Is the Socratic method a method of genius?


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Free stuff in exchange for the inconvenience of a free service shutting down and "leaking" phonebook-level info ("Bu bub but teh useless encrypted CC info!").

Their evil plan to get us to sign up for It's a month worth of free access to games, 60-minute full game demos, etc. It's a gift for the inconvenience. Will some people sign up after because they got an awesome taste of it? Of course. But it's not like Sony shut down PSN...

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"Nerd backlash"?! But what reasons does Anonymous have for backlashing?!

Oh please, Anonymous. "Our biggest attack ever is coming! Me MEAN it this time!"
*PSN goes down two seconds later*

Of course you're going to have a "nerd" backlash. You threaten the livelihood of gaming and then something massive happens to gaming. You think saying "nevermind, we quit" 2 seconds before...

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I hear ya, Xof.

Among all the issues I've had with the 360...

...hardware issues, accessory prices, slaughtering RARE Ltd. classics, increasing LIVE prices, strangling developers, ruining a nice simple main menu with a less navigable and over-advertised one...

...the main problem with the 360 comes down to the games. It's lacking in games exclusive and otherwise, failing to bring variety.

And the 360 has less games t...

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The ending is a battle in a circular level in which you duck behind a pillar, jump out and shoot, and repeat. This is the very essence of 1/5 (no....0/5!) level design.

The level design is awful, the story is beyond ridiculous, and the graphics are indeed very ugly almost even by 5th gen standards.

This review is well justified and makes excellent points.

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If it's ON the disc, then I wouldn't mind eh.....I'd borrow a copy of the film from someone.

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LOL, great man indeed.

I'm going to open up a phone book and start selling "data".....I'll be a millionaire!

"and who were the chimpanzees that approved this?"
It doesn't really matter WHO...but the WHAT is the fact that "top contributors" (people who spam the approve button on piss poor articles, spam submissions, spam unrelated "alt sources") get rewarded.

@evrfighter + ComboBreak...

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That really isn't saying much with Wii's meager FPS selection.
The first game was average but boosted by the fact that it was a Wii FPS; making it above average, as Wii FPS games go.
On average, the initial reviewers are even less favorable for this sequel.

Ive seen the ending of the game, and it's probably one of the most absurd and poorly designed things I've EVER seen.
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It's strange to have the producer of one of my favorite new IPs of this gen say that the game was simply "okay"

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The problem is, they seem to be trying to branch out to the hardcore, and while poorly doing so, also losing footing with their casual bread and butter.

More standard controller (if undenied rumor is true) w/touchscreen means no casual exercise fad audience, but more hardcore.

Nintendo will have to make HUUUUGE strides with third parties if they're going with a more standard controller that will attract more hardcore gamers. They don't want a repeat ...

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PS3 gamers: "Ummmm.....yes; duh"

Trolls/fanboys: "No!"
"Noez! Mah info will be stolez!"
"now wait a second it's a perfectly legit question. For days now all you've seen is the fanboys saying
'lawl who needs multiplayer, singleplayer is all you need!!1'
so again why is this question irrelevant?"

"considering that over 10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,0...

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Pretty uninteresting fan art.

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Considering the info released, you may as well sue the phonebook company for $1 billion.

"When was the last time you saw a phonebook showing peoples credit card information?"
News flash!
The credit card info from PSN was encrypted. Only 900/25,000+ cards from a SOE hack were leaked, and the lawsuit isn't about THAT attack.

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Old school Simpsons (Seasons 3-13ish) > King of the Hill > The 'Hit' of the 'hit or miss' episodes of South Park > Everything else (Family Guy and its millions of duplicates.....)
*See attached images

"but thanks to newly-released concept art from EA's 2007 Simpsons Game, the title is among those finally receiving this ultimate honor"
LOL, I loved some of those parody posters.

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If CC info HAD been leaked unencrypted, this would anger me, but considering the situation, I don't really see the need to testify in front of congress.

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Superman 64....The Movie!

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Psx-scene is just looking for an excuse to bring up month old firings and claim that Sony was "getting rid of dead wood" like 'TEH EV1L COMPENNY!' that they are.

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A month of free access to games! It's a trap!

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I think Nintendo is making a big mistake. We're only moving more towards the digital/internet age. People are going to want more.

And especially if they're going for the controller with the touchscreen....they might attract a more hardcore crowd based just on that (with it being a more classic setup but with more), like people were when the Wii showed a bunch of potential for shooter controls and such. And that's a...

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If I'm remembering right, they said "By Wednesday", so hopefully we see it within 24 hours.

BTW, I think I'd be more shocked if they DIDN'T release a new firmware when it comes back up. It'll at LEAST have a new agreement.

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The show looks stupid.

But the game....looks pretty awesome. Hopefully a lot of the elements from the first game return.

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