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You poor poor lonely person admiring cartoon characters. I hope you find happiness.

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I wish I could stick my head in the sand and ignore Sony's financial woes much like you have. Sony corp is failing. They are laying off employess left and right and their stocks are still falling. Their credit rating is one above crap. I wish I could live in your fantasy land.

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Assassins Creed 3 is on sale for ps3 at Best buy too. I just checked the link.

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That is the best part though. You really should go. Even if you don't buy anything, watching people running in a panic is enjoyable. I like to pretend it is the early moments of the apocalypse and we are all fighting over precious resources.

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Walmart is better. $40 AC3, $25 Borderlands 2, $25 XCOM, $25 Dishonored, $15 Max Payne 3, and $10 LA NOIRE.

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That Halo 4 one was lame imo. Everything was digital content.

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What you said was wrong though. I have never seen anyone try so hard to skew numbers. I don't even really understand why you would try to skew the numbers. Infamous Collection= 30 bucks maybe 40 in some places. UC dual pack = 20 or 30 depending on where and when you buy it. At most, you save 70 bucks.(plus whatever the hardware discount is) I bet you could find them for cheaper if you bought them individually too. What do you hope to accomplish by skewing the sale so bad? Please tell me. ...

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Infamous FoB was never 60 dollars. In fact, I got it in the October sale for $2.50

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Too bad no one in the theater will know any of the characters...

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Kassem G wannabe. Heh, I could be a poet.

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Yes, you actually can play LittlebigPlanet 2 on ps3.

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If the wait is killing you, you can always buy the version that is already out. That's the best part about vita games, you don't have to own a vita to play them.

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I will getting 3 of those games on the ps3 and perhaps 2 of the other console iterations on the ps3 as well.
Retro City Rampage
Ratchet and Clank
Jet Set Radio HD
Assassins Creed 3 as oppossed to Liberation
and maybe Black Ops 2 instead of Declassified. Depends on how good Zombies mode is this time around.

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It's like they read my mind! Stealth games are back and better than ever.

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I understand his point and his logic is also what keeps me from playing mmorpgs. The sweet thing about plus for me though, is that it allows me to not only experience smaller titles I never would have given a second glance, it also introduces me to franchises that for some reason or another, I skipped or didn't notice. I never gave a rip about Saints Row or Warhammer til I played them. I also like how they are releasing the earlier games in franchises to promote a sequel. because of this,...

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To be fair, the games they gave us for July suck and only the walking dead is memorable in August yet they took off one of the retail games while Europe has been blessed with Red Dead Redemption and Deus Ex...yeah. NA PS Plus sucks. I will commend them for getting me into the walking dead though.

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Aren't there only like 10 games announced for it anyways? Pretty much the launch lineup of wiiu games I guess. -_-

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It didn't work for sony so why should it work for Nintendo?

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CoD did over 2 million on the psp despite being absolute crap and this was before CoD had become as massive as it is now. CoD vita will do well.

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terrible month. Bad discounts and lackluster games. Only positive was I was exposed to the awesomeness that was The Walking Dead so i guess it's still better than the crap of lack month.

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