Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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I guess that's why the PS3 still managed to outsell the 360 during the month that it was down. Because PSN going down was a HUGE financial gain for MS.


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"Uh oh, it's not caribrated ri- I MEAN, Interfrerence! We're having a rittle bit of interfrerence!"

"BAM! There it is!"

"I, uh- used the force to make the character move before I moved......yeah. Same thing for Milo....she used the force to make the water movements go before she did"

"WTF are these ponchos for?"

"Hey guys! Watch this awesome sword/arrow demo that you...

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I would be glad, so long as they update the controls for the dualshock. The PSP controls are what kept me from Peace Walker.

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"also the gameplay is nicely varied, more varied than the vast majority of games in fact.

you have the city to roam to stop stret crime, searching crime scenes, intoragting suspects, quizing locals, punch ups, shoot outs, chases on foot, car chases... what more do you want from a game?? its a good 30 hours long almost"

LOL, that's quite a stretch. You managed to turn 'talking to people, shooting/punching, and car chases' into all of tha...

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To be fair, HVS started it when they "retaliated" against a good review of a bad game.

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Rare = Part of Microsoft

So, honestly, you're asking if Microsoft is to blame for Microsoft.

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Jaffe: "Srry guis, no E3 tis yer"

And it's even more see through with Rockstar. It's freaking Rockstar, of course they have something big to share at E3.

I'm betting that they have a new title design.
Coming Eventually

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“The Mad Libs-style pass comes with blank spaces for various things including: "Status," "Favorite hero," "Accessory of choice," "Master of," "Motto," and "Today's Perk." The accompanying stickers allow for attendees to personalize their passes, with references to Gears of War, Tomb Raider, Batman, and the Star Wars Kinect game announced at last E3.”
How the heck does THAT turn into:
"....ZOMG Xclus...

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New handheld, new security to detail, lots of games to announce.....I'd figure "long".....but wow, 5 hours?

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Stupid rumors. They're the reason that GOW3 got "delayed" so many times.

Gamestop says it's coming fall 2009, gamrrrr.blogger says January 2010....

And then they dance, singing "delaystation! delaystation!"

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"Console owners are conformaist and would by a turd with the word Call of Duty written on it for $60"

Oh puh-LEEEEEEEEZ. Look at the best selling PC games. World of Warcraft and the Sims; them and all of their DLC/expansion packs, no matter how awful, trumped other games over and over. And as much as you'd like to believe that the online PC community is a bunch of geniuses, too smart for Call of Duty, I'll bet that steam sales would sing a different tune,...

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Pssssst! Don't tell anyone I said this, but there might be a new Zelda, Metroid, and Mario title, too! My "insider sources" told me so.

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I never thought of InFamous as a "Third Person SHOOTER"

How about Metal Arms: Glitch in the System or something instead?

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I tolerate (and like!) them for games like GOW, because they allow me to do what the traditional control schemes never would.

But in most situations, the developers could have come up with something much better and creative.

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GTA, Portable Ops + Peace Walker, Daxter + that one J&D title, Loco Roco series, Patapon series...

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Biggest hacks in history? They may have gotten into one of the biggest networks to get it shut down, but this is nothing in comparison to several hacks that have ACTUALLY led to thousands of people losing millions of dollars in total.

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Who cares about this "stealth edit" or this article?

Games ALWAYS get "leaked" by someone getting a copy early. And I do mean ALWAYS. Someone sells it for some extra cash, or someone accidentally puts it out too soon, or someone gets robbed of it, etc.

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9.0 average, 1.6 million sold in a week, published by the review-proof Rockstar.....

"Misunderstood and unappreciated"? LOL K

You can't go by what some gamers on the internet say, either.

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You're obviously thinking art direction...

Sheeeeesh; all that advancement in 20 years. I used to say "It CAN'T get better than this" but then it did, many times. I can only imagine the next 20.

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Ps3 + Ps2 + Can of Spray paint = $405 = Full PS3/PS2 compatibility with a gunmetal gray PS3 (More reliable and bigger HHD, b/c it's a newer model)


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