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@caseh. just used it for rrp price. sometimes cheaper in store, sometimes more expensive.

anyway.. you mentioned forza £30 mark. in china the article states from £9 to £24.
which makes it cheaper than uk. kinda sickening that the internet/US is complaining that uts overpriced yet UK pays a bunch more and we dont complain.

maybe its time british people start complaining instead of moaning in silent like we love to do #1.1.2
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anyone from uk will say this is a bargain.
xbone - £349.99
xbone with kinect - £389.99

not sure if china version has kinect or not, but its roughly the same price. games however.

kinect sports rivals - £42.99
forza 5 - £44.99

uk is almost double the price of games in china.

prices are checked with #1.1
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its sad, but i think there are lots of censorship issues in china and a lot of games wont be released until some things are changed. #2.1
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wow, the games are actually cheaper than i expected. this may do better than i expected. #5
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grinding in general is fun with remote play. i spent 50% of playtime on black flag playing with remoteplay. #5.1
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im guessing you are talking about the controls rather than 30fps.

its strange your other comment got hidden because your apparently trolling. well, not strange. just sad. #2.2
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oversatuated amoled screen. its kind of a downgrade.

anyway i was being sarcastic. i use remote play quite often. i understand the freedom. #1.1.1
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i think crytek went multiplatform because they just wanted to expand their audience. but what they didnt know was they pissed of their main audience the pc gamers.

crysis 2 was made into a linear game because of the consoles limitations at that time in a sense. it was also able to run on a lot more pc's which wierdly pissed off pc gamers. for some reason they didnt like the new engine being very efficient. #2.2.2
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not sure about gameplay since i am not a big fps somi cannot judge thsis game properly, but the mechanics along with the physic was what made this game stand out. it resally felt like a sandbox game. #8.2
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i think the physics in this open world map was what made crysis stand out. mix that with great graphics and inefficient pc devs was what killed peoples pc/wallets.

ive played a lbit of thsis game and just loved the mecannics of everything. shame i suck at fps so i never really got that far. #12.1
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direcors cut was a high quality remaster in a sense. some angles were different? which meant new backgrounds and a different feel. new locations(? never played it but i think it had a new room) updated character models. new music(?)

also, people didnt moan about it back then because they were sensible and think if you dont want to buy it then dont.

finaly, would like to add that games couldntbe patched like it could today, re2 had a dualshock version. street... #4.1.2
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now a possibly difficult one for you.

what do you class ninja gaiden sigma as? remake or remaster? #4.2
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no, you may have fot it mixed up.

remake is using other assets. think resident evil, mgs, ninja gaiden, halo,.

remaster is technically a port. porting is not a lazy thing,mit takes time and effort. like some pc ports, higher res textures etc.

remake, normally from a much older game. possibly new engine, newer chacter models. new rendering techniques.

listen to what everyone is saying. also like to say its not writen in stone... #2.4
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time constraints? didnt they make a saturn and pc port as well as a directors cut?

no one is really blowing this remaster out of proportion. actually, it feels like they are cool with this one. tr however got ripped to bits, people saying how its exactly the same as the pc version when it is clearly not.

so out of tlou,tr and gtav. it looks like this one has done the least. however, lets not take away the fact that the original looked amazing and was coded us... #1.3.1
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its just the internet, or maybe websites needing to release articles too frequently.


you talking about shattered memories? wasnt really a remaster or even hd at all. it was a remake, reboot, reimagining?

if you talking about sh2 then yeah that was a piece of shit. though they did use new voice actors aswell, which could in a be some sort of reimagining. #1.1.3
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remaster a game and then downgrade it by playing on a vita. definitely the only way to play it :D #1
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just shows how internet explodes at everything. even with matters that have moing to do with us. #20.1
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correct. which is why china is big of subscription models or f2p. #19.1
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its not really for most people. its for the newer generations where they are making a decent living or those super rich ones.

the poor ones probably dont even know what that is. #18.1
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people in china knew it was going to be more expensive. its just the taxes. not anyones actual fault.

also like to add that it is nothing compared to brazil right? #26
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