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I would love to see another Warhawk and another Resistance. Loved Resistance 1 and 3 and both Warhawk and Starhawk... But Sony has some new IP's coming up that also look very cool. I guess for every IP that doesn't make it to the next gen there will be a new IP that will make us pick up a controller again

One of Sony owned IP's I would love to see return on PS4 is Forbidden Siren. #37
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People can disagree all they want but I think you have a point. I think the PS4 is a great system and love to see where it's going to and it's nice to see Sony having momentum after the PS3 era. But MP3/video playback should have been on the PS4 from day 1. Whether or not you use this function (I wouldn't use it to listen to MP3's) but it should be there for people who do/want to. I'm afraid they want us to start using Music Unlimited...

On topic, looks c... #2.2
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True, but a lot of people who didn't play the beta will buy the game too... #5.1.1
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I expect them to show some new footage of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture too and I hope they show at least one or two new Vita games.

But I guess the Vita will get more time at Tokyo Gameshow... #10
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I thought both Sony and MS did well. I personally thought Sony did slightly better because they announced Let It Die, Bloodborne, LBP3. Microsoft seemed to rely a bit too much on Exclusive DLC/Timed Exclusive DLC etc. (it worked well with Call of Duty on the 360 but this Gen Sony seems to be doing the same thing with Battlefield). But none of the pressers made me feel I was looking at the absolute winner. The Conferences all left me wanting more.

What I find strange is that t... #88
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I think Until Dawn will be announced as a Morpheus game. And I do hope the Siren series gets a Morpheus game as well #2.2
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I would love to see Rule of Rose playable on PS4/PS Vita... #6
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Genius trailer. I love this stuff, one minute they are knee deep in brutal action and the next they are singing Hello Kitty style songs... I just need some heavy Japanese voice-overs going all metaphorical on me, a strong silent type in the background and a catgirl and this is day one for me. Wait what am I saying, this allready is a day one buy for me... dem girls had me when they started singing on a stage #7
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I guess they'll show some new The Order 1886 gameplay and a huge trailer (this game is coming in just a few months and we haven't seen a lot so far). Uncharted will get it's first real trailer. I think Santa Monica Studio's will show something. Guerilla might reveal something (but maybe they wait for Gamecom). The same goes for Bend Studios and Media Molecule. Until Dawn will be revealed as a Project Morpheus launchgame. The Last Guardian might get a trailer or at Tokyo Game S... #8
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Looks good for the PS4 so far. Xbone has some great games coming up tho. But after Outlast, Daylight, Don't Starve, SOMA and Everyone's Gone to the Rapture had been announced for PS4 and not for Xbox1 it was clear to me that PS4 would be my console of choice (for the moment). I see some people who think Indies don't count but for me (a horror game fan) Indies are THE place to go to (and Sony seems to help them more at the moment). Indies can make the difference. 1 Indie does nothi... #42
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Jeeesssus, at this moment anyone who farts different at one of Sony's studio's gets coverage. This guy didn't even work on UC and probably not on The Last of Us, just the DLC. I guess he rather wanted a better position in a smaller company instead of a slightly less impressive position in one of the best companies of this moment. No biggie.
I wonder how many people left big Studio's the last couple of months that are not owned by Sony and that didn't get as much c... #6
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@BLKxSEPTEMER: Offcourse, BF and CoD have more players. I didn't mention them because they are in a league of their own. Should've mentioned them tho. But still I think KZ is the first real next gen console game. BF4 and CoD:G are just the PS3/360 games with enhanced gfx. KZ's gfx are much better imo... And gameplaywise it's on par with both of 'm #2.1.3
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True! As if launchgames are no triple A games per se. I like both the singleplayer campaign and the Multiplayer. Killzone: SF gives me that Resistance: FoM feel when the PS3 had just launched. Since there's no real competition Killzone is (and Resistance was) the best place to go for high quality MP and lots of people seem to do so... #2.1
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@bothebo: Go easy on the "stupid fanboy" remarks cowboy! You really do have a point here but everyone (with or without a point) talking about "fanboys" completely f**k up their statement... You're idea for Infamous is great and remote play simply does not get used as mutch as it could/should be. But saying only stupid fanboys bought a Vita and/or a PS4 is just dumb. Some people simply love those quirky Japanese games and Indies (I do), others feel Killzone, Uncharted,... #1.1.3
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You do realise 1 Plus account works on both Vita and PS4 so this would give you a few free games at the start (both PS4 and PS Vita). I'd say this sounds like a good deal. Too bad I already own both systems.

I hope they create Gravity Rush for PS4/PS Vita with some unique features for both systems. Best Vita game so far. Would love to see a sequel #9.1
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Awesome prizes! #336
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Can't wait to get me some Birthday Calendar invites via VR... awesome news! #98
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I don't get this article. PS4 has no problem at all. Sony owns some of the best developers out there. Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, Guerilla Cambridge, Media Molecule, Santa Monica, San Diego, Sony Japan Studio's, Evolution etc. And on top of that we know it will get some exclusives by Ready at Dawn, Quantic Dream, etc...

PS4 owners are 100% sure they'll be getting exclusives created by these developers and then some... At least that's why I'... #32
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One day they will start working so early on their next next gen console that Nintendo releases it's next next gen before the next gen console... #11.1.1
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So a machine is sold out for half a year. Every piece of hardware made doesn't even get displayed in stores but goes straight to people who ordered it. This situation will continue for months to come. I can't think of any piece of hardware/technology that has managed to do this...
And researchers say this might be the last time that firm would try to achieve to get this kinda profit/attention? #8
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