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to all the people who disagree, they just don't understand. advertisement in charities happen all the time.

20000 for advertisement is cheap especially if they are able to atleast 1000 new donators internationally. lots of people donate for life or atleast several years. #10.3
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charities spend money on lots of crap. especially donations. one of my earlier jobs i have had involved selling charity and the charity will pay me 50% of whatever donations i get them.

also sony pulled a sly one over us. but it was the only way they could get fans to pay stupid money. im also one of those stupid fans but i promised myself that i would spend atleast that much if shenmue3 was ever going to happen. #7.1.1
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its not like batman wasn't like a superhero in the arkham games. basically able to fly everywhere and his combat system made him invincible. #3.1.7
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we would probably be collecting brainiac icons instead. #1.10
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its openworld is very unique and having such a big openworld game like GTA/sleeping dogs would ruin it. Shenmue is about a late teenage boy seeking for vengeance but at the same time learning about life.

The first shenmue made me want to catch lan di and kick his ass. The second game made players think more about the consequences of revenge.

Only thing I am hoping from shenmue3 is not to have batman style action and hopefully have a more fluid Virtua Fighter... #2.2
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was kinda special to see something like this back in the days. had lots of useless rooms and doors to knock on for no reason whatsoever but was a cool concept.
open world games before this was basically a JRPG. never played any western games sp cant really compare.

Random encounters was pretty cool, a bunch of different routes such as talking to different people was something you didnt see everywhere. ,-'- <--teacup thing in shenmue 2 had lots of random stuff... #5
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kinda funny interview.
I guess it wont hit the $10mil mark for full openworld(whatever that means). but hopefully we will have seamless transitions when entering buildings/rooms/shops.

Not really sure how many buildings are going to be in this tbh since its set in china in the 80's and we will probably just be visiting tiny villages but lets hope we dont have to suffer from load screens like the previous games.

Also would love to make activities a li... #1
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It may work. $20,000 in advertising is barely anything and now they have been able to advertise to the world what they do.

Not sure if they are advertising to the right people, but I guess people reading this who have interest in crowdfunding may have interests in donating to small charities.

I'm also stupid for hoping this, but hopefully Sony or Ys will refund this charity but still give a special thanks in the games credits/whatever. Would be the moral... #7
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its very similar to most card based RPG style mobile games. not talking about games like magic or hearthstone.

At the start they give you lots of gems etc... never waste any gems/crystals if you are not planning to spend money. It's a good time killer but most of the time would be clicking on auto battle until the boss.

I got bored within a week, but I get bored with every f2p mobile game. #1
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extra content into game would probably never happen. they said 100% conplete so anything extra would most likely be dlc.

games also would never be patch free when it gets released, but i hope insomniac or atleast sony is still gonna pay people to q&a as well as patch it so that it would have minimum Jonboy Work HKneeded after launch.

insomniac games is a pretty big studio so i guess they can still survive even if the game that was intended to get released... #6.1
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not sure if they did, but i think could have released it as dlc for pc gamers. seems a little sad that they havent.

also cant believe that i am excited about this. i thought i liked the nt dmc but the japanese anime style dante still is cool. #1
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its not so simple, but ms has the documents and everything they need to know to make emulation that much easier. they could also hire those guys dedicated to emulation to make it happen. could also make it xompatible with windows 10 since they seem to be dedicated to gaming and can help with an xbox store on windows 10 #3.1.2
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xbox to this gen can improve stuff, but we kinda got remakes or remasters or pc ports to make anything worth while.

pretty much same as ps2 but thats been proven on pc to be easy to emulate.

i dont personally care about remasters or emulation. i probably would have to buy it again if i wanted to, or i could easily ignore it. its a shame console players are not as flexible as pc players but i am used to it. #9.1
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og xbox is definitely possible on xbone if they tried, the end question is if they are bothered. og xbox emulators on pc is rare because the community isnt too big so ms cant just buy code of those guys, sony could easily buy psone and ps2 emulators and get them to program for ps4.

backwards compatibility doesnt make enough money for these companies. they rather release a remaster for atleast $15 each title instead pf a classic $5-10.

anyway, its not worth it... #12
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luv ya dude.

but yea, why not have all, japanese and english dub as well as classic text boxes with the appropriate dut dut computer sounds.

obviously they wont do this, but hopefully others will learn to do this. playing ffx on my vita and i sometimes feel like i want proper classic textboxes instead of subtitles. #9.1
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i can say that dubbed advent children was ok, nothing more, nothing less. obviously we can compare it to anime and cowboy bebop is always gonna be the legendary dub where i can say the dub is better thoguh the original is phenominal aswell.

now back to video game world, ffx had the laughable laughing scene with yuna and tidus. ff movie had hollywood cast which was pretty decent but stereotypical. xii had a great dub spoilt by compression, but those medieval type setting alway... #11
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im pretty sure sega owns the IP.

Percentage of shenmue3 profits? I'm pretty sure they wouldnt have done that deal, they would prefer upfront payment.

I doubt Shenmue3 will turn a profit, who else would buy the game after all the hardcore fans have backed kickstarter? #4.2.2
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why wouldnt kickstarter allow this? it gave them advertising for the people that havent heard of it.

they will also pocket a fair amount from this which could hit around $5mil #2.3
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I think they should have been a little more transparent with this kickstarter.

igavania was very transparent about other investors backing it.

However, I think most shenmue fans knew that kickstarter was just a small amount of funding for the game development and other investors was going to support it.

Would also liek to say that the whole point they did this kickstarter was to get the hardcore fans to pay more than $100 a game. I haven'... #1.27
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bringing it back to basics, sounds cool but when the graphics goes back to basics as well hen there is a problem. #8
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