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Hell it took konami 4 extra days to get the Metal gear online beta up and running so in that respect I give the Home team props.

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I know why, because people that have both consoles (like me) actually want to still be able to play their games in the next 5 years. And that guarantee just isn’t there on the 360… sadly enough.

**** every body that thinks I am a fanboy!

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If you want to play one of the most scary and memorable point and click game's if ever played you should try out Scratches. It also includes a cameo from Jonathan Boakes :)
It’s a lot more subtle ten Dark falls but that only makes is scarier in my opinion (get the Directors Cut though with the Mega up date )

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this is one of those instances where I refuse to believe the internet.

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Seriously, this has got to be one of the gayest articles I have ever read...
And I have both systems and play them both actually (before people start calling me a fan boy…)

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all I am going to say is that some guy from capcom once said that if there was ever a ps2 version of Resident evil 4 he would chop his head of with a axe. service to say he is still alive... so who ever clings on what ever kojima said is an idiot...

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no idea what its called but at min 6 its a theme from Mega man 2.

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One console war related murder/ school shooting coming op.
specially because he is there by him self. Seems to me a frustrated guy with little if any friends. Hell it wouldn’t surprise me if he bought a second hand 360 purely for this purpose.

This video scares me.

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The scary thing is they still think video games are only for kids...
If they finally get trough there thick skulls that a lot of adults play games too and there is a different market for them then this would not be a discussion... stop letting your kids play these games don’t ban them all together you Nazis

Damn I hate people... yes, you too!!!

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I don't know whether you know this or not but Sony is still losing a lot of money on every ps3 soled. And without software to make up the ends. the ps3 has cost Sony (Development cost not included) About 1.2 Billion dollars. Now I am not saying that Sony will go bankrupt, of course not. But the company has defiantly seen better days. And if one part of your company has to make up for the loss of the other then… Well I think it speaks for it self.

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I’m sure its a scary game. But scratches had me actually fear to play any further.
And believe it or not I don’t scare easily.

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I never played Fatal Frame so I am going out on a limb here.
But I am guessing he never played the game: scratches.
If you are in the point and click puzzle games and scary ones at that.
your really should check it out.

Edit: what are the odds?... its a woman’s article....

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Of course Sony “could” run it for free…
But apart from the obvious fact that Sony didn’t become a “multibillion dollar global corporation”
By giving things away.

In case you haven’t notice, Sony (as a hole) isn’t doing to well. Unlike what all you “Fanboys” would like to believe as of yet (and this may change) the ps3 is a complete disaster. There just not selling and there has been no reason to buy one yet. The format war’s may have been won by blu-ray but peo...

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If this thing is as big as Sony would want you to believe then do you have any idea how much data has to be stored? How many data has to be transferred and handled at the same time? Why do you think WOW costs money to play?

Mark my words: "This will not be free"

Sony has lied about every thing else, what makes you think they would be honest about this? especially because it has been said for over a year.

Don’t get me Wrong I hope it wil...

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This is so totally NOT going to be free...

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Thats nice he wants me to get a brain tumor and I got 7 disagreas and he only gets one? Hypocrites...


Mabey they could use [email protected] to figure out how to make games for the ps3 so I can finaly buy some exclusive worth buying for the bloody thing. (Yes I own a ps3)

@Mr Bun

thats what I was aiming for (on both counts :P)

@ban fans

No, I reall think they are using [email protected] for min...

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the thing is some people have both consoles and had a choice on witch to buy it. if you would add all the people that have both consoles and move them all to one side I think gta4 would win.

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[email protected] isn't trying to cure diseases. its trying to find a way to effectively control minds. And seeing as so many ps3 owners paid a lot of money for a game consol and have more time spent in folding then gaming I can say they are making progress :P

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I happen to be a avid mgs fan and my comments have nothing to do with me not wanting to believe this game is going to be massive beyond all expectations. I have how ever question some decisions Kojima has made in the passed and as such take some of the thinks he says with a grain of salt, he is after all an eccentric.
I don’t claim to know what he has in store for us with his latest instalment but
never in the history of gaming has a game ever needed ...

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With all due respect to kojima, if he can’t fit a game on a 50GB disk then he is doing something wrong…

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