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Agreed on both comments. Well said indeed. Save the impression articles for after E3 airs. #1.1.1
There's that broken attitude that seems to be too often seen in journalism. Posing the question of whether E3 is a yearly disappointment or justified showcase, but then writing up mostly support for saying how disappointing it and the games they showed was is a poor decision. The writer spends most of the article explaining how big of a disappointment E3 was because some of their anticipated games were in development hell or didn't live up to the writer's hype.

I... #5
I would rather a game be done well than a game rushed to market. The developers can take whatever time they need. I can wait for Batman, The Order, and The Division. Other games are coming out anyway, so I won't be completely without games. #7
How is it that this would be called Mass Effect: Origins, yet it's not a prequel? Doesn't Origins imply events earlier in history being followed? Seems to be a conflicting statement. #28
Meh. I doubt there will be much difference from last year. I wasn't all that taken by EA's 2013 presentation. I actually ranked it as the least appealing showcase out of them all from E3 2013. Probably the only interesting reveals they had were Mirror's Edge 2 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Other than that, an expected focus on their annual sports titles (that was a total bore) and seeing a shoddy promotion for their Need for Speed movie led their presentation to being lac... #29
We shall see. For the most part, I like Bethesda's work. I can wait for the reveal, though. #5.3
While I do agree that some gamers act like entitled children, I think that some complaints are warranted. To some extent that is. Delaying a game isn't (in my eyes) that big of a deal. It just usually means that the developer will be adding more to the game or working out the kinks so it's playable day one. Plus, there are always other games being released.

The one point I disagree with is how reviewers and gamers criticize or laugh at a bad camera angle or bad voice... #8
We shall see what they have to bring to the table soon enough. I think there's a lot of potential here. #4
Two brand new characters? Well, the timeline was changed in Mortal Kombat 9, so it is expected that events have changed incredibly. I'm in for anything! Just another reason for me to tune into E3. #3
I just can't to see more about the game. Roster, plot, gameplay elements, etc. It's going to awesome! #13
^That's one hell of a gut there. XD #15.2
"Sites like Kotaku or Polygon would rather just report the information as is than question it. It's more important that they be the first to get the story out rather than care about the authenticity or motivation behind it."

They are the internet equivalent of TMZ. They bank on sensationalism and barely give a shred of original content that can be described as thoughtful or insightful. No one should take either site seriously.

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People like to nitpick, plain and simple. When a game gets a lot of press and positive flow, there are the ever vocal gamers who troll online and try to take everyone down a peg. Even when a game is released and gets above average to perfect review scores and awards, there will be the article writers out there to add their unwanted cynicism by saying how the game isn't all that great or worthy of praise.

Case in point from 2012: Far Cry 3 and Spec Ops: The Line. Both game... #1.5
Exactly. And to the author of this article, I refer you to the image provided in the link:

https://img.4plebs.org/boar... #1.3
I agree. That was a horrible review. He spent a whole paragraph complaining about the Blue Shell. I know it can the bane of every racer, but that was some overkill complaining. I don't see how complaining about the system itself and other games for it even matters either. #1.2
I can't wait for this game! I agree on the music, though. Terrible song to put with Mortal Kombat. Should have had more rock to it. #2.5
Agreed. It's a ridiculous "review". I put review in quotations because the article is nitpicking everything and even brings up the whole "white male" protagonist argument. A two out of five is a game that is barely polished, yet somewhat playable. I don't see how his complaints (flamebaiting mind you) can equate to that kind of score. #2.3
"I have to say that I love how, even if it was unintentional, your post really makes the white, blonde woman that wrote this article look racist. Lol."

Glad you got a laugh, lol. Didn't mean for it to sound like that actually. XD

The subject gets me kind of annoyed. Well, really annoyed. It irks me to no end how some people try to make issues out of something that isn't an issue to begin with, but they insist it is. That sort of thing is a... #1.1.1
The author who wrote that abysmal opinion piece is an idiot. She is basically repeating the same tired "view" that some vocal gamers always voice, but in a way that it sounds like they are trying to present the argument in a snobby movie critic's opinion. Let's have a look at some of her illustrious writing.

"He looks virtually identical to Nathan Drake in Uncharted, or Joel in The Last of Us, or Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite, or John Marston in Re... #1
At this point, Rare is just a shadow of its former self. With Microsoft forcing Rare to develop Kinect only games and the now Kinectless Xbox One being available, Microsoft pretty much just added another nail to the coffin. Now with these unfortunate layoffs, it's just a matter of time until Rare meets the same fate as THQ. When and if that happens is when and if Rare becomes a distant memory for gamers who remember what the developer was truly known for. #66
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