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its pretty sad when some parts of type0 hd looks better than this #11
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i call bs, but at this point of time i dont really care. it would have been cool if it stopped on 2 but the series has been improving so i dont mind if there are anymore.

kojima deserves to make another ip or 2. just want to see what he can do with other genres. #15
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if it can compete with any of the even numbered ff then i will be happy. i have high hopes but the biggest problem i see is the lack of a female party member. #15
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ff12 is possibly my favourite ff aswell, i probably spent 500+hrs on one playthrough that i didnt get to finish, lost my memory card.
except for ff2 which i barely touched i have noticed that my favourite FF games have been the even numbers. 4,6,8,10,12,14 is dedinitely better then all the odd numbers.

vaan was clearly the main character in ffxii, he was ok if we compare him to penello. saying ashe or balthier is mc is sorta saying yuna is mc of ffx instead of tidus.... #1.2.2
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xii is definitely my favourite but possibly one that i was kinda dissapointed about because it didnt have what other ff games had. what it did great was give the player the options to customise, whether it was battle system, gamibit system, level up system or even the main character in a sense.

XIII lacked any freedom, story was also wuite hard to follow and i kinda stopped playing after 10 hrs. battle system was ok, but i never really liked the ai picking the moves.
... #1.6
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tbh i think the clause allows any titles that are popular to sneak through.

its hard for ms to not allow the indie titles that are getting popular to not be on their indie list. #4
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i dont see why it wouldnt be worth buying.

its a decent effort on a HD port, we could see that they spent time on this instead of just rushing something out. the exclusion on multiplayer mode is kinda sad but i most likely would have just ignored anyway. #5
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not embarassing at all, but if you think it is then you probably think its embarassing for sony to have their topselling vita game that is owned by their rivals #1.1
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i think its just a japan thing. they even track nintendos. im guessing they also track ms aswell but no surprise that they havent got any games on the top10 #2.1
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this guy is able to squeeze every bit of controversy out of the order 1886.

no publishers should not state game length at the back of the box, game length is different depending on the player and extra side missions and stuff would make it more complexed.

only possible way is to just count cutscenes but whats the point of that, does cutscenes make up a game? some games may not even have a cutscene. anyway, if game length is important to some people than they... #4
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first of all, lets not use meta scores. it doesnt represent everybody.

secondly, what measures of success are we talking about? sales? review scores? fans defending game?

anyway, this article seems like a way to bash sony fans making them look like blind fanboys. some people like this game and some people hate it. reviewers seemed to have liked the game but due to the games length they had to mark it down. its the problem with review scores in my eyes, the re... #79
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blah blah blah. does anyone care about what others think or overhype?
fans wants to play the sequel that possibly ends the storyline and its their fault if they expected a perfect game.

if shenmue3 was announced then i would be happy and i wouldnt care about other fanboys overhyping certain games. would i be excited? definitely. would i expect a supe masterpiece? sure. would i feel dissapointed if it wasn't? a little but as long as its a good game then who bloody... #35.1
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or it could be that gdc is in march and valve booked a slot on tuesday and 3pm seemed like a decent time to do it.

i dunno, looks like a coincidence to me but i guess if i was a big valve or hl fan then i could be expecting a 3rd game of a series they have.

maybe it will be announcing their plans for the next few years with:
hlepisode 3
cs3? does valve own cs? has it gone past 3 yet?
... #40
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good for you, however for most of us playing the full game we probably wont have that chance since it probably will only feature english dub.

english dub is ok i guess but the japanese voice overs are definitely a grade above. #3.2
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ffxii did this perfectly, had the option to slow or speed up battle, option to have wait or active, option to switch characters on the fly etc, gambit system was pretty neat but doesnt have to be used if player doesnt want to.

having the wait selected, it was possible to play the game similar to older ff titles. the freedom that game allowed was amazing.

xv doesnt have as much freedom but at the end of the day its a different game and sometimes we dont need a... #1.2
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he did before crisis which was suppsoedly a pretty good game, also 3rd birthday but everyone hated that game.

ffxiii trilogy
crisis core
dirge of cerberus

might be missing some games but these were the ff games that came out in the last 10 years. xiv doesnt count because its an mmo, xiii trilogy is universally hated, type-0 and cc has been very well recieved, ffxii has been disliked for not being an f... #3.3
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not sure but im guessing the sequel after this they would be replacing camilla and using troy, im sure with his credentials he can pull off a rather good lara croft #2.2
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depends what people want. some "dumbing down" features has been pretty well recieved.

if we are talking about difficult levels in gaming then i think default normal should be a game where you die once every so often. normally a stroll in the park but there should be two higher difficulties for people that want a challenge as well as an easy level for people that are really bad at the game.

quest(?) instructions is something that is getting a little... #5
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ok, dont wanna sound too sony fanboyish but sub 30fps and not locked when xbone doing near enough double? is this ps4 cpu showing its bottleneck or just a really bad port.

update: sorry my bad, was reading comments and not looking at video and article. just seeems like a quick port job, not as bad as it sounds.not saying its a good port, just saying its jot that bad. #32
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foo many agrees on all the comments above, so i'm gonna troll/be serious a little. this site has way too many bandwagon fanboys. popular bandwagon and everyone jumps on, this site used to have 360/ms agrees but now it is so pro sony. youg teenagers always jump onto bandwagon and not have their own opinions.

not talking about the comments, just talking about the random agree clicks #19
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