Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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"I was listening to Guile´s theme as i was typing this! LOL xD I swear "
Who cares WHEN you were watching it? Guile's theme goes with EVERYTHING.

Hallelujah! About freaking time!

"hahahah..all the ps3 fanboys coming out now. They were hiding under the rocks"
Don't be silly, I was here the whole time.

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Brink being sub-standard aside, this definitely is unfortunate. Broken games like those in the COD franchise can manage to make half of the profits made in the industry while great games struggle to hit a million.

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One of the best parts of consoles is that they do impressive things despite being limited in power, thanks to the fact that the hardware is all unified and capable of the same things, thus allowing developers to get the most out of it.

Just give me great games designed to work well with the hardware I have.

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Why are people so against the "Top ______" articles? They're usually the most likely to be entertaining.

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I hope it's updated with GOW console controls.

"I loved Cains of Olympus, but I have yet to play Ghost of Sparta, so this would be perfect"

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Disc swapping an open world game is terrible.

They said that if you play it in order, you'll only have to switch twice....but isn't the whole point of an open world game to NOT be restricted?

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Toy Story 2 graphics.

Come on, HHG, really?

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"but I think the more interesting figure would be May PS3 sales actually"

Why? 3/4 weeks isn't enough to show the effects?

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Where are the aerial vehicles?

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WoW has/had to reach it's peak eventually.

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"Star Fox Adventures"


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That's what I was thinking.

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Nice catch. I knew the face looked familiar, even blurred (shape, hair, etc).

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"Not even close. There's nothing remotely special about either of those engines"
On consoles, there sure is.
They provide something amazing for $300 hardware that could never be done on run of the mill $300 PC hardware.

"The Hitman series had some of the best graphics on the PS2"
Hitman looked GOOD on the ps2, but....some of the best.....IDK...

I'm weary about any and all comments on tech...

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PS Suite will be on third party phones. Not news.

Why its listed on ESRB, though...IDK. Probably some interface software that needed to be rated.

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So PS3 version: Higher frames, less tear, higher resolution (see screenshot comparison - 4th pic gives it away), better textures.

360: Lighting that over-exaggerates; makes light objects bloom like the sun and dark areas to dark to see details.

Too bad the game isn't that great gameplay-wise, though.

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Same here. I take them home (REALLY close to Gamestop) and test them, if they don't work or I don't like them, back within 7 days.

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I remember last gen when games used to brag on the cover about getting EIGHTs.
Only the pinnacle of great gaming would see a large amount of 9s/10s.
Reviews have definitely shifted in what's considered average, and a 7 these days is definitely average by 90% of reviewers' standards.

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"Gamers Want Uncharted on Xbox 360 and an End to Exclusives"

LOL! Maybe the mainstream gamers reminiscent of the most sensation-driven voters, but not gamers who understand that systems need to be utilized to the best, and competition is highly necessary.

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Massive scale by COD standards is like, what...50 square yards?

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