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It did't sell 15 million worldwide(unless maybe you count the entire series which would probably be over 20 million sold.) Lastly, the new one better be more like melee(faster and less noob friendly)

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ARGHHHH. Ratchet and Clank is not $9. You got my hopes up you jerks!!!

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Blue ocean strategy has not failed, nintendo has stopped using the blue ocean strategy hence they failed. Their failure to continue providing games is why they are failing so miserably.

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I disagree. The online marketplace(psn store, wiiware, xbla) provides an outlet for creative devs to work without the hindrances of physical distributions on the consoles. Games that never ever would have come to consoles any other gen can find life there. Physical and digital distribution insures we can enjoy a variety of experiences. One would be foolish to think masterpieces like Braid, Joe Danger, Echonocrome and so many more would ever make it to home consoles had it not be...

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4 million in one week is wishful thinking. 3.9 million week one will have to do m'kay? :P

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It's too hard to pick between just 3. I agree with all of those, but don't think Portal 2, Gears 3, and Deus Ex won't win some GoTY awards too.

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That is false. You can see it in UC 2 under the leaderboards.

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Please let it be MAG 2 or Socom 2 HD with full online. MAG was an amazing game. It was flawed, but the structure for the modes is unmatched. Domination and Acquisition were absolutely amazing. Interdiction was amazing too, although I wish it was included from the beginning so the player count would be higher. Maybe in MAG 2 they could have planes or jets in certain modes like BF 3...

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Crossgame chat would be awesome. Heck, off game chat would be sweet too. I hate having to type messages to get my friends to play games with me when if I could just talk to them, it would take so much less time. If sony wanted to be lazy, they could at least give us voice messages and I would be fine with that. It would appeases people like me and not anger the people who lie about xgame chat being bad when in all honesty they probably don't even have a 360 to know what it is like.

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Group discount is an awesome idea, but in order for them to make dl titles truly appealing, they need to have awesome deals like steam and price their games competitively. For example, Mass Effect 2 was $60 online whereas I could go out and get it for $30 at my local walmart. That is not good at all...

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Spiderman 2. Nuff said.

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I agree with everything but Driver San Francisco. If the game is half as fun as the demo, it will be great.

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Freakin epic!

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This post is great and all, but....
Modern Warfare 3 is currently tracking above Black Ops preorders (in the Americas) on both platforms, and I doubt it is tracking below it anywhere else other than maybe Japan. Battlefield 3 will be amazing, and I bet it will be better than MW3, but they cater to two different demographics that rarely intertwine so the possibilities you mentioned are not likely at all.

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? Crash Bandicoot was far more successful than Uncharted, yet they stopped making those. What makes you think they would hold onto uncharted? If anything, their past behavior shows their eagerness to create awesome new franchises every gen, and dump the old to other crappy devs who drain them dry.

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If that happened to me I think I would just sit and have a good 4 hour cry, and move on.

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Xperia play is made by sony, so the fight is still sony vs nintendo.

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3ds will outsell Vita not because it is better, but because it appeals to a broader audience. Vita will still be my handheld of choice though.

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"Bad combat? Bad movement? Prototype being castly superior? Really?"
1.) I somewhat understand the bad combat part, but that was due to the occasional weird camera angles. You have to admit that when you fought next to buildings or other structures, the camera would sometimes give awkward angles. That is the only gripe I had with hand to hand combat, but outside of that, combat was extremely fun and entertaining. I actually had more fun with that combat than the combat in UC...

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Wow. By that logic, any person who makes a sequel, no matter how good, is not a good dev. Funny how you had only one example too lol, which was poor considering how SMG2 is an excellent game.

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