Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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"Red ring is not a new console, You get a three year warrenty so if it breaks you send it off and they repair it for FREE"
And after 3 years?
And the launch consoles, the ones with the most explosive failure rates, are WELL past 3 years.

Hardly comparable problems.

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I'm a bit skeptical of "gamenyusu" having the first untouched screens, but they seem legit.

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"Half-Life 3 co-op confirmed!"

Don't even JOKE like that. You'll give Valve bad ideas.

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Digital Foundry...where motion blur is an "upgrade" and "jaggies are hardly an issue at all".....So long as it's a 360 exclusive.

DF is always bursting to the seam with double standards. When it's other systems, they constantly use words like "Unfortunately" and "disappointingly"... .try finding those words in most of their reviews of 360 titles. Instead it's "No ___....but that's okay! It's no issue at all!&...

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The Donkey Kong transformation is complete!

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What review? All he does is say that it's not as good as Mercenaries 2 (LOL) and calls it a copycat.

I wouldn't call this a "review"

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Well, when you say you're about to launch your biggest attack yet, and then a day before the outage you say "Never mind" have to expect people to be suspicious.

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Don't get your hopes up. This is really just another unofficial inevitable sequel website. They're armed to the teeth with advertisement space and live off of opinion pieces and vague, baseless rumors like these.

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LOL, they've sure been busy brewing up FUD.

And I think the last thing we need is ANOTHER timeline article.

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Hard as nails game. I loved it.

Too bad we haven't seen a sequel. And now the publishers are a part of Activision - yikes.

Just imagine online competitive multiplayer on that one......mmmmmm.....

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That's only if ALLLL 5.6 million accounts - which haven't had their encrypted CC info used anyway - register for the program. I'd bet not even 1/100 sign up.

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On a portable I'd understand, but on a console? Pfft.

Just turn on any old computer and watch it for free.

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Hot as witch tits......wait, that's how the saying goes, right?

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The way I see, there wouldn't be half the defense if the media didn't make this an offense.

An article claiming that ENCRYPTED credit card info was being used by hackers.
An article claiming that Sony knew about the vulnerability, DESPITE the quote being completely contradictory.
Articles freaking out about data - accessible to any one with a phone book - being leaked in plain text.

You bet your video games I'll be there to correct...

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By making it a GOLDEN turd.

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"New, desirable games are more important to driving Wii sales rather than cutting the price of the console Wedbush Securities analyst Edward Woo"

LOL, if that were true, the Wii wouldn't sell very well.

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Disc swapping on an open world What did I freaking tell you? It was only a matter of time before this wall was hit.

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It almost sounds like you want Mario Kart to take a little bit of skill.

Don't be a fool, you! Nintendo hasn't made any improvements since Double Dash, and that's the way they aim to keep it! Have you no sensitivity to tradition?!

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But.....are you master of your domain?

"You're epidermis is showing!"
I said "Ha ha"!

Win references are win.

"Flawless hands" only further convinces me of the undenied touchscreen controller rumor.

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Mass Effect 3 delay for NGP port?

OMG....that would be awesome....well, in terms of reason for delay; it still sucks that ME3 got pushed.

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