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snes/arcade sf2 hacks were crazy back then.
had lots of fun with aerial fireballs, double soonic booms, dragon punch going across the screen, dragon punches which fires a fire ball, slow sonic booms whuch you can make surround your character creating an ultimate defence.

im pretty sure capcom took some of these idea and made it more suitable for future iterations and sequels. #15.1
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thats definitely the sensible approach. however, i doubt sony would bother to do this.

it may actually be good to buy this from the digital store and then complain to sony customer service that this game is in a horrible state and you want a refund. not sure if it will actually work since the game does boot up unlike the other complaints i had when games i purchased didnt boot up. anyway i usually get a full credit refund. #5.1
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i know who he is. its a good video, just didnt see the point of this website. they just referenced a famous youtuber video. #9.1.1
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so basically tis site just referenced an avgn show/lets play?

what was the point of this? could have just tweeted instead of this useless crap. #9
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can the developers afford to ship a game in its complete form to a niche market? we see indies who cant even afford to take the risk to release their games on multiple platforms. #25.1
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they really need to release the specs for this device and possibly more information. this is a retro style console that doesnt play any retro games.

i cant see this selling more than a 1000 and i cant see any developers wishing to port their game onto a small user based cartridge system. the ouya sold quite a few but devs didnt stick with it.

seems like a small project built for a niche market who likes to spend money. #27
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great game, but i guess i rather play this on a tablet. vita version would be pretty cool as well. i loved the gba versions back then.

i guess 2 people im a room with hololens and ar could make it seem like the anime which would be very cool.

i know its a totally different game, but didnt konami make the ar card game for ps3 launch? that had ar cards but it was a pretty cool idea back then. #13
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its probably due to optimisation and not really knowing how powerful Ultra gaming PC's will be at time of release.

I am guessing that footage from few years ago would have everything scripted, so that more power can be used on real-time effects such as lighting, shadows etc...
the footage is also probably played realtime so it was prerecorded so that they can push out 60+fps footage. #2.4
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Witcher 3 looks amazing, dont have a gaming PC or a a PC that could max out the game to see how different the game is from the original released footage.

CDproject red is just luckhy they are not ubisoft or EA at this point otherwise the internet would have gone absolutely batshit crazy. #23
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they had a better holiday season last year didnt they? wouldnt be surprised if that happened again this year in NA. they have Halo & TR available at that time and PS4 doesnt have a big AAA exclusive.

I know TR is timed, but its still only available on MS platform at that time.

it would be terrible for #16
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will new 3ds improve the game?

shame this game wasnt ported to vita as well. FFX on Vita looked amazing. actually every PS2 to vita port looks amazing #7
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you are not crazy, nor is the writer of this article(?). he just wrote about non news and tried to twist it gaming related like every other article submitted on n4g. #4.1
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we all know that kojima loves movies. can he not tweet about a movie now? #10
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demon souls 2 is basically dark souls.
it was also a FU to sony in a sense. they developed an exclusive for son and one for ms. the sony one actually got popular worldwide despote the ms one made for international market. anyway dark souls was an IP rip off. would be similar to something like insomniac making a 3d action platformer similar to ratchet and clank but bypassing sony because they own that specific ip. #1.3
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I think Konami is done with you to be really honest. well not just you but all of us. #6.1
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obviously cant say much about phantom pain since it hasnt come out.

MGS4 was a great finale and closed off the series in a super nostalgic way. ocelot battle was great. Metal gear battle wasnt fun but the experience was cool. Raiden being badass was also quite cool.

Phantom Pain could be the best MGS game but it wont have the feel of MGS4 even though that game mechanically felt really old. #5.3
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Level 5 has always been a good developer for me. They make good games but nothing that I will call fantastic. I have yet to complete a Level5 game because I did get bored of those games.

Fursthest I got to completing a game was WKC2, completed the 1st game that came with it but didnt touch 2 #8.1
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Looks interesting, have to wait and see what the game is actually about and if its any fun. procedural generated games can be a little risky but by the way they are bragging about their engine than it seems like they have that under control. #7.1
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I can't really see how it will dissapoint. I think 1st party wise they only have tearaway and uncharted that has yet to be released.

we should get plenty of announcements for the games coming out in the next few years.

GG should be ready to show something, Sony SM has new GoW. Final(?) David Cage game. Maybe time to reveal new Naughty Dog game by the other studio. Infamous team. New GT game(?). The Last Guardian(?).

We should get some of... #23
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looks kinda cool, but I will wait for the next naruto game. one where they will have every bit of content available to them. #3
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