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There aren't 6 Smash Bros. Games. Even with the other announced, for wiiu and 3ds, those will be the same game. Also, it appears as if you counted any rerelease such as with the pikmin and fzero. Those aren't individual games. Also, Mario is an icon. He is in a variety of genres, to lump them all together is misleading. By your logic, GoW has had over 11 games in the past 6 years(all of which in the same genre and extremely similar and this isn't even counting Ascension).

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It broke 1 million sales. The first one broke 2 million(not counting the thousands given away free after psn appocalypse).

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I think the success of the wii and the success of their competitor's motion controllers have shown that motion controls(if that is what you are referring to) are anything but a gimmick and has shown that in some genres, they may just be the optimal controller scheme.

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GCN was stronger than the ps2
64 was stronger than the psx
It seems this "trend" of weaker consoles only applies to this gen and while I suspect next gen as well, it still isn't really a valid assumption. Seems like a myth made by younger gamers such as yourself who only got into gaming this gen or perhaps last gen when nobody paid attention to the gcn.

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It wasn't cheaper than the 3ds. It was the same price.
Edit: Also, 250 USD was always too much. Nintendo didn't drop their price because they were afraid of sony, they dropped their price because they realized people don't want to pay that much for a handheld. Everyone was just shocked that sony could meet nintendo's price.

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Thank god we have Sony to make real games like Buzz and Eyepet.

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Well...I have to side with Nintendo. Sony may have made gaming more mainstream, but Nintendo resuscitated an entire industry and pioneered so many things that we still use in our controllers today. They brought back the joystick, perfected rumble, brought about the dpad, and did motion control right. Sure sony and MS made motion control, but they failed to successfully produce software that took advantage of their controllers, the move in particular. So much wasted potential. Now Nintendo is ...

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Lol. Their title is in the same font as infamous except cheaper looking.

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You don't need to show a vita gamer 3ds games to make them regret their purchase. I'm sure most of them regret it on their own.

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What about used books and dvds? The only arguement I find logical is the use of online passes even though I hate them and find them extremely flawed. I find them somewhat acceptable because they ensure that people who did not pay for the product new can not cause them to lose money from them using their servers but even that is a weak arguement imo.

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We both know you are lying. You didn't buy that bundle.

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Did I hurt your feelings. :(

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If you truly were a fan of Metal Gear Solid, you would know that those games were/are being published by Konami not Capcom. This proves to me that you don't actually play and possibly never played a MGS or MG game in your life.

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WTF. Something is wrong with the link. Did anyone bother to check this out before it was approved?

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Jets suck in BF3. Tanks all the way.

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Not even all of the socoms yet you have NBA 2k10,2k11,and 2k12. Not to mention no VC 2 or KH. At least they have tactics ogre though...

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Imo some modern franchise need to be ignored until next gen in hopes of alleviating franchise fatigue.
Assassins Creed
Just Dance
All band based music games

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Sales? Pfft. Who cares? What close minded gamers like you fail to acknowledge is how none oof your games will be relevant in 20 years unlike nintendo. Once you reach a certain age limit, you should see the errors in your ways. Of course right now, you couldn't ever let little johnny down the street learn that you play "baby" games and not (core) exclusives.

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Why not focus on making a new franchise instead of beating a dying horse?

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You actually just compared MNR to mario kart? Why not compare it to a game of similar quality such as Joy Ride? That way you don't make yourself look foolish. :)

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