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I just watched the trailer for Warcraft and it's peaked my interest. I'm yet to really get into the game as I have the Battle Chest ready to go, but full-time work postpones that endeavor for now.

As for this schlock of a report by the BBC, I am both not all too surprised by the correspondents' ineptitude about the subject material, yet taken aback at their generalization that people who play WoW are nothing more than brainless drones. Had they done their research...

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That does seem like a very obvious change. Makes me wonder the motives behind it. Still, there's just something about slapping the buttocks that some people thoroughly enjoy.


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"I have to agree with Cambrand on this though, not only to anger Joe even more."

That is a counterproductive response that just reeks of spite toward Joe. You're basically saying you're agreeing with one particular party because you don't like the other person's views.

"Joe is wrong on so many levels here. He should get off his high horse."

Instead of just saying how Joe is wrong "on so many levels&quo...

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I back Joe and anyone of the same opinion about the different "editions" of Battlefront. I went to the page myself to get a closer look at it all and it's absolutely ludicrous how EA is trying to sell this game. Three items out of the bloody list can be unlocked by playing a few levels (so some people would be paying for things they can easily acquire in game in no time at all) and the rest are digital filler that should be in the game in the first place instead of being held ho...

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That sounds like a great idea. New horror themes with every game with well woven storytelling would be awesome!

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That was simply awesome.

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Thanks, Batnut. I do my best to convey as much useful information and honesty (praiseworthy and brutal alike) as possible in my reviews. That being said, I agree in that I was expecting more, as well, considering that this was the last hurrah for the Arkham series. I was pretty disappointed that you couldn't see Hush after his side mission. They built it up so well in Arkham City and wrapped it up too quickly.

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I both agree and disagree with you. While it is true that the internet is a breeding ground for the unsavory attitudes of otherwise unpleasant individuals who like to stir the pot any way they can, some gamers have proven that they are no better than said people who abuse their anonymity. I have seen comments on many gaming sites that are just as foul as seeing comments on articles related to the latest celebrity gossip or sports news. Hell, just go to a game of Star Craft 2 or Team Fortress ...

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I just saw that video. I would replace "tried to" in your sentence to "made a mockery of". I felt sorry for Markiplier and MissesMae. The sexual and Youtube jabbing jokes came off as degrading if anything. The whole time it felt like he didn't care about being there and went so far as to make it seem like he was walking into a guerrilla ambush. Even if some of it was scripted, a lot of it on Kimmel's part was just plain bad.

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Nonsense, dude. You have just as much chance of finding the right girl as anyone. You just need the right strategy is all. Think on what DragonKnight mentions. Wear a t-shirt with a gaming related graphic on it. That's a great conversation starter and you don't necessarily have to be one to start talking. I have Pokemon, Power Rangers, Marvel, Batman, Legend of Zelda, and other gaming related shirts. They are great at conventions, stores with a lot of pop culture products, and electro...

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That is very true. The top dogs (if you will) aren't at the ground level. They don't know what managers with managers with associates are doing or how they are conducting business. It's like a neverending roller coaster of positions within a company. You have go through a lot of highs and lows before getting to the ground to see the effect. A company's initial vision can be severely compromised due to hidden agendas of other level staff.

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Nice rant, haha. I agree with you that the PR nonsense that gets regurgitated toward consumers is ridiculous. The number of games that have multiple performance issues at launch is unacceptable. You would think some companies know better, but it's like you said that companies, "are filled with too many people".

That sentence harkens back some old memories and experiences of mine when working at a hardware store in my college days. I used to be in maintenance wit...

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Seems to be a going trend in not only this industry, but many others as well. Still, it would be better to err on the side of caution these days what with opportunistic media outlets and venomous online crusaders seeking to further their agendas with what could be considered easy targets.

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Personally, I like Resident Evil 4, but I get where you're coming from. In my opinion, Resident Evil 5 is where things started really going downhill. Resident Evil 6 was by far the worst out of the main series. And don't get me started on the atrocity that was Operation Raccoon City.

And yes, The Evil Within does have a promising start, but you start to see the problems a few chapters in. It's a shame. I was really looking forward to experiencing the horror that m...

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Thanks, Nineball. I ended up buying the game for my sister because she left her job, was bored at home, and really wanted to play this. She beat it before me, but we had our own playthroughs at the same time.

I think you hit the nail on the head by saying you're "just playing it to finish it". That's how I felt about six or so chapters in. You never want to feel like that when playing a game because it starts to feel more like an obligating chore rather than...

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It just seems as though that people only care about the multiplayer aspect of GTA V at this point. This is especially considering that heists have just now been finally added. Some may enjoy the main single player action, but I'm thinking that because of the new multiplayer options people will be gravitating more toward that.


"Yeah but the best version launched today."

Completely subjective and counter to what yo...

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Oh boy. I'm going to be broke if I see something some awesome deals. And I just got paid recently. >.<

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Perhaps quality control was a poor choice of words for my final wrap up; however, I never once mentioned my enthusiasm that Hatred made it back. Yes, I am glad Air Control was taken down, but I'm simply baffled that Day One and The Slaughtering Grounds are still up there given what has happened with those games. Honestly, I could care less about Hatred, but I have reserved my opinion on that game for a blog in the near future.

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If I might chime in, I will clarify something. I also notice that some of you are at the limit with bubbles, so I will keep this brief.

The entire reason why I used both Leigh Alexander and Brianna Wu as examples in this blog is because the general consensus that I have seen floating around various circles on the internet is that SVU got this idea about the general problems through people like them. Leight's "gamers are over" rant did raise a few good points; ho...

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Firstly, on topic: Yes, I believe that gender is irrelevant to a video game per the character being put in a player's control. So long as the story is good, the graphics are without problems, and the gameplay is functional, I think that no matter the gender of a playable character the game can be great.

In response to your comments:
"Her goal is to get us thinking more about our hobby."

You'll have to excuse me, but I highly disagree...

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