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Cross platform play isn't a very good reason especially when one considers the new smash Bros. game is coming out on wiiu and 3ds...

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No thanks. Everyone would play as the women so that they will be slimmer and smaller and therefore be harder to shoot unless they gave us the option to play as testosterone pumped shemales.

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Pretty easy solution: Games and price cut. Most sytems will succeed if they meet these two requirements.

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I only have like 14.50 in my wallet. D: Can't they lower it just 30 more cents so I can get both? Pretty please? :(

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No thanks. The only people I see playing games in public on anything other than a smart phone are young children. I could see getting away with the vita though becuase it could pass as a smart phone if held in a deceptive manner.

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I find it funny that people only use this arguement when a game people are looking forward to doesn't perform well in ratings.

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Not likely. 3ds just got a Dragon Quest, new mario coming soon, 3ds XL, and a new pokemon while still be for ds, it contains special features for 3ds users. In fact, Pokemon B/W 2 sold more units of software in 2 days than vita has sold software in Japan in 7 months. Maybe if it picks up later in the gen in Japan like psp did.

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He's right. It loads much faster too. I don't know why the ps3's browser is so bad. I wish the rumors about chrome were true.

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Well. The 3ds may not be technically superior but it has more games and better ones at that so that should makes it superior in my eyes. I guess you like to play with hardware, I like to play games. -_-

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You're sexist but in the opposite way you traitor. When will you start looking at humans as being just that, humans? If a person wants draw someone or animate someone in an attractive manner, what does it matter? If someone wants to pose like that, what does it matter? What about that new movie Magic Mike? That's super sexist but you don't see me crying about it.

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Link to the past owns all other zeldas. Another one like it(not a sequel though) should be made.

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This limitless seems like it would take away from the fun. I loved how in Scribblenauts, I would have to find legitimate objects to solve a puzzle. Now I can just build anything that crosses my mind. These mechanics seem to better fit drawn to life than scribblenauts.

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I don't think you realize how the Final Fantasy games work, but ok...FFXIII still sucked though.

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You make yourself look stupid if you blindly try to call out anonymous people who disagreed with you.

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Nintendo is also in a deal with Turtle beach to provide high end mics for competitive gamers if you're in to blowing over 100 dollars on a headset.

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Why would you call them gimmicks? I think the sales prove they are far from gimmicks. Even the sales of the competitors motion controllers prove they aren't gimmicks. Even the Move sold pretty well even though it lacked a good game that took full advantage of it. As for the DS, didn't sony release a dual screen tablet not that long ago lol?

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I agree with you. People think sony is infallible and refuse to believe they got beat by a company that isn't viewed as hardcore. 3 years of Nintendomination. And he is correct, the general consensus was that Nintendo won. Google it, and I guarantee that you will find most mjor publicaations awarded this honor to them. Do it, you might be surprised.

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Castlevania is coming to the 3ds.

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You just got owned.
Also, new video content like what Netflix is doing would be interesting, but imo, I think that reproducing more experiences like 1 vs. 100(or other community games) would be more preferable than videos.

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You can use an external drive. I did it, but it was a pain in the butt. I had some corrupted file, and I couldn't figure out which one it was so I ended up deleting all my games and installs. It then worked but I had a lot of redownloading to do. Still better than having to pick and choose, so I would suggest you go ahead and do it.

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