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"Is the Socratic method a method of genius?"


I hope Dragon Age 3 has even more cutscenes, less exploration, and more streamlined combat!
/s #1.4
I'm really not sure where you're going with this idea. Are we talking all original content? Or a N4G-ish type structure? Articles, reviews, "guest writers"....what's the focus here?

More power to you if you want to create a website, I guess. But none of the titles of the editorial ideas ("The Digital download age vs....[etc]") really sound all that interesting. I'd rather read about upcoming games and such....I know I'm not everyon... #1
It really sucks....the perfect outlet for shooters, one of the most popular genres this gen, and it doesn't hardly have a handful of good shooters (Conduit is NOT a part of that handful).

I was glad to see Sony release the Move, because I knew it would fill the void where I thought the Wii would be. But it would be nice to see more support for it....all I use it for is Kz3.

I felt like the little movements were 100x better than with an... #1.1
I thought "GamerGoddess" was the site name when I clicked. Freaking HHG got me again. #2
I see Pete more as a villain. Not fulfilling expectations that he creates, he speaks against consumer rights ("used = piracy, herp derp derp!"), hurting his own series to appeal to a new audience...

My hero would probably be David Jaffe. He's also a bit of a liberal douche (ala NukaCola's example), but he has constantly created masterpieces (okay, maybe not Calling All Cars...).

Almost ALL of his work has stayed relevant to this day:
So the PS3 version: Better Shadows/lighting, One Disc, small mandatory install, better framerate, no screen tearing, SOME better mapping on certain OBJECTS, more content.

360 version: Large installs needed to fix issues with framerate, 3 discs, static shadowing, SOME better mapping on certain WALLs and GROUND.

So where does that leave the PS3/360 so far this year?
PS3: LA Noire, Brink, Portal, Homefront
360: Crysis (though sub-HD and AA-less o... #1.3
*Clicks link, no new info from N4G description
*Clicks source, it's NeoGoof
*Clicks source WITHIN NeoGoof, it's an French
"Double FUUUUUUUUU-" #2
So Microsoft fixing a problem that THEY caused through an update with the DVD formatting and certain models = Reputation Boost


Sony fixing an attack on their network and taking a while because they don't want to release anything until the network is secure = "Fighting" for their reputation?

That's the media and Sony/MS for ya.

That's an AWFUL example. The "Vault" wasn... #1.1.4
I'm glad to see this being done with Kinect. Too many developers are taking large steps backwards to create action games and shooters and what-not to work with Kinect, but games like these are making due with what they've been provided with.

btw, the first comment is hilarious. Someone is a little too sensitive if they're going to mark that as trolling. Kool-aid Wall Smasher is an awesome idea for a game :)
+1 "Funny"

@ShadowA... #3
So did 195 million others. #2.2
Used Games: One sale
Rent: Licensing fee
Pirate: Nothing

There's no spinning it, (unless you're a deluded dev who wants to push for online passes/DLC, poor streaming technologies, etc - Pete wants to sell you two missions at a time for $15 a pop, maximizing his profit), used game sales are NOT anywhere near as bad as piracy, and it is a general right of the customer to sell his copy.

"I don't know why used sale are such a prob... #1.5
Reminds me of boxart of the Venture Brothers season DVDs. #1.1.11
He should be doing this to the hackers:

So I can still play online?
*Skips off into background* #1.1.15
I know, right?! I love the Cafe controller....."It's so bad"

"Wow...they totally ripped off the 360 controller"
Looks more like a Gamecube controller, but without the indent at the bottom with the control sticks.

Pretty ugly thing. I really don't think we need touchscreens on our console controllers... #1.3.3
Another great retro cartoon destroyed by CGI and George Lopez (ok, maybe not the G.L. part....). #4
Reminds me of US drinking laws.

16 - Job/income-tax/drive
18 - Smoke/join army/gamble
21 -, um, okay.

Guess I can smoke myself sick, operate a ton of steel from the inside, be employed, and put my life on the line for my country, but I can't drink?


Edit: LOL, what am I thinking? It reminds me even MORE of the ESRB.

M for Mature: 17+
AO for Adults Only: 18+... #2
Why u no offer Quest for Booty?

Seriously, I want Quest for Booty, not SSd HD. #3.1
The PS3 game selection list makes the 360 list look like a hobo's shopping list (Hint: "*Liquor *More Liquor").

"First person to scream SONY FANBOY gets a cookie. First person to scream MICROSOFT FANBOY gets their comment marked for 'trolling'"
Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time a comment that says "Sony crony" or "PS3 fanboy" go unchecked while a comment saying "MS fanboy&q... #1.6
Quest for Booty is EU? :(
I was hoping to get that.

Oh well, I'll be getting Dead Nation, Wipeout, Pursuit Force, and Killzone Liberation. #1.1.7
I want to see these announced/given more info on:
1) Agent
2) Battlefront 3
3) New Timesplitters
4) Half-Life 3 + 4 + Portal 3 (AKA Orange Box
5) Something from Brutal Legend/Psychonauts guy. #1.1
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