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quantic dreams, its gonna be a good looking game. dont think any other company has produced such realistic realtime graphics on a console. #23
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that can be easily done, but the series went action more than survival horror on the 4th game. RE4 has a 50/50 love/hate relationship with RE fans.

What seemed pretty cool was one of the RE4 hookman build where the camera were semi fixed but when you aim it goes to over he shoulder. that seemed like a cool idea. #2.2.1
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I think PS UI are normally quite good. Only problem I have with all of them is when you have loads of digital purchases it becomes a pain to navigate.

I like the library thing PS4 has but thats right at the end of the screen and you can't change the order. #10.2
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it may be just my system.

I'm holding back on buying a SSHD atm. 500GB enough for the time being. once it starts getting low I probably go for a 1-1.5GB SSHD. Any recommendations? #4.4.1
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it happens when I have a game running on background. maybe livestreaming. I can't remember. But it happens a lot. closing all apps wont solve this so I have to restart.

Maybe it's only my system #4.3.1
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Well, its not a perfect machine, but its still early days. Lots of small tiny adjustments need to be made. What seems to be the most important is to let users have the freedom of options. #2.1
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My nit-pick list:

Not able to rearrange the list of games to your prefereable order.

Controller batt drains way too quick.

Slows down alot, sometimes when I am on home screen my PS4 is struggling a lot. It's unbearable and most of the times I will have to restart.

browser sucks. Not that I really use it.

Mouse support? I can't seem to get my wireless mouse to sync up with my PS4. #4
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No SH!T Sherlock.

Obviously they have been working on this. You think they just been sitting on their asses waiting for devs to do tis all themselves? why do you think PS3/360 games look so good at the end of the generation?

Stupid article. can't beleive i gave them a click. #5
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was the storyline any good for those 2 games? Do people care about the stories in those 2 games? I am actually asking because I haven't played those 2 yet.

Anyway, I am a little interested in the crew just because of the miniature US. Do i care about the story? hell no. Stories are what made NFS games pathetic. #3
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I think console gamers don't really care about MMO's.

The way to go would be to have a skyrim type game but have an online type mode where you can do quests and other things. maybe like monster hunter. #5.1
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more profit means more money to throw at devs or publishers.

obviously more complicated than that but that's a point you may have not considered.

anyway i dont support companies because they are profitable. who the hell does that?

i am a sony fanboy though and have invested a chunk of cash in them #10.2.1
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100-200k is that a good enough figure for namco? but tbh it couldnt have cost them that much to localise anyway.

I think its worth a company to localise, if money is tight then just do a digital release. #2.3
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uncharted has been announced.

has halo been confirmed for 2014?

sony has no money and sony is in trouble. but they still sacrifising profits to get more consoles into gameres hands. MS is selling an overpriced console with a camera most of us dont want. #14.2
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angryjoe is pretty decent. He is a little childish but he gives reviews based on the gamers side.

He does favour content more and always nags on about the prices but i guess it caters to most of his audience.

What i do like about angryjoe though is his scale when he reviews games. he reviews games with a 1-10 scale unlike everyone else who bsically reviews games with a 6-10 scale.

Don't exactly know the full details, but someeone from IGN... #1.15
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I think its more of a numbers game. Many people also use google to do research and with PS4 just having better numbers all around including price its not surprising that the PS4 sold more. #26
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what counts more is who made more money. Well to the company that is anyway. Sony sold 20.5m software, MS sold less than 15m(xbone attach rate 2.90).

Xbone higher RRP, definitely earning more per console than Sony.

I think they may be even atm. #10
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i dont think so, I think MS played it too safe. Sony took big risks and manufactured an amazing amount of consoles therefore was able to supply to so may countries. #1.11
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forgot about this game.
might wait for a ps+ discount #5
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both selling well, PS4 is just killing it thats all.

Xbone maynot be selling more but they are selling at a good price for MS. they must be getting more profit per console right? #23.1
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that because apple sells hardware and android is software.

same thing for windows and mac. apple sells hardware to earn profits. #22.1
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