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I would say I partially instill some of my mentality when playing a character about half the time I play games. It depends on the kind of game it is, though. It's easier for me to do that when it's open world/RPG. The rest lies on me taking the role of a silent protagonist.

In games where you create a character from scratch and are given many paths to choose, I often seek to improve my character via their skills, inventory, and reputation. That pretty much covers game... #6
"Its funny that most of comments on this are from white men."

That right there is the problem with people who only see the video game community as this "white boys only" club. The refusal to acknowledge that there are other races and women making up a great portion of the gamer population is ridiculous. Spin it all you want, but the conspiracy of "straight, white, male gamers" bullying their way through video games has grown eerily similar to the... #22.6
I'm thankful for my friends and family, for video games and comics, and being able to write on N4G. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! =) #145
Like Deadpool616 mentions above, it's like they are trying to bring back SOPA. If not using that as a direct description, then perhaps using an "inspired" version of SOPA that fits their needs. They want to censor the internet because some people are being ignorant/immature/offensive? That happens everywhere anyway!

This is what happens when the wrong people get too much influence. They are successfully using video games and online threats as their platform to g... #6
"the only thing i can think of is they just have to release it at a certain date no matter what."

Was going to say this myself, but you technically answered your own question. Want to know why games like Sim City, Ride to Hell: Retribution, Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Battlefield 4, Day One: Garry's Incident, and Total War: Rome II were released with multiple performance issues? Look no further than the publishers (sometimes de... #1.1.5
Is anyone else getting tired of the decimal system in reviews? It just makes me question, "Does Unity really fall that short of an 8 by just .2 points?"

I can understand if a reviewer is torn between two scores and meets the mark halfway, but the other decimal points just seem...well, pointless. I say they should round up or down in that case. Just my thought on the review scores. #16
The link has been fixed. Everything (image and text) can be clearly seen now. #1.1
Very well said indeed. I will admit that GamerGate (much like a lot of movements in the past) is not a coordinated organization. While there was the victory of some gaming media outlets changing their policies, it's the very vocal and immature minority of gamers that are screwing everything up for GamerGate. They are the reason why people like Felicia Day don't have much confidence in it.

The reality is that we don't really have anyone with a promising reputation... #1
My favorite developer. Hmm, I'm going to say Rocksteady. US for me. :D #58
"Bunch of virgin nerds hiding behind a keyboard, bullying females in the industry."

Okay, so you complain about the attacks on women, but then you turn around and attack gamers with insults. Really? That's the polar opposite of what you are attempting to say with your anti-GG accusations of harassment and bullying.

"Link up or shut up. You're babbling isn't disproving anything. Just that you have not a leg to stand on, so you resort... #11.4
You are making your opinion on GamerGate be based on the vocal immature minority. Not a single decent gamer who is a part of or supports GamerGate supports threats and attacks on anyone. And yes, this did start as a movement to unveil and dwindle corruption in the gaming media. #4.4
And now you know more about Phil Fish, lol. Now, as for your question regarding the Avengers:

Dude, that trailer was so freaking sweet! I am pumped for Age of Ultron! I can tell that James Spader is going to own that role as Ultron. Him talking about not being held back or being a puppet was amazing. I hope this will be a movie I can watch repeatedly and not get tired of it (like the first Avengers movie).

After seeing the trailer, I have a lot of questions,... #11.1
"For it to be character assassination the person needs to A) be malicious, B) be unjustified, and C) his target's reputation/credibility must be considered good."

Thanks for understanding the blog. This piece didn't come from malice, but just my opinion on Phil Fish destroying his own career.

"He also didn't tell half-truths, manipulate facts, or outright lie."

Thank you, Brucis. #6.1.2
"HonestDragon's viewpoint, like a lot of tabloid journalism, is basically a character assassination."

Okay, for starters, I did not target Phil Fish to do any harm to his character. He destroyed his own image by himself. I am merely showing those who are interested why I think he wasn't going to make it in gaming because of his attitude and lack of professionalism.

And to akin this blog as "tabloid journalism" is just insulting. I... #6.2
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there. Spec Ops: The Line is (for you) the "worst game ever"? Are you freaking kidding me? How many games have you actually played, yet come to the conclusion that Spec Ops: The Line is the worst of everything that you have played? I just find that incredibly hard to believe. Plus, there are a lot of details in this article that are really off, which makes me think you barely even played this to begin with. #5
Nothing wrong with dreaming. Great list, too. #10.3
Mentioning a new MAG could be beneficial to the PS4 multiplayer base. The first game was online only and got shut down completely in 2012 I believe. I never played MAG myself, so I'd have to go off of what others say as a recommendation.

I think we will see more on IPs releasing next year. Who knows? We may get another surprise like we did at E3 with LittleBigPlanet 3. #1.2.5
Ah, Spec Ops. One of the gems of 2012. I wish more people played it to see the potential military shooters could have these days with characters and narrative. #4.1
Wow. She's doing a lot of damage here. I know it was a very tumultuous time when Dina became the community manager, but it sounds like things have gotten worse. After reading about all of the complaints and seeing the screenshots from backers, this one thing comes to my mind about Dina: abuse of power much?

Also, what the serious hell is up with that snarky Tweet about GamerGate?! Screw you, Dina! For someone who claims to be into games and then turn around and post somet... #8
Good grief this article is stupid. "Nintendo hates money". Give me a break. Everyone who writes about Nintendo being doomed or not trying hard enough clearly haven't seen the latest reports on Wii U sales for both the console itself and its games. A simple Google search will reveal that the Wii U (as of late September) has broken through seven million units sold. The author also neglected the success that the 3DS is having, too.

Could Nintendo be doing better? W... #13
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