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The only N64 port they showed was Star Fox 64, which included awesome new online MP features. They mentioned OoT, but still, they showed off a new Luigis Mansion, a new MarioKart, a new Kid Icarus, and a new Mario game.

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Why have split screen this way when the WiiU actually uses 2 screens!

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Horrible list, but I doubt mine would be much better because I would have included Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and MAG...

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I doubt it. If anything it will be LBP 2, UC3, Elder Scrolls 5, or La Noire.

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How foolish of you sir to suggest 360 was a shooter centric console, and pretend that the ps3 was not. If anything, ps3 is more shooter centric, with the best shooters appearing exclusively for it. (Mag, Killzone 2 and 3, Resistance 1, 2, and 3, and other fps while excellent games such as Socom 4 and UC 1, 2, and soon to be 3 take up the tps side)

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I like Flynn as the anti Drake though. :(

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I bet there is a mission that takes place before UC1 in UC3 that introduces how Eddie, that chick from another trailer, and Nathan Drake know each other.

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The 360 has wifi now.

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Hahaha. You hold no power on this site Torillian so I can say whatever I want to you and you will never know who I am...
BTW, horrible article from the most unreliable sales site as of yet. Do not give it any hits.

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This guy is stupid. Why does he even bother responding or reading N4G comments? His time could be better spent making a quality product for once.../jk. GET BACK TO WORK ON TWISTED METAL!

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That is a common misconception, but the psp has an abundance of quality software.
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Multiple Socoms
Metal Gear Solid PW
Metal Gear Solid PO
2 god of wars
Secret Agent Clank
Ratchet and Clank Size matters
3 Battlefronts
2 GTAs
Gran Turismo
Modnation Racers
A syphon filter
Ogre Tac...

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Expect around $200 with a contract which is amazing. I would get one, but I bought so many apps on my iphone, and I do not want to have to rebuy them all.

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"Fragile (its its own type of game)
Cursed Mountain (new take on horror)
Kirby's Epic Yarn (new gameplay)
Little King Story (gameplay)
Last Story (almost everything)
Metroid Other M (Gameplay mechanics)
No More Heroes (everything, even the presentation)
Opoona (Most innovtive RPG this gen)"

Please elaborate

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"The wii is the only console that attracts solely based on game quality..."
You are an idiot. RPGs:PS3>Wii, FPS:PS3>Wii: Music Games: PS3>Wii, Racing:PS3>Wii, TPS:PS3>Wii, Platformers:PS3=Wii, Shovelware: Wii>ps3,Strategy:PS3=Wii, and many others in favor of the ps3. You are the lowest common denominator my friend. We mention more than 3 titles, and much of the ganes you listed for the wii are very "meh."

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NGP=Nintendo Gets Pwnd

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lol. It only needs two: good price and good games.

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I also predicted this, even before they released Japanese pricing.

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No idiot. It came out in 2009.

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I agree. I was so pumped for ME2 on the ps3, but after playing the demo, I dislike it. I am so glad I played the demo first. The only rpgs I like now are fps , snes, and paper mario ones lol.

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I agreed because you told us we could troll away, not because I believe your lie about Kinect.

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