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Only if you're ready to ignore a ton of great stuff that is released every week. Remember: the game industry is no longer JUST about the big blockbusters you see advertised on television. There's a bunch of indie and downloadable stuff that's well worth your time (check out Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, for instance). The existence of games you don't like doesn't necessarily mean the industry is in sad shape, and it never has.

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I didn't like the video, either, but this has nothing to do with gaming journalism. It's just someone having fun making a video. Not everything someone produces that is related to games has a grand design.

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People were calling the Wii "dead in the water" well before it shipped, making fun of the name and predicting that it would be a massive flop for Nintendo. Never underestimate the typical gamer's ability to root for the end of Nintendo. I figure most of them do it because they're under the mistaken impression that the company has somehow changed dramatically since its charmed 8-bit/16-bit era, when in reality it has actually changed very little at all. The gamers are the peo...

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I like the "it appears we were wrong..." bit, followed by conclusive proof that they were wrong.

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I'd never heard of this site, but this was a great video review. Good job, however long you've been at this!

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That's probably as good a term as any for it. There are a number of reasons why scores mean very little that this article didn't touch on, too. For instance, the scores at even a single outlet will vary depending on who is reviewing a game. It's not like everyone on the staff plays a game and votes on the score to assign. Too many things change from one day to the next for scores to be an infallible digit that is the answer to everything. A score is valuable as a starting poi...

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