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And I made a mistake of my own. The irony...

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Trust us, we all know you're stupid. You're inability to construct a proper paragraph provides evidence of that.

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Great, another website desperate for hits that puts each example on its own page.
P.S. Obsecure isn't a word.
P.P.S. Downvote

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If you're going to start some a blog, please exhibit grammar skills beyond that found in grade school. Also, the ability to convey an idea without outing yourself as yet another unlettered simpleton who feels the need to have his opinion heard would be nice.

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Exactly, the author seems to mention videogames only to gather attention to what is an otherwise uninteresting article lacking any real insight. Don't even bother giving this whiny child a hit.

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I highly doubt a team that spends millions to develop their car every year would rely on rFactor. Do some research. Most - if not all - teams use their own IP to virtually test their machinery. These days, it's sophisticated enough that they can do set-up work and even get a feel for a new car before it's launched.

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It's the kind of game that I would rent during a drought, but with God of War, The Last of Us and - eventually- GTA5 coming out, I just don't know when I'll have time. Who knows, if the new consoles come out in November like everyone is saying, then there might be time come early fall.

Edit: Come to think of it, Dead Space 3 could be one of those games that's really fun to play with some friends while having a few drinks.

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I loved the first two, but the demo left me thinking that I won't even bother to rent the third. No tension for me at all and I didn't even try the co-op.

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The 360 sold just over a quarter million units in October, and about 750k on Black Friday. Stop exaggerating to prove the point that your console of choice does really well in a single market and yet has either been overtaken or is danger of being overtaken worldwide by a system that came out a year later.
If you want to refute IDC's claim that the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide, then I suggest you find some information to contradict the findings of a firm that employs more tha...

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I honestly thought people as dumb as you only existed as internet memes. By land mass, Japan is only slightly smaller than California. But, its population - the only part that matters as far as sales are concerned - is barely shy of 128 million people. Compare this with California's population of about 37.6 million. So yeah, Japan is definitely still important, and is one of the reasons the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide, with Europe being another.
Anyone ...

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The lack of proper punctuation and contradictions in statement a sentence apart were annoying, but I stopped reading when the dunce couldn't even be bothered to capitalize the name of the company making the game.

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Your indifference is obvious. I mean, it's not as if you took the time to click on the link and then comment.
On topic: The performance issues cited by the reviewer don't seem all that bad from the videos posted by Digital Foundry. Anyone have noticeable framerate issues on PS3?

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And to think I spent all that time on Google Image looking at these exact same screens and never thought to blog about it. Great work, El33t!

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From the post above:
"Ni no Kuni: Queen of the Holy White Ash’s (Wrath of the white Which) story will start out the same as the Nintendo DS version’s, but will be told differently after the halfway point. Hino says Queen of the Holy White Ash’s story will continue after the DS version’s, and that the game will also have post-release downloadable content"

You can't call that an exclusive IP. Sony doesn't have any rights to it. Admit you're wrong a...

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How is Ni No Kuni an exclusive IP? I seem to remember it being released on a Nintendo handheld.

Ezz2013: And yet it's given the same name, the only difference being the addition of a subtitle. Sony doesn't own the IP or have exclusive access to it.

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I did read the article. If you violate their terms of service they reserve the right to ban you from their servers, which obviously affects any other online play with games they've published. It's within their rights to do this, and is certainly not arbitrary. I suggest you do some more reading on the subject so you can realize how out of line you are. If you don't want to jeopardize your online standing, either don't join the beta or play it as it's meant to be played. If...

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They didn't buy anything, it's for testing purposes only. Also, the fact that you think the government should get involved in private business is absolutely ridiculous.

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"very small amount of exclusives"
If you're talking about third party, then I agree. However, Sony will continue to pump out exclusives throughout the PS4's life cycle, just as they have with the PS3. It's these exclusives that ensure I'll always buy a new Playstation, the only question is what I'll put next to it. Next gen, I'm thinking a Steam Box will look quite nice, especially with HL3 sitting inside of it.

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If either of you think that the CPU in Orbis is weaker than the CELL, then you need to stop talking about tech, because both of you are clueless. Cell is single core and will get destroyed by just about any CPU with a modern architecture.

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I can't believe the idea of a game based on Raiden was more appealing to his team than one detailing the story of Gray Fox. Hopefully he gets his own game next gen.

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