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How can you say Nintendo is afraid to take risks? Nintendo is the premier risk taker. Motion controls was a huge gamble. Two screened handheld was a huge gamble. Sony doesn't take gambles. They even have had the same controller three gens in a row. Tell me who plays it safe now. -_-

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Perks suck, but UC 2 had those too, but at least you didn't notice them. Kickbacks and loadouts ruined it. Might as well play CoD lol. I'm not hating on CoD, but I see people dogging it and these are the people who play UC 3, which has an even worse online experience.

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Uncharted 2 had the better multiplayer and storyline and really over all campaign. Also, Uncharted 2's multiplayer looked infinitely better than UC3's. UC3's multiplayer looks absolutely terrible. Not to mention they catered to a different audience with it completely alienating other fans of UC 2's stellar online.

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I hate when people like this author say psn plus gives free games. THEY'RE NOT FREE! YOU PAY 50 DOLLARS FOR THEM!
Still a good deal for those who do not collect games...

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Gamestop had vita, 4 gb card,, and gravity rush for 250 which imo, is the much better deal. Memory card>plastic covering.

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They emailed it to me. I don't remember ever signing up for anything to get it, but they sent me one anyways.

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You are awesome. Xcom deserves so much more attention. GoTY for me.

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Just got a beta key, but the game kept saying connection error...

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I wasn't referring specifically to their new system, but rather to software lineups, and compared to the competition, they are more tight lipped about everything. What are we disagreeing on?

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Nintedo's biggest fault in my eyes is their hesitant nature regarding announcement of release dates making their systems future seem uncertain. On the other hand though, they have a pretty good record for keeping their promised release dates.

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Both Sony and Microsoft can go jump off a bridge. Nintendo is the only hardware maker that produces hardware meant to last.

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The day I see a game that makes me feel the way i feel about The King's Speech, Schindler's List, Shawshank Redemption, Indiana Jones the Last Crusade, Jurassic Park, Jaws, No Country for Old Men, Inception, any of the last two batmans, or the Empire Strikes Back, I will concede that games can be as gripping as movies. For as fun as the Mass Effect trilogy, Uncharted trilogy, and Heavy Rain are, they are not as well written as the movies I listed above. I could care less about having...

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I agree, Very few games are worth a 60 dollar purchase imo. I like to wait for Black Friday. Picked up BF 3, Deus Ex, Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for dirt cheap. Saved lots of cash which I could put to more important things such as movies.

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Lol. You can do things of that nature in smash bros, and most other fighting games. In fact, if you look, some of those "combos" were just people juggling. You can dodge/block/recover from moves in smash bros including final smashes. It is strictly an offensive game. Catering to one fighting style limits playing variety.

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You can do combos in SSB. You can do combos in pretty much every fighting game. -_-
Edit: Also, you make it seem as if promoting one style of play is superior. If anything, that makes ps all stars worse if it is as you say, everyone has to be offensive. Smash bros. shines because it promotes a variety of play options from offensive to defensive to unorthodox.

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Swapping discs is a minor annoyance but I'm sure 360 fans spend less time doing that over all compared to ps3 fans and their long load and install times. Why does no one talk about that lol?

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Why is it that when MS announced they sold the most over 2011 during e3, Sony didn't claim otherwise? Probably because the 360 sold more last year than ps3 and still has more systems sold than ps3 currently. Not to mention they are making a ton of money on the 360 while ps3 is still trying to recoup massive losses. Don't play sales, because sony can't win that game anymore.

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Nintendo made more money during the ps2/gcn era than sony made from playstation 2 over that period of time. You should blindly follow them.

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How so? What does R* owe sony and why?

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Some of your claims for why it should have been exclusive are ok but R* doesn't owe sony sh**.

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