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"Is the Socratic method a method of genius?"


Because they're probably not very impressive. They've continually sputtered out the phrase "1080p" but they've refused to use the word "native"....guess what other consoles "support 1080p"

They used 360/PS3 footage for their 2011 titles releasing in 2012. They didn't have ONE title ported enough to show actual footage? BS. #1.1
Vizio is an awful freaking brand. If you want a TV that's dead in a few months and doesn't have the "splitscreen" feature, go for it.

60hz, only one premium set of glasses and one crappy one, and it's a crappy brand.
Oh yeah....awesome deal for a few bucks less. /s #1.1.13
Pachter: "I told you Wii 2 was coming! I told y-"

Someone with a brain: "Oh, you said that 2 years ago! Sit down and shut the hey up!"

Pachter: :( #1.2
Nintendo knows better than to make a console that much more expensive than the competition.

And even if they do, it's not like Nintendo will support the sort of games that gamers who care about the amount of power of the console, will even care about. They do everything in their power to keep from being associated from violence or anything else not kid friendly.

And none of this "BUT they'll still support the Wii" crap. Either they drop th... #1.9
Where does Naughty Bear stand now? Bins marked "Bargain" and "Trash" #3
I'm sure it never crossed your mind that fanboys of other consoles could possibly have attacked other networks.

Yeah, ps3 fans hate Pachter, so they bought 360s and hacked his account. HILARIOUS "joke" that someone named "SonySlave3" and other similar types of people would find a gas. #2.1
The article didn't say "exclusive" and you're the first comment.
Go away, troll.

Don't you ever get tired of trolling?
The only reason VGChartz has low numbers for those is because they never announced official numbers, which is when those hacks at VGC change their numbers to the right ones.

I GUARANTEE you that if someone started going off about the Zune and blami... #1.8
It's playstation related, so they have to make a stink about it. #1.2.3
If I ever beat Demon's Souls, I'll EAT a copy of Yakuza. #1.1
This is arcade only right now? Darn you, Arcades; you're supposed to be dead, not stealing the first innovative DBZ game since whatever the first one was. #1.1
So what did Pachter originally think of "Wii"?

90% of the time, the absolute opposite of what Pachter says happens. I'm sure "Vita" will go over well. #1.1.25
They've already been leaning towards Call of Duty in the latest installments. That's enough to worry me about what they might do to the classic.

It's not an HD 'REMASTER'; in which, they simply update the original game to play on a new system in HD and likely with higher-res textures.
It's an HD 'REMAKE'; in which they completely remake the game, likely with 'creative liberties'
Not all of the game... #1.1.9
So the media rushed out their "PSN FAILS AGAIN!!!!" articles, and it returns like, 5 minutes later?

Pathetic. #1.9
"Sony responds...." 23 hours ago
"PSN is back up" 23 hours ago

Sorry, media. You must be really disappointed. #1.5
"hope it makes its way to Move eventually"
Nah, let the Move get an original Star Wars game. One that isn't on-rails. It would be too much of a waste when there's the nav controller.

"Wasn't it unveiled last year?"
Maybe they're going to actually play it and not fake it. #1.3
And it seems that they don't even need Anti-aliasing anymore (or in many cases not even an HD resolution *cough*crysis2 onconsoles*cough*).

EDIT: Holy cow! There is a LOT of opinion censoring in this comments section! I better get to agreeing with this article before I get marked for trolling!
While a lot of it is jabbing, a lot of the censored comments are CLEARLY not. #2.1
It's weird seeing the PS3 version with the better AA...


...after RF: Guerrilla. #2.3
Oh, awesome; we get to see the cover, but we still haven't seen a lick of real time gameplay. #7
Then why would you consider buying what is literally the most death-prone model? #1.1
"I wish it were already November"
Me too; the frackin' tornadoes would be out of the way, and I'd be playing Uncharted 3. ALLLLL would be right in the universe.

.....uhhhhhh, they sure took a cue from the Halo setup. #1.1.4
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