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Killzone 3
Socom 4
Heroes of the Move
Infamous 2
Heavy Rain
Resident Evil 5
Besides, we all know Motion Controls suck, so that is nothing to brag about lol.

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You make some good points, but I believe, contrary to popular belief, that brand name has very little impact on the games industry's sales. You can look at how Nintendo became the leader this gen despite being last last gen. You can also look at Sony, which dropped to 3rd place, and will soon be 2nd, but no where near what they were. Casual users(which are sadly larger than the core users) will go get whatever is the shiniest and sometimes cheapest. If the psp2 can get one of those down, ...

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If Americans knew quality products, I guarantee that they would not constantly buy crap from Walmart, McDonalds, and other fast food places. Americans only care about quantity and we all know it.

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That is what I thought, but whenever something appears to be a sure win in the video game industry, often the roles are reversed. Look at the shift in market leaders in this gen. Nintendo can not keep winning with its portables forever.

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Why is Sony suing? It would be cheaper just to hire ninjas or hitmen to take the hackers out./s

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You are delusional if you think many Japanese will "eat up" a wrpg or even any western games. The only exception I can think of is the DKC series.

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The attchament rate for the wii is less than the 360, but the wii has sold more software. Wii software sales> 360 software sales. Who cares about sales though?

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I had a similar experience, but the exact opposite. I was a huge microsoft fan and loved all of their products. Halo was so amazing, but after my 6th rrod, I just gave up. I couldn't stand losing another console, so I bought a ps3, and have never looked back. The exclusives drew me in more than the 360's. They were just of higher quality. No more overly generic character(yes Marcus Feenix, I am looking at you)in my games. I am now a proud sony fan..... see what I did there? Seriously,...

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Donkey Kong has never changed? Mario has never changed? Zelda has never changed? Their are so many great wii games. I doubt you have played anything on the wii but Wii sports and base your entire opinion off that. They only just change graphics slightly?(which is what Microsoft and Sony do.)If you can come up with actual reasons to hate Nintendo software, please share them.

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It was horrendous. What about the one where there is a terrorist attack in Imagination Land? Now that is one of the best, and that other episode pales in comparison.

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The 3ds will outsell the psp2, but that does not mean the psp2 will not sell well. In fact, I bet that the PSP2 will outsell the psp, and that will still be an extreme success.

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Battlefront 3 instead of starhawk.

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That was by far the worst South Park episode I have ever seen. The only good part was when they made fun of Justin Bieber.

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How much do you want to bet that they will release another complete edition which includes this and all of the movie levels?

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Any way you cut, theft is wrong, and there is no situation, that would make me believe otherwise.

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I think it is funny how you label Nintendo games "kiddy junk" when I know you probably would not be able to finish many of their games due to them being too hard.(dkcr, fire emblem, etc.)

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Still better than the 360 which had Crackdown 2, Halo Reach,and Alan Wake.

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No, why?

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Funny how SC and ME2 are not exclusive. So you guys had Halo Reach, Alan Wake, and Kinectimals. Well done Microsoft, well done.

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"You are so dumb.You are really dumb, for real. You are really, really, really, really so dumb."

Where to start? Hmmm.... maybe I should start off by saying the USA does not =world. If you were not so delusional, you might realize that. Therefore that statement about being outsold 2 to 1 is only true in the US. Secondly, it is obvious that you have never played on psn. Add me on psn, my psn is power_hungryfool.(and no BS about you claiming that you played it at your...

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