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WiiU is failing big time.

NES, SNES, N64 & GC had great graphics when it was released.

Wii had the wiimote which made group gamings amazingly fun and less geeky.

WiiU has outdated graphics with barely any 3rd party support. Most people thought that they would atleast get all the 360/PS3 multiplats but that never happened.
The future for WiiU is not bright.

PS4 sales is inline with Wii sales atm which is great, but... #4
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All of them?
Too much to choose.

VIII is my favourite so maybe that?
Also liked XII, but I guess a PS2 emulator would make that HD
4 has been redone a few times.
I guess its either 6 or 7. #1
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Seems reasonable tbh. #10
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lol nice.

its funny how codec conversations/cutscenes/credit s/ladder climbing have been longer than some speed runs on ground zeroes. #6.1
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its understandable if you feel that way. I think he is okay. But voice should always be done by profeccional voice actors. They havea wide arange of different voices.

What I find strange is that kiefer is voicing a few different characters. Why is he doing that?

medic in helicopter
Bandaged man (phantom pain trailier) #3.6
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stupid guide.

quickest way to LVL 30/50.


Now that is out of the way, enjoy the journey to LVL 50. Play every instance atleast 4 times. It helps you practice your class and helps you understand all the other classes. #3
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phoned in performance? #3.3
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I love MGS trailers, but they definitely have too much spoilers #4
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candy crush is fun #3
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I highly doubt Lost Odyssey 2 would happen. but if it did I would buy an Xbone. #21.2
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I'd say for major releases give it a little more time. It's a brand new hardware, more time means better results. #3.3
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from watcing my friend play AW, it did seem interesting.

I don't think AW2 would be revealed though. I think Remedy busy with their new game and AW seemed to be a flop in terms of sales and review. #1.8
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Digimon game =P #1.3
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sell that 8GB and buy the largest one you can. Trust me. #1.2.1
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Major nelson treated him with enough resepct that he agreed to let him interview him even if he had a videocamera on a tripod. I know its major nelsons job to take interviews but he didn't have to give him one.
AJ needs to act more normal in interviews, dont be so biased and not go in his angry joe persona.


Need to watch that interview again, but he needs to at least have his own cameraman.
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I agree. Unless it is purely cosmetic.


It is really hard to review an MMO game and experiences vary depending on who you play the game with. MMO is hugely based on social interactions, and many people will have different experiences due to this.

I've played DCUO for maybe 1-2 hr. it took me probably 24 hours to download that damn game on my PS3 and then to find that it was curropted. Tried playing ag... #1.3.4
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his interviews are kinda dissapointing. It's good that he gets to try it, but its definitely not his style and should just keep to reviewing games.

If he does want to interview people, then maybe he needs to act a little more professional. It's just a sign of respect/ #5.1
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I think he had to spend a lot of time playing ESO to give it a fair review. MMO needs atleast 100+ hours gameplay to give it a fair review.

Infamous:SS probably didn't stand out enough for him to spend the amount of hours it takes to put out his review. At the end of they day he needs views to get paid and creating a mediocre review would just be a waste of time. #3.3
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i wouldn't trust him with an mmo or any subscription based game though. he likes to fuss about money.

It's hard to review MMO in the same way as a normal game, in a way its kinda like comparing a TV series to a movie.

Anyway Angry Joe is great, made some good points for this game. But as I said, MMO is ever changing and things will be different as time moves on. However, gamers or AJ still have the right to complain about things that do not work in th... #1.3
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its half and half. Xbone games(Multiplats) are not performing as well as they should be. people are making a big fuss about it because MS is charging extra for the console and buyers should be aware of this.

After a year or so people would forget about this like they did for PS3. both consoles by next year should have a range of software which should differentiate them from each other. #2.3.2
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