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havent played tekken in a while but do all characters still have a 10hit combo? would love to see what they have planned for sf characters #7
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this is not a dlc. this is a patch to fix the game. #21.1
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im pretty sure i was a quick code to activate this.

woulsnt be surprised if it was a yes no command since this feature was left out of the game for no apparent reason. #15.1
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whatt is the r2 problem? #2.2
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2d or 3d style? #2.1
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yeah. i did feel that. everytime he speaks im thinking its someone else offscreen talking. maybe the game would have been better in japanese.

knack is definitely a game you should try again. this timee be prepared for what you are getting into.

i thought it was a lego style game when i bought it then i noticed how harsh the enemies can be. #1.8.1
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wow so many agrees. defintely thought you would get destroyed for saying that.

knack isnt a bad game at all, it just isnt really that great. its just an overall average game.

controls were decent, enemies were decent graphics were decent and story was decent. nothing really stands out but thats not a bad thing.

i personally think that lots of other games i played are worse than knack. #1.9
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its just easy money i guess.

probably extra 300k+ sales. i mean development started years ago so they probably never guessed that this gen would have sold se well. as time passe they noticed last gen versions was getting sold out by this gen so all efforts went on those and last gen versions didnt matter anymore. no media attention means no one will criticise the game. #2.1
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its sad that many devs or games can get away with it now. no one cares about the precious gen versions and it seems like if you want to play the game you have to upgrade. if not then you get this crappy version.

the sad thing is for those people atuck on last gen. they are Lways gusessing which game would be good and which game is a dodgy port at this stage. they are not cared for and everyone else will be on the pub/devs side saying that it is a next gen game and not syitab... #1.2
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im just wondering how console gamers will react to vr, especially on ps4.

only certain games will be compatible with this and others will have to make game specifically for this. from what we have heard from people about vr is that it needs to have a minimum of 60fps and higher resolutions will benefit due to the screen right in front of our eyes.
how many ps4 games run on a locked 60fps at this moment in time and how many devs would want to make a vr game?
... #1
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this just seems like a PR thing more than anything else. #1
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its a little annoying that sites dont do any research at all. im pretty sure people who create forum topics do more research than this site. a simple wiki search would have been enough.

also activision only officially created one game and that game sold around 2 million across 5 platforms. not bad imo. #7.1
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a limit on individual digital items?

do you not know how crazy the internet would explode?
thats just even worse than putting exclusive dlc on certain retailers. #1.1.5
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wait. that flag thing is just ridiculous. basically. i dont mind things changing the looks like different models but this is just changing the flag. it takes devs seconds to create this. #7
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i dont really understand all the hype about jennifer lawrence tbh. i mean i understand why she is most searched this year but i just dont think shes that pretty. she reminds me of a hamster #1.1
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thats pretty crazy. i remember laughing about it being most searched on bing last time and people showed some stats of ps4:xbone searches ratio. lifetime searches i think ps4 is ahead but xbone getting more this year is quite crazy. #6
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lets not talk about how much people dont like this game and concentrate more on how this article likes to create rumours. there isnt really any basis apart from saying that xiii team has been joining other teams. the core is probably still there so they are probably making another game or maybe just porting steam versions.

i mean it is a pretty good guess that xiii trilogy will be on ps4/xbone but why talk about this? #66
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lol... damnit, made me look stupid.

i just totally forgot about all those games. wouldnt really count disgaea5 as jrpg though. isnt that more srpg? i dunno i dont play it.

anyway, i was trying to think back at tgs and all i remembered was vita game announcements with lots of visual novels and male dating sims.

anyway, good list. gonna google them to see what they are. #3.2.1
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not siding with you or mrbojingles.

both have good arguments but a little too extreme on some parts. you cant blame her for the drop in this industry. whatever she says wont put off gamers buying games.

also gaming stereotypes are around for a reason. even most gamers have heard or seen these people online and on forums. if gamers dont see the sexism that happens then maybe they are choosing not to see it.

now about anita herself, i dont know... #12.2
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sorry, it would take 4x longer to develop the game and add in a male protaginist, especially in a first person perspective game.

it would also be morally wrong if we change all enemies to females. because beating up women is terrible. #18.1
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