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Sharknado...the video game? Who in their right mind would make a video game on these horrible movies? What drugs were they taking to make this game? Where did they conceive of such an idea? Why would they bother? How did this get the greenlight to begin with?

Look, the Sharknado movies are awful. We all know this. For many, it seems like it's just stupid fun. For me, they are near two hour messes of films that bend nature, physics, and computer graphics to their own defin... #6
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"Man you guys really like when I comment huh."

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Rest assured, it's not because people like it when you comment. It's because most of your comments are venomous fanboyism that sinks its fangs into anything relating to Sony. You also take any chance you get to prove your blatant favoritism to Microsoft.

"...if you have ever heard me comment I have great histo... #1.1.9
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Origin still didn't deter gamers away from playing Sim City and Battlefield 4 on their PCs. For some, it will take a lot more than just Origin to ward them away from EA. #1.3.2
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Agreed. There is no way that EA Access can topple Steam. Even though they are both on one single platform (EA with Xbox One, Steam with PC), Steam has the advantage of having a library of games. EA only has their games and that could fluctuate like you mentioned. Also, you don't have to pay a subscription for Steam. #7.2
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Not necessarily a catch, but more like a ploy. It ensures that gamers who go for digital-only downloads and yearly sports games will chuck up the additional money to get access from EA and (in this case) Microsoft. It keeps those gamers loyal to the digital subscriptions by enticing them with these offers. #29
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Interesting. I wonder how this merger will go. #5
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Now what? Wait Destiny to release and in the mean time finish off my backlog of games I have built up. XD #32
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Exactly! And yet these journalists (notably from Polygon) want to make something out of nothing. Namely, they want to make it seem like something from fiction is impacting reality. Movies, novels, anime, and comics have touched on so many ideas and subjects long before video games have. They make it seem like gaming shouldn't tackle some of those same ideas and subjects. #15.1.1
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Another article condemning a topic explored in video games. Apparently writers aren't allowed to delve into anything when it comes to this medium of entertainment. The more we limit ourselves, the less variety there is. #15
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Hm, seems interesting. I will have to see more. #10
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Sweet! I can't wait to play this! #8
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"What a click bait article. I'm damn tired of these self proclaimed journalists fanboying it up."

I would agree with you on both points, but the fact of this particular video is that this is not a "self proclaimed journalist" who is "fanboying it up". Jim is very well known from Destructoid and Escapist Magazine. I have not once heard nor read him claim to be a journalist either.

Can his opinions be harsh in tone? Yes. Are hi... #1.26
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Honestly? I would tell BioWare to not bother. I thought Mass Effect 3 would bookend the series, especially with how horribly they handled the ending. #18
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Hm. That's a slippery slope to be sure. Content creators getting paid via advertisements is one thing, but directly from the publisher? I'm not so sure how valued their opinion would be should they preview or review a game. I think they would need a disclaimer at the beginning that explains they were being sponsored by the publisher; otherwise, all credibility would be questioned. #23
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Look like a lot of fun. Puzzle games are always welcome in my gaming library! #26
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Another puzzle game to check out. Heck yeah! #26
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"Subsequent comments do not count as additional entries, but do count toward your personal awesomeness."

Read for the first time just now and I busted out laughing. XD #13
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I don't care if it's an ongoing joke among PC only gamers, but that comment is unnecessary and insulting. Everyone who doesn't or can't game on PC have their reasons. To demean console owners by calling them "peasants" is nothing short of being a pompous jerk. #10.5
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Seeing this in the description pretty much acknowledges that it is just begging to start something in the comments section.

"...PC is the best possible way to experience your favorite games" #1.7
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Pop culture certainly allows for many forms of escape from harsh or mundane reality. I didn't have many friends growing up either. I was bullied before and didn't have much interaction outside of grade school. First, cartoons and movies gave me escape. Second, comics gave me new worlds and characters to enjoy. Lastly, video games (particularly RPGs) gave me worlds I can dive into on a more personal experience. These days I am fortunate to have some amazing friends from high school and... #2
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