Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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"Slowly killing"? The strategy guide is pretty much dead.

But I'm glad. They would, all too often, screw you over by making things too cryptic to figure out on your own.

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I'd love to have a real ocarina (a good one), but I don't expect one bundled with the game.

However, I agree that a little McDonalds toy ocarina is a bit of a mismatch to bundle with such a game.

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So far we know GOW:CoO, GOW:GoS, and Monster Hunter are coming to the PS3.

I'm guessing that the GTA rumors are probably true, too.

Here's hoping we see Metal Gear have a remaster collection. Frankly, I'd MUCH rather than play it on PSP with its controls, assuming they fix up the control scheme to fit the PS3.

"so if nintendo did this there would be wide spread chatter about how nintendo has no ideas for the wii"

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Finally on the PS3 and it's a flippin' PSP port :/

Oh well. It looks nice.
But if they don't fix the camera so I can use R. Thumbstick, I will vomit for a week straight.

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Look at the source that starts with "UPDATED"
Definitely not fake.

Joystiq's review was right on the money, "unprofessional" or not.
Asinine story, awful generic gameplay, bad graphics and animation, ear piercing voice acting for half the characters, poor controls for both regular and classic, you must play through the awful single player to unlock things for the generic multiplayer....
Great review, really. He at least covered...

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"MAH BOI. This piece is what all true warriors strive for"

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"Thrillville score out we were equal, as it has been confirmed by the same tweet"
What is this saying?

If they change RCT to be like Thrillville, it will be one sad day.

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The whole "Beast" twist was so awesome in Infamous. It caught me off guard and got me excited for more things related to the InFamous universe.

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I understand making educational games....but "art"? I don't know....we're entering dangerous territory. Games are very commercial and easily replicated; I don't see how we could fund them to make "art" video games. And if they were the way I think they would be, I'm thinking it would be more like "software" than a game.

Ping Pong is an art.

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Arsetechnica users are fapping to this article anyway....check out the comments.

The host was hacked, not Sony. And no one's info is even in jeopardy.

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How can you tell when the I2 pictures are so tiny?

They're all like, 300p.

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I think sex helps, but doesn't replace a proper marketing team and a good game.

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Well, it is just a patent. I'd go as far to say Nintendo doesn't really use 90% of its patents, and the other big 2 aren't really much of an exception.

I think the hope is that the NGP can push portable to start to overtake consoles, because they can do so much and with a dock or whatever, they could give it many of the same functions (and run on a TV for the time). Then when you wanted to play on the go, you just unplug.
I wouldn't mind something li...

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I found a link:

I think I'll give it a try. It IS free.

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Technically it's not "geek circles"'s "Nerd circles"

Hold on, I have to go write an article.

"Wow you guys take opinion pieces pretty seriously huh"
It's a stupid article. Can't we criticize anything without someone starting with the "ZOMG CALM DOWN GUIS CALM DOWN!!" sort of comments?

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+1 Well said for Titan. He beat me to it.
It's ridiculous that this "preacher" thinks he calculated the day....that directly conflicts with Revelation.

"It is just logically impossible for us to be the only ones"
Not really....the probability of another planet being in perfect range of a star, having the necessary components for any type of life, having the right minerals, surviving long enough for the formation of carbon-based lifefor...

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I can't believe that D-bag butchered the design to have his likeness in the game.

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"Cocking" Mama? lol wut

They look pregnant half the time in the video. Not exactly flattering. (Case in point; 1:00 and 1:17)
I doubt making them look fat in a dress will get ladies to buy/play Kinect.

"Get her hammered"
They thought ahead.

"Who wouldn't try this out if they found this in a shop. I certainly would... defiantly entertain me while my gf shops"

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ROFL! I'm on the couch now.

Blame Canada.

"Goddam Mongorians!"

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I played the beta, and it was COD with super jumps and invisibility. I passed.

The SP looked okay, though. I'll pick it up some day.

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