Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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I knew there was a reason that they didn't show off a lot of gameplay. It's unfinished, unpolished, and overall mediocre in shooting mechanics.

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"...and after a few days, Sony will announce that they won't be able to do it, due to the depth of the attack and ask for forgiveness that they didn't announce it earlier"
They might even need to bow for EIGHT seconds!

Just more speculation. Watch as PSN's return gets "delayed" for a third time because of this.

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Goes to Alan Wake's website.
Reads copyright info.

Owned by Remedy, who could easily have someone else publish the next title.

Wow, that was hard.

"Wait a minute, didn't Alan Wake release last year? I smell another 8 month rush job like Crackdown 2"
That's what I was thinking. Hopefully not the case. Then again, if they're already releasing a full blown title...

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Looks okay.

Looks a bit slow and wonky, though.

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This is almost as bad of an idea as a Michael Phelps game.

[Press A to Drink Own Piss]

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I freaking loved Hitman 2. It doesn't hold your hand and it gives you plenty of options for tackling a mission.

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Plus, it sounds very much like someone is just playing it off camera.

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Picture 4 (It's a slider) CLEARLY shows that the 360 version has a lower resolution. The aliasing on the chair is really chunky, despite being the EXACT same angle as in the Ps3 picture.

The pop-in on the 360 version doesn't help either.
and the contrast is way too dark.

"The 360 version has better AA"
Here we go. The inevitable post confusing a blur filter or lighting blur with AA.

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I think they'd be better off spending time making the game longer, improving the technology (and the resolution!), and coming up with ways to reduce repetition.

The last thing they should worry about is adding support for an accessory that will provide limited options for control; especially for things like walking/running, attack, etc. Frankly, crafting it to work with Kinect will probably only further hurt its chances of fixing things like repetition, when controls are...

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"It had a hand in starting the “superhero sandbox” subgenre"

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction DEFINITELY set the way for games like Infamous, Prototype, etc. And how many other "superhero sandboxes" do we even have?

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"For the record. Miranda is hot"
"No, just no, Miranda is not hot"

You two have the right to remain silent.

And I agree that she is not hot. Her skin color, her chin shape, the poorly done shadow effects that continually warp around her nose.....ugh.

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"5. Freedom Fighters"
No. FF was practically BUILT for a cover system that it never had. I'd much rather a reboot or remake.

"4. Jak and Daxter (Series)"
Yes please.

"1. Grand Theft Auto (Series)"

Nah. They prettied it up last gen. Now we need a sequel.

"Red Faction 1 & 2"
Again, like FF, this really needs a rem...

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I'm sure you're kidding, but NBA Elite is going to be a very rare item. Keep it in mint condition, in packaging (if the promo copies are ever wrapped), and it will probably be worth thousands someday.

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"no ps2 or ps1 = fail list!"

I think the bigger reason is the fact that it starts off with Virtual Boy.

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"VGChartz is the closest tracker we have!"
That's like saying that tarot cards are the most accurate technique of telling the future.

Frankly, I have a hard time believing that the PS3 sold the most hardware while this issue is going on.

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This is so sad. Look at how all these rumors started, and became seen as fact.
Out of date servers/software? Forum post.
Stolen money from (what we now know is encrypted) CC info? NeoGoof post.
Inside job? More forum posts.

Journalists must cease taking forum posts as stories.

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Time crisis for 3DS? That's a terrible idea.

Are you going to use the touchscreen to aim or the circle pad? Either way.....ugh...

Leave this series up to the light gun, not a touchscreen.

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I don't know.....looks too tiny.
(Before disagrees - Reference to super tiny embed)

This game has been on my radar. Looks interesting.
I just hope they give you the opportunity to both save/help the people AND destroy them (a la different modes).

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Another inquisitive PSN article with a title ending in a question mark, speculating on old info. Bravo.

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Thank god the phonebooks weren't hacked! You really blew it, Sony!

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