Homicide Rises


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That last part where he fulton the jeep into the helicopter...insane. Pretty good video explaining why the mechanics and why it got that score.

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I want to squeeze and do other stuff with them!!

With that said, I wish more JRPGs would adopt what Resonance of Fate did with the costumes. Being able to customize your characters outfits, eyes & hair instead of selecting pre-determined costumes.

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But will it use the sixaxis feature?

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Most of the complaints for FFXV seems to be that it's breaking tradition. It is a huge departure from the previous entries in terms of the battle system.

You could be traditional but also keep your games fresh. Just look at Persona 3/4. The battle system is very traditional, but they made the game unique with its dating sim portion and stories that broke out of cliche. XII/XIII also had traditional battle systems.

I'm one of the people who actually w...

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The two big problems I see with Japanese games is: (1) trying to appeal to the west (very poorly in some cases) thus losing their identity and (2) never evolving and staying stuck in the past.

Japanese developers should start being more creative and take some risks.

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Your personal data might be though. Sony should compensate customers for:

1. lying about there being no hacker
2. failure to notify us in a timely matter

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Play online?

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I know :(

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Just goes to show how much Sony fell in just a few years. The PSN hack might the final nail.

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Yep. Just bought Portal for the PC. Ah, online still works for my PC.

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I'll only use it for Netflix. That's it.

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They forgot the PSPGo.

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"Sony's CC data is encrypted. This is like the 5th time i have had to say this."

The other data wasn't though, which is a big issue.

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Farewell PSN, we hardly knew ye'

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Personally, I think it's too late for them.

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Sad days for Sony. The media is having a fit over this, customers are angry/impatient about the matter, and now Sony's image has been tarnished. This might very well be the end for Sony.

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The PS3 console was difficult to crack; the PSN system, on the other hand, was easy to hack. Hackers never tried to hack into the PSN until the Geohot thing came about.

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You guys aren't serious about buying Sony's stocks are you? Just do this instead; it's the same thing.


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I hope he wins. Do it for us Kristopher!!

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Xbox live went down because of a massive influx of new users. PSN went down because of crap security, and to add, millions of user's info is at risk.

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