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Agreed. Resident Evil 6 sucked and was a complete sham of an entry into the series. Forced, unnecessary, and lacking in any legitimate horror, Resident Evil 6 was the final nail in the coffin. Yet, Capcom keeps pushing the series on like the virus riddled zombie it has become.

If it is true that Resident Evil 7 is on the way, then I think the following video shows my opinion on the matter because at this point a lot of us feel this way given Capcom's milking of the franch... #1.1.10
Me too. I hope that it will be a successful end to the story that has a great conclusion. #1.1
Happy Easter! US \m/^-^\m/ #139
I totally agree with you on this. The evidence speaks for itself as Dan is the one who attacks Joe over Twitter of all places and proceeds to get pissed off over that decimal point of a review score and claim Joe was "misrepresenting" the IGN Titanfall review. I'm not a fan of the decimal point system in reviews. This especially goes for scores that barely break even when it's a .8 or .9 out of ten. It's like, was the game that short on expectation that you can't giv... #1.2.3
I don't often tread the IGN site for the very reason of their own forms of sensationalism and questionable reviews, but this Dan Stapleton isn't being very courteous here. He attacks AJ on Twitter on his tweet over the hype surrounding Watch Dogs because he acts pissy over Joe's thoughts on outlets giving Titanfall near perfect scores. And for what? To start a Twitter war? Twitter is how many in the gaming industry get in trouble. Apparently, Mister Stapleton doesn't realize t... #1.1.5
It does seem rather sudden for there to be a negative shift against The Evil Within. I know survival horror is a genre people really want to be well done these days, but we haven't seen a lot of the game yet. I'm going to leave my impressions of it for later when it comes out and what I hear from others. For now, I'm still interested in the game. #10.2
I would say fanboys and trolls. A positive story (despite the company it is about) can't be enjoyed without someone out in the internet wanting to troll or write how much they hate *insert company here*. It's sad really because they aren't opinions so much as they are actually scathing remarks. #1.2.9
So the author believes that because of the long delays of these three particular titles that the hype won't meet with the eventual or "eventual" release of them? That is a rather narrow-minded way to think about them. You can't hang up your gloves and give up just because there hasn't been much news; however, you shouldn't hype yourself up too much to begin with. Yes, development hell cycles occur with projects, but this sort of opinion screams neediness of informati... #24
I agree. The "must-have games" notion for systems is exactly and completely subjective. I don't think that saying both the PS4 and Xbox One have no "must-have games" is impractical. That's just like people saying the new consoles "have no games". Both statements are unrealistic.

"A games worth and desirability is surely down to the individual consumer, we all have different tastes and different thresholds of what makes a good game be... #15.1
Yep, yep, I know. I had a blog regarding it when the Kickstarter was successfully funded. Now I only have one thing left to decide: which platform should I get Mighty No. 9 for? >.< #2.1
No kidding, right? Smash Bros is looking more and more fantastic. Mega Man is being done justice from this team more so than Capcom has done lately. #1.1
Atlantis! I forgot about that particular movie. That would be an awesome addition to be sure! Also, who wouldn't want to go back to the Pirates world and face off against Davy Jones?

You know, I haven't seen much of Studio Ghibli's films. So, I'm going to have to go off of your recommendation. Should Howl's Moving Castle be one I should see? #7.1
Alas, poor Ridley. He appears to be a type of boss, though, from what they showed. What do you think of his "shadow" appearance? I'm liking the roster of characters so far. I can't wait to see who else they have added. #1.2
@ Gekko36

Reading your comments, it's clear to me that you are an Xbox fanboy and possibly even a racist. The things you say about the Japanese are undeniably offensive. Go ahead and look at his comment history. It's ripe with forced bigotry.

"I do NOT care about selling games, sharing games or buying second hand games."

Yet, later on in your comment, you mention about the benefits of sharing games online. So...you DO care i... #1.1.24
We will have to see what Phil Spencer does, but he still has a long way to go before everyone can consider his statements to be genuine. Cautious reservation is key here.

@ truefan1

I know you don't make any effort to hide your Microsoft fanboyism or hatred for Sony, but your comments here are beyond asinine.

"...quit sucking up to these ps4 fans it's starting to sound pathetic."

I highly doubt Spencer is tr... #1.1.23
Boy, Treasure Planet sure is a popular choice. Yes, I hope that we will see The Incredibles in Kingdom Hearts III. It would be amazing. I highly recommend seeing Tangled and The Princess and the Frog when you get the chance. I think you'll like them.


Yep, sequel for The Incredibles inbound. And a third movie for Cars...apparently? Cars was a hit and miss for me. Not one of Pixar's best works, but it's an okay distraction. #4.2
Gargoyles is awesome. But as much as I love the license...I know it's a long shot for it to be featured in Kingdom Hearts III. The worlds I nominated up top are worlds I think would shake things up. Gargoyles being featured would be my wish for the last game. #2.1
Okay, now I finally have time to comment, lol. Now, I actually forgot about Treasure Planet. I had just seen it recently...two years ago. Yeah, I didn't know it existed until my friend told me about it. It's one of those Disney films that rarely is ever mentioned.

Do I think it would be a good world? I think it could work. They would have to bring up John Silver's change of conscience after a good boss fight with him, though. Otherwise, it just wouldn't seem r... #1.2
Now that is a cool easter egg! #17
"Then we get to first proper gameplay segments and we get to marvel at what a technical mess this game is. I noticed straight away that these monsters must emit vaseline because everything is blurry."

What kind of television were you using? The graphics are great the way they are.

"Though as soon as Ellie opens her mouth for the first time things get even worse. Is this really acceptable voice acting? It sounds like a grown woman coming out of... #4
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