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maybe remake 2&3 together. makes a lot of sense since it roughly takes place around that time.

thinking about 2 just makes me want to play the game again. loved the idea of having two different characters and different scenarios. #3.1
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defects happen a lot in the manufacturing stages.

its also bad for nintendo if they have lots of defect products. its really not worth it #4.2
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i really liked the environment areas in 64 and sunshine. just made every world feel alive and not just there for platforms.

it doesnt affect the gameplay too much, but 3d world felt too platformy. all you did was jump from one platform to another and you cannot really distinguish the world itself. its not a bad game and has great gameplay elements but it felt too linear 2d but with 3d co trols if that makes any sense. a better example would be the bowser stages in sm64. they... #6
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lol. best comment i have heard in a while #1.1.1
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If lost odyssey gets announced then I will run out and quickly buy an xbone. #1.1.8
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i never got to the end of the game, but it was quite fun on the parts that i actually played. heard that the story jsut gets really bad after the part i stopped on though.

i enjoyed heavy rain. though i disliked the decieving twist ending. #1.4
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i cant really remember crisis corr. just remember the last battle >.<

hd version would be great, but all i want from se is to atleast release the psp version onto store so i can play it on my vita. #15.1
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i rather have before crisis released in any form then have any of the rest.

though it is more realistic to have what you said above.

also dont forget the hd version of advent children. #5.2
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That's the biggest problems with PSP games. Environments are too flat and boring.

Crisis core would take too long to remake so I just prefer a HD upgrade like type-0. #1.1.1
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really? #2
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its going to feel a lot different due to it being on your eyes and not having to look at a screen which is producing another image from the camera.

not going to say it adds a lot to how we currently game though. #8.1
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pikachu looks bad ass. #1
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ms ar concept is so far away. how can that display so close to your eyes not produce double vision?

it just seems like an idea and they never really thought sbout anything else. #14
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ar can be ok. its a totally different experience but it can work similar to how illumiroom was going to be. basicaly have things flying out of the tv. it also makes more sense then other ar use we have at this moment. best thing about it is that you can wear it and not have thiefs running into your house and stealing everything without you noticing =P

anyway, its a different experience and it really is up to the user. for me personally, i wont be using any within the next few... #1.1
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So basically a more detailed version of ff8 world map.

Its not a big deal. Ff or other RPG has always been very large. World map arras. Just a simplified version so you don't have to run a direction for ages. #3
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I call this one a fake. I'm almost certain xbone will come out with slim sooner because its more plausible. Especially with the price cut. Just seems like they trying to get rid of these models.

Im also think that this generation will come out with newer CPU/GPUupgrades like the new 3ds. #19.1
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which is why these titles are really annoying. #1.1
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i know its meant to be a joke, but it was a really bad video. why pretend to be jeff gertsmann?

lots of outlandish claims about getting paid for reviews, is there any evidence? developers paying for advertisements? developers develop games, maybe he meant the publishers who handle the advertisements.

user reviews? not on sites like metacritic. its full of the games fans(not fanboys) or haters who post them so its either stupid,y high or stupidly low. dude als... #5
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after a bunch of main people leaving ign i think the rest of them just wanna leave =P #2.1
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everything looks amazing and then they show the character models. -_-

i know they are customisable but atleast have something that looks decent at default. #3
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