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please dont fk with me.

been waiting a long time for a yakuza game. #4
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i personally prefer re to silent hill. just overall better characters.

i personally feel that these two series peaked at their second game and has been struggling ever since. #1
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seeing that agito is coming out soon for mobile as it was suppose to, maybe versus xiii wil get a side release aswell :D #4.1
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lets petition, then hopefully we will get them to change directors once again and get a solid 2020 release date, just intime for ps5.

ok, i understand the hate, but petition isnt going to work. #7
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the thing about digital content right now is that it provides no benefits to users unless you have a psp to vita situation.

digital version is more expensive, takes longer to download, i tend to get physical games before launch date. etc. if it gave more freedom to users on what they can do with their licenses after then more people would purchase from psn/xbl which means more profit for everyone. i dont mind paying £50 for a digital game and then sell it off when i know... #4
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transfer license, could be a pain in the ass but if you used currency from psn wallet then that way would stop scam artists.

resseling licenses back to sony could also be a good idea, not saying you would get a good deal but better than nothing.

i bought deus ex human revolution on psn. played an hour or so and hated it. if i could atleast get 10-20% back from current market/purchase price then i would consider. #2.3
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the biggest problem for reviewing games like destiny is that it is heavily focused on multiplayer experiences.

what i gathered from the destiny alpha was that it was a decent platform for shooting mechanics, free roaming was fun. now its upto the players to experience this world with friends and see if they enjoy it.

i can understand why some people would love this, place to hang around with friends and shoot things whilst exploring, but what i hear, this gam... #13.1
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a lot pf that, plus the internet likes to moan/criticise about things.

think about the youtube game critics, they like to post more bad games then actual good ones. criticise and nitpick on the smallest details for entertainment purposes. not saying thay are not fun to watch though. i was a big fan of avgn, angry joe, yahtzee, marcus beer. #10.1.1
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i think it will struggle due to the fact that it doesnt do the tv stuff well enough.

it needs to change ui for a more suitable tv set top box style menu. also provide a remote. if they did those two things then this could have become something which non/casual gamers would conisder.

right now its just a console running on a dying handhelds hardware. im probably going to get one but its not going to do any big numbers. #18
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it is a worry, since i dont play first person games so much.

however, P.T. seemed good enough and i can understand if they went that direction.

maybe give us 1st person for corridor like moments and then 3rd person for outdoor. #15
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its not just destiny, we are living in a world where we want everything that we dont like to fail.

person A doesnt like cod, he wants that game to end by failing.

person B is a console Z fanboy, he wants consoleY to fail.


its mainly the internet which is causing all these negativity. sadly we like to complain about things more then we like to compliment things and people read these comments and think its what everyone... #10
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there was 4 builds of re4 before we actually got what was released.
1st one was what dmc ended up being.
2nd was named as castle
3rd was named as hallucination which had hookman and other creepy things
4th was supposedly a more zombie oriented game but we didnt get any screenshots.

anyway. i agree with most of the article. story wise it pushed series into a dead end in a sense. gameplay wise with mission structures is what killed it for me.
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title font reminds me of tomb raiders.

anyways, judging from screenshots, this game needs to give the main character a better image. all we see is plain boring man A running around.

to,b raider and uncharted were succesful because they had likable characters. #4
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think this is my last bubble, so cant comment anymore.

i think its a bad choice of words used by him more than anything. i mentioned a few times on my other comments about this game that ffxii in a sense had a no button gameplay where you concentrate on presetting gambits. and casting the old spell every so often.

its probably not as casual as we think it maybe, im waiting for the demo to come out so i can get a feel of the combat mechanics. hopefully it isnt... #13.1.1
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ff action oriented?

maybe xiii, but i didnt complete so cant comment on that.

ff has always been a semi "casual"jrpg. in a sense. stats were pretty much automated or more in line with stat maxing instead of picking certain stats for a specific job. i mean casual in terms of easier in a jrpg sense of way. theres so many other hardcore jprg games around.

sci-fi rpg? whats that got to do with it being action oriented or casual oriented... #6.2
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i honestly think we have to get hands on of a demo before we can complain. i know ffxiii was a big dissapointment which meant that ff fans probably didnt even play a ff game last gen.

tabata is trying to push his ideals onto a ff game same as what nomura was doing before. nomura wanted something similar to kh, some aspects of kh was very basic, but whenfighting harder mobs the need to go trrough menus or quick menus on the go at real time whilst dodging may not be the right m... #1.5
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i think its not really about streamlining to casuals, but streamlining to jrpg fans.

not all of us play kingdom hearts or action style games. im amazed when i see people defeat sephiroth in kh. its something i probably cannot accomplish myself. i just dont have the reflexes. im ok with not being able to do that since that is an extra end game challenge.

however, if they can make a game challenging without twitch like gameplay then i am all for it. #13
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sony has basically been relegated to concentrate on the console and digital entertainment market.

their hardware doesnt sell anymore, walkmans and cameras have become less popular, tvs have been taken over by the south korean companies, vaio computers were sold off to some other company.

ms however makes billions of dollars on licenses, just think how many companies in the world and then what os they actualy use. #5.4
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its always nice to see if a console can actually do well in a market offically. its a tough sell though. im guessing most peope from china are used to iorting modded consoles and playing pirated games. however, doesnt hurt to take baby steps. #10.1
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if you dont live im china then dont write these articles.

first of all $600 is nothijng to those people, they are buying iphones for around $2000+

secondly, dont talk about their trade in/resell policy. we dont know what its like over there. we dont even know if there are shops around to take in 2nd hand games. this is the first official console to be released there. so in a sense they dont care about having this activation thing.

thirdly, how... #11
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