I will get one in the next year or two, but they have been an extreme luxury.

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Ports with the same graphics on consoles released six years ago.

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What does this have to do with the lack of any first party games by MS?

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But then how would MS fund all those awesome first party, err, third party early DLC?

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You guys eat up all these pop games. Hurray for products.

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The first thing he did was belittle and trivialize Saints Row 3 when he got to THQ. Stop beating yourself up, tired of douchebags like this guy.

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Bad list.

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As far as Halo 3, every year something like that happens. And it isn't Halo anymore.

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Your mother must be very proud of you.

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Rockstar could put out a turd and people would still buy it and critics would love it. That piece of shit is Max Payne 3.

I have been trying to play this the past two days, the single player is terrible. You walk five feet get a two minute cutscene with a do or die aiming sequence at the end. Then thirty seconds later a five minute cutscene where you have semi-control at times. All this crap is not skippable.

The gameplay itself is the weirdest thing, your ch...

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For a megabudget game by Rockstar those numbers are shit, especially considering they must of set a world record for marketing.

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Nintendo loves shiny, shitty games.

Can't wait for an actual next gen console, cmon MS and Sony!

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Suda 51 fans won't care, they eat this shit up. They would buy a Suda game they are so easily entertained.

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At this point they need to look more to Playstation Plus for value in comparison. The freebies/"rentals" Sony is giving away for the same price as Gold should make MS take note.

Except, they haven't yet.

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I have been waiting for seven years for a last gen console to buy.

You know, it is pretty disappointing that these guys take such a cheap route with everything except the tablet. Tablet looks like more awkward gaming.

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