Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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"A user by the name of M_Stannard"

Ummmm....let's not jump to conclusions. I could name myself G_Newell and troll Metacritic pretty easily.

Unless there is confirmation that this site doesn't mention, I wouldn't assume that this is a guy from Bioware.

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Now THIS is what they need to be doing with Kinect. Not trying to make an action game or FPS by making it on-rails and limited control and such.

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"Apparently, exposing personal information - including credit card data"

Still playing that tune? The CC data was encrypted. No one's CC data has been used.

The FREE psn services were down for a few weeks, data that could be "hacked" out of a phonebook was put into "jeopardy", and now PSN is back with free games and other treats as a way to apologize. They've even offered free service to protect people from having thei...

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Well, I think it will be exactly like the last one; two or so exclusives, some timed-exclusive map packs, kinect, kinect, kinect.

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The Ps3 and the 360 have DEFINITELY had a switch in fortune. Look at all of the multiplats that have looked better on the PS3 this year.

So much for those troll shop'd pictures.

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Nothing cliche about NY being in ruins....

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I'll be playing Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, Dead Nation, Pursuit Force, and Killzone Liberation for the first time, plus get 2 months additional PS Plus. No complaints here.

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ANOTHER n64 remake....oh geez. Can't we see a new StarFox and more new games?

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That's just plain sad. You shouldn't have to install SIX POINT SIX freaking GB just to fix those performance issues.

And the IGN and GiantBomb reviews just go to show how ridiculous those shop'd NeoGoof "comparison" fakes were.

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Getting an 8.5 from IGN is like getting candy from an anemic baby.

"Immature"? LOL, come on.

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Pitiful fanboys have been circulating fakes. You can tell by the insane compression that the PS3 pics are shop'd.

NeoGoof Ps3-hating trolls are so pathetic.

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Let me starve. The world would be better off.

To bad we live in a world of backwards morons who think the death penalty should be banned in all situations. This guy shouldn't be getting our tax dollars to eat, get free medical attention, and live.

lol, I meant him....not myself. Although, maybe the world would be better off, lol.

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If he really cared, would we have paid $50/60 for Left 4 Dead 2? lol

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Not everyone plays online. Nothing wrong with this review.

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Looks pretty good, other than the contrast being really bad (like 360 Brink) and all of the cops looking like they all have the same mother and birthdate (Octomom gave birth to pigs, lol).

Wow, you trolls get more pathetic all the time. Posting shop'd pictures as comparisons? Just plain pathetic.

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Still waiting here in IL.
Edit: Nevermind :)

"None of Europe are on yet either (to be fair, it is only 8AM here though)"
It's 2am CST in the US, but the map has lit up like a Christmas tree in the last hour.

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"....and now, Trenton with sports"

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"It's on the map, but it doesn't look like we're a priority"

Yeah, you'd think Canada would be top priority on

Why you no list Canada?"

And they say Americans aren't bright.
[Bob_and_Doug_McKenzie.jpg] "Buncha, hosers, eh?"

Perhaps the regular PSN site would have that info?

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I didn't realize Resident Evil IV-2 was being developed....

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Illinois needs some love, too.

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