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And you should lord zaid! I played it and loved it. Amazing GFX, one of the best soundtracks in a long time, great voice acting, solid gameplay, gameplay/cutscene balanced fine, an exciting/tense story and lot's of potential for the future of this new IP...

And yes the game's short but it actually didn't feel short to me. And there's not a lot replayability (except higher difficulty and trophies). But on the other hand, this actually has a solid story, and eve... #6.4
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OMFG did you see that smoke glitch! HAHAHA no **** was given by anyone watching that video... Who notices those things? You can only notice that "glitch" if you are specifically looking for something wrong in this game and you would find those "glitches" in all games ever made (except for maybe Pong, Tetris, Nintendogs and off course games that don't even have smoke coming from chimneys)

I've been playing The Order for about two hours now and I... #10
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Jeesus, haven't you guys played P.T.? Fatal Frame? Amnesia? Outlast? Forbidden Siren? Kuon? Wtf are Fallout, Batman and Half-Life doing in this list?

Yes, these games had fairly tense moments but "frightful"...? #3
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You guys are all forgetting Night Cry will be coming to Vita http://survivalhorroronline...
(true, it's no AAA game, but i'm looking forward to it nonetheless) #15
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Looks great! And my most anticipated Vita game for 2015! #1
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Even if they would get RE, FF or MGS as an exclusive (which indeed will prob. never happen) They would already have the new Street Fighter exclusive for PS4 to compete with. I guess Xbox One will indeed never really get foot in Japan. But they should continue with publishing Japanese exclusives though. Just to keep Western J-Game fans happy and maybe to attract people from other asian countries (like South Korea). #2.3
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The article does mention the list contains games that are horror themed and could be considered as "not horror"... #3.1
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True! Missed Routine, adding it now #5.1
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@SapoSapoSapo: I didn't mean other people wouldn't like it coming to the PS4. It's just I don't need to replay it. But off course this is a great opportunity for non-vita owners to play this little masterpiece. #3.1.1
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Loved this game on the Vita but don't know if I want it for PS4... It does look great though, hope this becomes a free PS plus game one day #3
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A great console is not just about new IP's... Games like Forza and Dead Rising 3 might be even more important. So are Killzone SF, InFamous SS and LittleBigPlanet3.
And you seem to forget that Sony is releasing 2 new huge AAA IP's in the next three months: Bloodborne and The Order. And (and I wish it wasn't so) but MS has no games coming up in the next 3 months. Microsoft has triple A goodness in the pipeline, for sure. But Sony seems to bring a constant flow of new games... #12.2
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Phil already was part of the PS Family. He was the guy promoting Playstation when PS3 released. #3.1
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I would love to see another Warhawk and another Resistance. Loved Resistance 1 and 3 and both Warhawk and Starhawk... But Sony has some new IP's coming up that also look very cool. I guess for every IP that doesn't make it to the next gen there will be a new IP that will make us pick up a controller again

One of Sony owned IP's I would love to see return on PS4 is Forbidden Siren. #37
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People can disagree all they want but I think you have a point. I think the PS4 is a great system and love to see where it's going to and it's nice to see Sony having momentum after the PS3 era. But MP3/video playback should have been on the PS4 from day 1. Whether or not you use this function (I wouldn't use it to listen to MP3's) but it should be there for people who do/want to. I'm afraid they want us to start using Music Unlimited...

On topic, looks c... #2.2
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True, but a lot of people who didn't play the beta will buy the game too... #5.1.1
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I expect them to show some new footage of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture too and I hope they show at least one or two new Vita games.

But I guess the Vita will get more time at Tokyo Gameshow... #10
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I thought both Sony and MS did well. I personally thought Sony did slightly better because they announced Let It Die, Bloodborne, LBP3. Microsoft seemed to rely a bit too much on Exclusive DLC/Timed Exclusive DLC etc. (it worked well with Call of Duty on the 360 but this Gen Sony seems to be doing the same thing with Battlefield). But none of the pressers made me feel I was looking at the absolute winner. The Conferences all left me wanting more.

What I find strange is that t... #88
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I think Until Dawn will be announced as a Morpheus game. And I do hope the Siren series gets a Morpheus game as well #2.2
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I would love to see Rule of Rose playable on PS4/PS Vita... #6
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Genius trailer. I love this stuff, one minute they are knee deep in brutal action and the next they are singing Hello Kitty style songs... I just need some heavy Japanese voice-overs going all metaphorical on me, a strong silent type in the background and a catgirl and this is day one for me. Wait what am I saying, this allready is a day one buy for me... dem girls had me when they started singing on a stage #7
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