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very impressive ps3 screenshots. however its jsut screenshots and we dont know how well it runs in actual gameplay.

still impressive nonetheless. #4
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Guess they didnt know what to do with MP, keep both Mp available even though 4 is just round the corner? TLOU is slightly different since it may not get a sequel and that was actually made by ND and obvioulsy being 1 game makes a big difference #9.3.1
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I think if Uncharterted collection was available unbundled in the PSN store than I think Sony should try and give 1 game of choice free for any Uncharted 4 preorder. That would be a great marketing tactic that encourages the user to buy the rest from the digital store. OBviously would be quite hard since we dont know what kind of contract they have with bluepoint to develop this port. #20
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there will always be a chance for the sequel to get released on the wiiU.

all wiiU fans should back that project on kickstarter #8
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hot toys really needs to get some japanese video game licenses. would be great to see MGS or FF figurines. #5
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I think mario deserves a full 3d game with big budget that is designed around the wiiU or its next console.

mario world 3d or whatever it was called was a beautifully remastered(?) version of the 3ds and added new features and 4 players but never really took advantage of the hardware. #10.2.1
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super mario sunshine was kinda open world but a lot of people hated the level design in that game or it might have been that water tank thing but im not so sure.

anyway, I would love an open world with a great design and not something made just so it can have a big field. I loved the idea of super mario 64 where there is more than one option to get to a certain point. #11
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I remember seeing a screenshot of this game heading to n64 and was thinking why the fk did they ignore the ps1? I guess delaying it and releasing it with GC type graphics was definitely the way to go. #7
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well its pretty obvious when you look at the sales numbers. #37
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I believe that at that time the PS3 was actually capable of emulating PS2 via software. some games might have needed a patch though, which was why so many PS2 games ran perfectly(?). Think this was confirmed when hackers made PS2 backwards compatibility available for PS3 consoles that had no PS2 hardware.

The new Xbone should be emulating Xbox, but it will need to patch games to make them work, which is probably why we need to download the whole game. #1.5.2
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from my own experience, it seems like it was one of the most heavily advertised mobile game I have seen.

I remember seeing the ads on facebook and on websites very frequently and it was definitely one of the most popular titles that literally survived by tricking others to click it thinking it was something else. now that they have kate upton they must be getting a ton more of new players. #3.3
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I really cannot see PS4 emulating PS3 games at all, seems a little too complicated of a system for it to work natively and they also spent a lot of money on PSnow.

I would like to see PS1/PS2 because there is no excuse why it cannot emulate it natively similarly to how a PC does it. obviously basic emulation would still be great but if we get widescreen hacks, AA, whatever other crap PCSX2 can do then that would be amazing. #1.5
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i personally dont own a wiiU but I agree oon your points.

Bayonetta 2 looks amazing but expected nothing less.
Captain toad looks nice and clean for something with a small team/budget.
super mario world 3d was dissapointing in a sense but atleast it looked decent and had 4 player madness.
hyrule warriors was basically a dynasty warriors game but provided enough for fans of the series.

Starfox just seems like they spent too much money o... #3.3
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I understand that graphics isnt everything and game budgets exists to at least turn a profit but for this game that has a massive brand recognition I am kinda dissapointed. #6
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the snes playstation thing would have been a bad deal for sony in a sense. look at how succesful the PS1 was when it got released, sony put in a lot of effort and innovation that made the playstation brand what it is today and it is one of the main factors it is alive today.

snes playstation thing looked like a sega neptune type project. #3
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finally the articles no one cared about on this site is finally over. #2
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none of the original designs had nintendo written on it. it was one of the main reasons nintendo didn't like it. times has changed though, if i remember correctly the panasonic gamecube didn't have nintendo on it . #2.2
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was it really confirmed fake? it does look very similar to the real design if i remember correctly but i guess that could be easily faked.

colouring of unit looks like it has aged correctly, but i suppose that could be faked aswell.

i guess it would be impossible to tell the difference between this and the real prototypes wherever they are being held. its not like they would work anyway. #1.3
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to all the people who disagree, they just don't understand. advertisement in charities happen all the time.

20000 for advertisement is cheap especially if they are able to atleast 1000 new donators internationally. lots of people donate for life or atleast several years. #10.3
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charities spend money on lots of crap. especially donations. one of my earlier jobs i have had involved selling charity and the charity will pay me 50% of whatever donations i get them.

also sony pulled a sly one over us. but it was the only way they could get fans to pay stupid money. im also one of those stupid fans but i promised myself that i would spend atleast that much if shenmue3 was ever going to happen. #7.1.1
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