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Its mainly kinda made for people who don't buy digital dlc.
Basically in a years time, arkham knights won't be on store shelves unless it is second hand, wb makes nothing from that sale but can make $40 on season pass from 2nd hand buyers. They can just rereleass the game again for $60 on store shelves and digital store. #16.1
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Just wondering. Have we ever seen a permanent price cut on dlc? Or do they stay the same price? #19
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Ps1 had pretty strong competition. Saturn had the best 2d graphics. And n64 produced better 3d.

Ps1 could produce more polygons, but the n64 was more efficient and didn't need as many. Would like to note that not every Japanese developer was developing games on the ps1, they liked thebsaturb which was why it was very popular in Asia.

DC came out at the end of ps1 days and did pretty well, but ps2 came out and it was just too powerful compared to the DC. G... #1.2.7
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pretty much, but i guess this is a list for ps4 gamers.

could have easily done a generic may list for all platforms i suppose #6.1
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i guess if it stays free to play then its no harm bringing it to every console.

i rather have mistwalker develop another game similar to lost odyssey. takehiko inoue is one of my favourite mangaka and his art style was great in that game. the short stories in that game was amazing aswell, i never thought i would get interested in reading words that pop up on screen, that worked better than most of the cutscenes to be really honest. #4
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probably still bitter about sony because of the final fantasy movie. that put a big fat red mark on his career. #1.2
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wow an xbone exclusive developer is trying to optimise their game for xbones capabilities? that is unheard of. why didnt anyone think of that before? #9
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maybe, maybe not. who gives a shit. we all knew kojima didnt want to make mgs games and we all knew hehad to carry on. was it bad that he had to? probs not, he had to fix a lot of errors from mgsiv.

anyway. we just hate sites making things out of nothing. shit. i just flped a coin and it fell on heads, is that a sign from twoface. did it 4 other times and it landed on head 3 me its dangerous. #26.1
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havent checked your gamefaqs link. but lets just presume that every link/blogsite from n4g is unoriginal and made from a post by a neogaf or random forum member.

i personally dont blame these websites, they read a post fro a forum and the write something about it. even damaini from gametrailers was going to base all his videos on neogaf news. #25.1
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great, maybe he meant it, maybe he didnt. lr maybe he wrote those things not knowing he a tually felt those rhings.

but basically all we know 100% is that this site is fishing for any kinda news.

people who have yet to click the link..... just ignore it #29
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3ds price drop before vita release and the great games that followed kinda made it a success. Vita is obviously not a successful machine but those numbers seem survivable.

Its pretty hard to survive in the portable market against Nintendo. PSP was and ddid amazingly well.

Its sad that vita didn't really get a big start despite Sony pushing millions in marketing. #9.1.1
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Need a counter plan to what ms is gonna do at e3. I pretty much convinced myself that ms is going to announce a slim edition. They officially dropped price in their 2 biggest markets, just seems like they want to get rid of old stock now.

For ps4, i dont thonk it would struggle to hit those numbers. Old gen gamers will need ro move on with less and less new games available to them. #1.2
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As long as they keep the psn relevant then I guess the ps3 gamers will carry on buying games. Its a good time for them to compete with 2nd hand market prices for those games. Hopefully PS+ didn't devalue most of those games #5
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3.3 milli portable consoles. That's a pretty decent number right? Hopefully the vita won't Dir anytime soon. It's my favorite platform to play final fantasy games now. #9
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I think at that stage, Sony did a few things wrong and multiplats were better on the 360. There were more 360 fans then ps3. Think it was kinect stuff from the last few 360 e3 announcements that possedbthe fans off and Sony had the great exclusives at that point.

I've been a Sony fanboy(ish?) Since forever. But i can admit that 360 started strong. The people that didn't have rrod and 5breplacement consoles would have loved the console. They started with the gamertags... #8.1
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Square kinda lost their way last generation. Although I don't really blame them. They didn'tuse any third party engines and decided to make one themselves which apparently was a complete nightmare.

Capcom did pretty well to be really honest. They tried a few things. Some worked well some didn't. Their own engine was pretty efficient and they had decent PC ports.

The best thing Sega did was to publish platinum games stuff #2.2
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dont worry guys, this is all fake news made up by kojima the mastermind remember. a big % still believes kojima is fking around with a pre april fools day prank that has lasted longer than a month. im still sure of it. #31
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no support for windows xp O_O #4
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come on, you have to admit that main dude was one fugly character. was glad to hear there is a character creation tool and its pretty good.

but come on, admit the truth. #5.2.1
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i guess starting of with calling them a bunch of idiots isn't a good way to make friends. lol

this is what konami is thinking right now: "hmmm... interest in this series is still quite big, lets just forget about del toro and kojima and get someone cheaper instead. which hollywood director can we get that has made many video game movies. uwe boll could do well. mercury steam worked with kojima on the first lord of shadows. lets get them on board as well. uwe boll and... #10.1.1
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