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Huh. That's interesting. I did wonder how they came up with the name for this fake developer. Now I know.

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Not to take a word intentionally from the title, but this got ugly quick. I like TB. I think he is more often than not on point with most subjects and his previews/reviews are very informative, but this whole situation shows how volatile Twitter has become.

I'm surprised that so many indie developers jumped down his throat despite the fact that TB didn't have an opinion on the situation whatsoever. He never criticized or voiced anything critical toward Zoe Quinn, yet ...

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It's not right I tell ya. I loved those franchises and Activision pulverized them into the ground. Crash is practically nonexistent and Spyro is just an accessory in Skylanders. I will always remember them in their golden days back when they first debuted.


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I think Sweet Tooth would be a great addition for the Playstation exclusive. I don't know who Xbox could get, though. Maybe Fulgore from Killer Instinct? As for third-party characters, I'm up for Jason Voorhees and maybe even Terminator to make an appearance.

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I agree. The resentment is still there. This whole thing could have been handled better by the companies, but it wasn't.

Fans just need to dial back the rage and not threaten anyone. People can be upset and angry and I don't blame them, but no good comes from being as aggressive as some people have been behaving.

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"I think that's when I nearly lost it. Like you said, they just finished unveiling Rise of the Tomb Raider as an Xbox Exclusive, made no mention that it was coming to other platforms and they had the audacity to tell us this?"

That they did. They also had the audacity to sugarcoat this deal by mentioning of the two games that will be and are available. It's kind of like someone trying to downplay a scratch they made on your glasses even though it is incredib...

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Everything you said about Microsoft not being at fault for the deal, Tomb Raider being a success, and Square Enix being at fault is very true. Microsoft is looking for games to get whatever advantage they can get. Although, I agree with the growing sentiment that Microsoft should be focusing on first party operations than brokering deals with timed exclusives. If they have the money to get timed exclusivity deals, then they can devote said resources to first party support.


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That was a cool thing of them to do. I'm glad they have helped raise awareness for ALS.

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I wouldn't be able to trust myself by attempting this. I have taken wood shop classes and I'm confident in my ability to make a bird house, but sand down my console? Yeah, I'm not that confident in myself to make it look good. Just some good old dusting and elbow grease for me when cleaning my consoles.


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This guy just can't stop. I seriously don't know why people bother with Phil Fish anymore. He up and quit the industry over a Twitter feud. Before even that, he never once conducted himself in a professional manner to either his colleagues or consumers. Fez 2 is not happening and I think gamers could care less. Phil Fish should stay off of Twitter.

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Wow. With the popularity of Minecraft and it having a convention be cancelled at the last minute, it's just a shame. Reading through it, though, I really hope this wasn't a scam. Five hundred thousand dollars from who knows how many buyers and they won't get refunds. Either these people in charge of the event promise what they were going to deliver or they should prepare for a lawsuit.

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Hm, I don't know. Horner from Commando? I think he most likely just quoting from the movie. I wouldn't read too much into this Tweet. If I had to guess of a particular Arnold character to appear, it would have to be Terminator. Mainly because Orion Pictures (who made Terminator) was once owned by Warner Bros.

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I'm glad that Angry Joe finally got a chance to experience what many feel (including myself) was the 2013 Game of the Year. The Last of Us is a must have if you have a PS3 or PS4. You would be doing yourself a disservice by not having this game for either system.

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Sharknado...the video game? Who in their right mind would make a video game on these horrible movies? What drugs were they taking to make this game? Where did they conceive of such an idea? Why would they bother? How did this get the greenlight to begin with?

Look, the Sharknado movies are awful. We all know this. For many, it seems like it's just stupid fun. For me, they are near two hour messes of films that bend nature, physics, and computer graphics to their own defin...

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"Man you guys really like when I comment huh."

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Rest assured, it's not because people like it when you comment. It's because most of your comments are venomous fanboyism that sinks its fangs into anything relating to Sony. You also take any chance you get to prove your blatant favoritism to Microsoft.

"...if you have ever heard me comment I have great histo...

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Origin still didn't deter gamers away from playing Sim City and Battlefield 4 on their PCs. For some, it will take a lot more than just Origin to ward them away from EA.

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Agreed. There is no way that EA Access can topple Steam. Even though they are both on one single platform (EA with Xbox One, Steam with PC), Steam has the advantage of having a library of games. EA only has their games and that could fluctuate like you mentioned. Also, you don't have to pay a subscription for Steam.

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Not necessarily a catch, but more like a ploy. It ensures that gamers who go for digital-only downloads and yearly sports games will chuck up the additional money to get access from EA and (in this case) Microsoft. It keeps those gamers loyal to the digital subscriptions by enticing them with these offers.

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Interesting. I wonder how this merger will go.

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Now what? Wait Destiny to release and in the mean time finish off my backlog of games I have built up. XD

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