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Of course, with a list as long as the ps3's for exclusives in 2011, there is bound to be some failures. We're lucky though because if one of ours fails, we will only be moderately sad, but if one of the 360's exclusives is subpar, there goes at least a fourth of your exclusives for the year.

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Look deeper my friend.
Resistance 2
Resistance 3
Uncharted 2
Motorstorm 2
Motorstorm 3
Infamous 2
Ratchet in Clank ToD
Ratchet and Clank aCiT
Ratchet and Clank ALL4ONE
Gran Turismo 5
Modnation Racers
Heavy Rain
GoW 3
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 4

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NO!!!!! Do not support game rentals! Sell an organ, there is a reason we have multiples of some.

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Do not forget the strong showing of third party software early 2011.
Deus Ex
Mass Effect 2
and Homefront
The ps3 barely beat the 360 this year in terms of exclusive games ONLY if you count the multiplat games released on the 360 AND pc as exclusives. If you count them as multiplats, then the ps3 absolutely destroyed the 360.

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It only slows down for the 360 users lol.

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You claim Vgchartz makes up their numbers and yet you do the same? I obviously trust your opinion. (That's sarcasm btw.)

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it was released on the 24th. That week ends on the 27th. Do the math.

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And their data is extremely close.Their numbers matched npd, and when they didn't, they would quickly update them. Regardless, they have the best estimations and also have a great community.

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Finrand?!?! What... does no one watch south park? Good sales for their population.

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Enjoy your outdated console, paid online, and lack of true exclusives. Then again, harcore pc gamers could say that about ps3 hardware too. :P

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You only play MW2 with your friend? I sense bs. Anyways, play Battlefield and Medal of honor if you want awesome snipers. I don't know if you can qs with those though.

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Most likely they would have to pay another 300 dollars because I doubt majority of "casual" gamers have an xbox.

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BURN!!!!! They better not count this towards hardware sales. :P

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At first I respected your opinion but then I saw your username and now am sure you have never played a ps3.

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While your right about some things, you fail to remember that Sony owns the right to the Resistance series.

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Actually sales may equal quality for the masses. Again, you could argue that it is due to advertisements but I do not believe a lot of people would buy what they thought was crap.(looks at wii play sales and quickly scurries away)

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PS3 is also a great fps machine. Granted, the 360 controller imo is better fixed for a more enjoyable fps experience due to the triggers, but the ps3 has excellent shooters such as Killzone 2, Mag, and Resistance 1 and 2. (with Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 on the way. What fps exclusive does the 360 have besides Halo 3,Reach, and Odst(which should have been an expansion pack). With my luck, you guys will have more that I have not heard of and I will look like an idiot.(which after I post, some...

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360 did not take down sony, sony and Nintendo took down sony. Yes sony commited suicide with outrageous pricing and crappy and mediocre games. Nintendo was there to take their casual fanbase. There is a huge gap in between Kinect and Gears 3. If kinect fails, what will churn out the sales?

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In the USA. Remember this. The 360 has outsold the ps3 Worldwide ever since the slim. Get your facts straight.

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Say what you want, but remember next year, you will have to wait until fall to experience your one exclusive. Hope its worth it. How did you even survive this year? Oh yeah, multiplats, which you cling onto desperately, because Microsoft won't make their own good games.

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