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if we judge from those screenshots, then it does seem like a big downgrade. maybe rockstar should have given us an option, better framerate or better graphics. #35
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why are the cars floating? #7.1.6
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looks fantastic.

i hope there would be a psn port of some kind. not a keen mobile phone game so it feels like a wasted project to me. #1
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sony obviously wanted something similar to smash bros. obviously not exactly the same thing but similar in style.

the game was intended for the smash pro players, the ones that dont like items or random events. seth killian was brought in to help make this game feel like an advanced smash bros but that is a tiny niche market and they should have concentrated on making this game feel more fun and also a little more noob friendly. #5.1
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i liked this game, wasnt great but it needed a sequel to improve on what was bad.

the main problems with this game was that it had an identity problem.

gameplay was great and very advanced compared to smash, would probably be a more suitable fighter for tournaments compared to smash. however it is missing the fun elements which most gamers are expecting from this type of game.

being technical is not good enough since i rather play other games... #9
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good title, wouldnt have bothered reading this article if it wasnt for the title.

thats basically the mindset of every console gamer, we hear about remasters or game+dlc editions which we don't like and get fed up with publishers releasing these games and then we hearabout the games we want or would like to have and we get happy.

why don't we just treat these games as normal ports/upgrades. shovel knights is coming to ps4, im not complaining about tha... #11
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wow, didnt think people were interested in this game, played a little of the original around 15 yrs ago on an emulator. think it had a lot of issues that made me dislike this game. im just wondering if this game fot ressurected because of youtube stars making it popular. #6
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I wouldn't really call Zelda an RPG. More of an action adventure. Zelda 2 was more jrpg style. #2.1
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When did this get announced?always wondered why ps4 was getting it but not the xbone.

Not that it matters anyway, I don't own an xbone but for others this is fantastic news. #4
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I always wondered why sonic3 doesn't get as much love as sonic 2 gets. #4
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Its a feature that is quite good for people who keep their system on standby. Its very useful if you like to pick up and play frequently.

You are correct in a sense that you can just restart at checkpoint, but the convenience of leaving right where you left it and it just takes a minute to load is quite interestong.

Basically a feature not for everyone, but can be helpful forbpeople who like quick sessions or needs to interupt gameplay because thwy have somet... #1.8
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clearly shows that namco bandai are quitse surprised by the amount it will sell. maybe now we would have a better chance of it coming out over here. #4
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versus xiii was being on a developed engine aswell, the xiii engine.

gameplay has been shown of that game a few years after the announcement and the advent children blu-ray showed gamers the behind closed door video of versus xiii.

since then it just seems like they have been doing nothing in develment. i find that very embarassing, especially for their number1 franchise. #2.1.1
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does the internet hate lucas now? i always thought people generally loved him. #14.1
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doesn't this all depend on if ea would want to purchase these assets from disney?

ea has the exclusive rights to make star wars games but if they were to make 1313 they need to get the assets from disney. thats like extra cash thrown away when they could make an original game which was designed from the studios they own. #16
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its quite embarassing how fast kh3 production has been compared to ffxv.

im also wondering if there would be any changes in the look of the game. kh3 is now on the unreal engine and im just wondering if certain things will look different. #2
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i think if its using a wired connection then you wont have any problems, wireless probably be too slow for 1080p/60fps that isn't too compressed.

for people who still use wireless because of not wanting cables everywhere, it maybe a good idea to just use those adapters that plugs into the wall, bit expensive but very useful if you want to minimise lag. #7.2
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not really, if you had a gaming pc already you were probably buying games on that already. this just helps pc users who own an xbone and wants to game in the living room but the pc is in another room.

not many people would need this function at all, but for those that do its a fantastic way. saves them from having to buy that nvidia/steam thing. #3.4
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i've decided to buy these remasters when they go really really cheap. i dont really mind them being made, as long as it is a decent port.

i really dont want to waste my money on older gen games when i should be using it on new games. #19
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its a semi rip off.
new character that could have been a $5-10 dlc.

but its getting released on a new console that doesn't have bc. how else can we play it?
its up to them how much they want to initially charge, fans will go buy it. if you are not a fan but like to play it then wait for the sale or buy it second hand so you can laugh at capcom. #1.2
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