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I have 5mbps, that's the fastest available in my area unless I wanna pay over $100 a month. So no Wireless N probably won't be useful for quite a few years.

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Many multiplat games look better, but the online play is either dead or its buggy as shit.
Developers rarely use optimization to the best of their ability on PC.

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Not GTA 4. Go play that disaster of a game on PC and see how much fun you don't have lol.

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Exactly the point I was trying to get across. :)

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Go with the 5750, it will be more than enough for photoshop and video editing and as long as you don't play hardcore games, will hold up for quite a few years.

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I have to say that it seems that only the drivers for Radeon HD 4890 were causing problems. Other than that, ATI's drivers have been near perfect.
Somehow Nvidia has created the essence that it's drivers are better than ATI's when they aren't

There's no real numbers stating the reliability if each, but as far as anyone can tell, they're dead even. There's no fact to argue for or against either company.

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I don't know, I actually like the catalyst interface and haven't had any problems with my ATI cards.
But then again, I've never had a problem with Nvidia. Both seem pretty reliable to me.

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I don't care about whether it's a wireless or wired network. There's several studies showing that the PS3 downloads take much longer than Xbox 360, not to mention I witness it myself every time I play. How would you know that it doesn't have anything to do with the OS? So you're saying you know what IS the problem then?

I'm not going to keep wasting my time arguing points. The facts are there...but it's not like I'm against the PS3. I prefer mi...

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