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So wait, it pretty much is a yearly thing now? Such a shame. A crack in time is one of my favorite ps3 games of all time. It was loads of fun and I even went for the platinum(not hard). I played All4One and was letdown but hopefully I can pick up Tools of Destruction to tide me over or maybe I'll try the HD remakes. I might try the Sly games first though. I wish I had got the first one when it was only 5 bucks on psn plus. :( Hopefully they will do that sale again.

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Definately MoH.

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I don't think it is a typo. Tob be fair, Sony did once have a 20gb model, so what makes you believe this is so farfetched?

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Unknown characters in smash yet pasbr has well known and loved characters? Dude, what world on you living on because it certainly isn't Earth. Parappa da Rappa, Sweet Tooth, that white little cat thing, and Fat Princess are by no stretch of the imagination popular characters. Especially the use of Fat Princess. She is a nobody and this is coming from someone who actually bought the game. Her appearance speaks volumes about the PASBR cast...

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I hope it is bad company 3 so that we can get the next true battlefield on the ps4 and 720. That would be sweet. Might give us 64 players if they do that.

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Yeah. Permadeath may not be as meaningful in Xcom as it would be in Fire Emblem or Valkyria Chronicles since those two games have a set amount of characters each pretty much with their own personalities and prejudices, but like you said, it's a way to ensure you think things through so that you don't lose a highly trained veteran or something like that.

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So September 25th comes before September 18th now?

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You misspelled intelligent. That being said though, the same can be said for the 3ds and really, both apply. Neither one was worth purchase at launch, but this fall, only one will finally be worth a purchase imo. You decide which one...

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No. They were separate rewards for different months. You can get both if you have the points.
Oh whoops, they were gold rewards too? I got them when they were normal point rewards.

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I got Super Mario Kart and LoZ MM for free so I agree 100%.

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Man. I'm waiting for a 3dsxl but this is a great deal. Maybe I will take advantage of the buy 2 get one free with Mass Effect 3, Dragon's Dogma, and Starhawk.

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That wasn't Gravity rush, that was Persona 4 Golden. If you look at the sales, Persona 4 caused a 150% increase in Japan. We know this because Gravity Rush didn't launch the same time as it. Grapity Rush pushed the sales in America up by a little over 20 % and in Europe a little more but not 50%. That was Persona 4. Also, that really isn't an accomplishment. It wasn't even big enough to push the vita over 100 thousand units for the week lol. Sony n...

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The sales speak for themselves. Pretty simple. People don't want to pay 250 USD for a dedicated handheld, sales reflect this. The sales even reflected this on the 3ds, which, in all honesty, is part of a much more popular brand atm. If Nintendo's handheld didn't get away with it, I doubt a less successful competitor could. Of course the vita has the potential to sell well, but at this price point... it clearly is not resonating with the general consumer. You can p...

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That has more to do with brand name then anything. Apple gets away with that because they convince people you need it to be cool or to make people feel like hipsters. This sentiment just isn't there with Sony products anymore.They aren't a popular enough brand anymore to get away with high pricing.

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I don't think you quite understand the power of a price cut. At least you acknowledge the need for games, but you seriously underestimate the power of price cuts.

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You guys must live in your own world if
A.) You think that the Vita is doing ok
or B.) If you think that Gravity Rush pushed any significant amount of hardware lol.
Vita needs a price cut. The sales show it.

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well it is selling poorly, but sony has proven that they can turn the tides of a poor launch as shown by the ps3.

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No lol. He is not as famous.

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What about the trophy in UFC where you literally have to be the top ranked player in the world?

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We don't know if it's an advantage yet though. The greatest advantage this game has is the fact that is coming out probably 2 years before smash bros 4. I also hope Nintendo takes notice of sony's crossover stages because that is a really good idea.

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