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"Is the Socratic method a method of genius?"


When has Nintendo come back?

Awesomeness levels

--------------->Gameboy Advance
----------->DS (For jrpgs)
->3DS (for now....then again, sensitive 3D combined with motion control, one control stick...sigh)

I don't see any come backs. Just a bellcurve. #1.4
Well, isn't her name Zelda? #1.2
Thank heavens! Any longer and the Republic of China might have fallen! #1.1
I'll bet you're critical of people taking it to heart that Castro said their economy doesn't work, too.
"Oh now he's a reliable source? LOLOLOL capitalist fanboys!"

When something that's not in favor of something says something positive about that thing or something NEGATIVE about their thing, it can usually be seen as pretty reliable, because they have nothing to gain.

So quit your obsession with "shifting" op... #4.3
"Cod does it all the time"

So DICE is excused, then? Because Raven didn't exactly mention Call of Duty. Some games use DRM; so are all developers/publishers justified to use that customer punishing technique, then?

That said, I'm not sure that it's been said how many original maps there will be. So long as new maps outweigh the old ones to a good degree, it's nice to have some of the good old ones. #3.1.1
Pathetic? Don't be ridiculous. Look at those amazing floating, massive soda cans, complete with 8-bit shadows:

lol #3.1
@xPhearR3dx and Xof
Those are some rather ironic criticisms of yours.

"You criticize a game because it wont let you retry right before an interview so you can get all the questions correct? Wow. Ever heard of a challenge?"
"there are too many idiotic gamers out there who can only accept the PERFECT outcome, and see everything else as "losing.""

You can screw up on a bunch of questions, presenting the wrong evidenc... #1.1.4
How many times is this ONE video going to be posted?


"Another video? Awesome! Wait, this is the same......FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- " #2
1/2 the RAM, no internal memory? That would be unfortunate.

But so long as it doesn't overheat and it's competitive enough to be more developed for than the PSP, I guess it's not a HUGE deal. I think it still give the PS2 a run for its money, if not more powerful.

I was looking forward to having the internal memory, though. But that would cause a huge price barrier, I know. #1.1.10
No one HAS to be ready yet. Sony simply confirmed that they're 'working on' the successor. The big three always start 'working on' the successor as early as a year or two after it releases. #1.5
Well, they won the HD disc format war and ultimately learned that there wasn't a very big consumer market for the cell (but made some big contracts with it). I think as far as the investments are concerned, they paid off.

And unless Sony has another new technology to push, then of course they won't.

Improve the read speed for the blu-ray drive next-gen, and perhaps you should go with a more traditional CPU/GPU for the developers' sakes. #1.1.11
Doing motions similar to a horse jockey in a race? That'll look pleasant in the family room.
lol #3
I'll never understand how people don't think the dualshock is ergonomic at all.

My palms rest on the recessive handles while my thumbs reach out and rest on the convex control sticks and they don't slip (I guess it's because my fingers aren't covered in cheeto dust or KFC grease, b/c I'm not a fratboy/fat gamer), my middle finger curves at the curve at the bottom and rests against the back while my other fingers rest on the handles, and my pointers wra... #1.2.1
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The "haters" are simply people who have played better games, ala BATTLEFIELD. #1.1.3
Nice troll, I mean, try. Working on new hardware has nothing to do with the online service, and you know it.

The big 3 work on the successor really quickly after releasing. It takes a lot of time, negotiation, and money to create new consoles.

I'm interested in what's next, but I don't really want to buy new hardware just yet. #1.4
You know a game isn't very good when a "positive review" is so out of the ordinary that it needs too be highlighted in the title.

It's time to stop getting married to pre-release hype. #1
Don't make fun of him! "COME OOOOOOOOOONNN!

MS stock prices haven't been doing much going up since Ballmer.

"We know you fantasize about cuddling and waking up between his pillows John Candy style"
Nuh-uh! Do not!
(...fap fap fap) #1.3
"and remember they are in PRISON for committing a crime"

And remember, "crime" in China includes being against a government that leads to billions of people starving and the world economy being in the crapper. #1.2.3
I'm pretty sure about 90% of the British population plays call of duty, including 100% of its 12 year olds.

An army of this kid (and similar emotionally disturbed children) would destroy parliament and set up a Call of Duty revolved Monarchy.

In all seriousness, Activision has learned that controversy helps sales.

Shoot up an airpo... #1.1.5
They did pretty good on the original xbox, with DOOM 3.

But take this as hype. We've seen these claims before. Metro 2033, Alan Wake, Crysis 2.....let's not count chickens pre-hatching, eh? #1.1.8
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