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"Is the Socratic method a method of genius?"


That's fine. I want Blu-ray everywhere!
I've found Blu-ray discs to be dang near invincible, unlike DVDs which scratch from things as simple as putting discs back into the case.

I may as well get a blu-ray drive and hope gaming and gamers follow. #7
Both pictures are compressed to the point of looking horrible.
Since I can't afford a 9500 (At LEAST) from Nividia, I'll have to find alternative games that push looking at graphics and optionally playing the game :P #68
We shall see......
As long as it doesn't gobble a GB of RAM this time around, I'm fine with a new OS. Although, I'm starting to become fond of Vista, despite all the haters. It's got, at the least, a fair interface. #2
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