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I find this review to actually be pretty terrible. The only negative things mentioned are "minor bugs" and "DRM". They are mentioned in the same sentence with no explanation at all to support them. There are also a couple spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the article that make it seem like it was written in a rush. Next time please try and actually explain your score. #4
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I've walked 91.724km (~57 miles) in just about 15 and a half hours. I have had no problems with this feeling like a walking simulator at all. Vehicles and fast travel are there if you don't want to walk. Don't have enough fast travel points? Learn to capture outposts to get more. #10
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I seriously think I lost some brain cells reading that... #9
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That's not even the worst part. The author mentioned two bugs that are to be fixed and nothing else. In fact, the author said "You can check the full patch in the Minecraft Forum." as if they expect us to go and find it for ourselves. This article is bad and you should feel bad. #3.2
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The /edge/ is thin, sure. For all you know, it could be thicker than the old iMac in the middle where all the components are. Notice how they only show it off at angles and never show a straight side-view anywhere? #1.1.1
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They fixed that months ago... The problem now is that there are loads of empty DICE servers that fans were outraged about not being there that are not even being used. #2.5
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There is a replay feature in the final game, just not in the demo. #1.1.3
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"Once the parameters for the software have been set, the entire conversion process takes approximately 24 hours and requires no human intervention."

So they just used a program to convert it. Very unimpressive. #6
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I am disappointed that the writer completely neglects to mention the fact that Microsoft sat on their ass for a year waiting for Realtime Worlds to decide whether they wanted to make Crackdown 2 or not. After a year, they decided to make All Points Bulletin instead and that failed miserably and bankrupted them. So Microsoft gave Ruffian Games, a brand new studio, a sequel to a smash hit for their first game and only two years to make it.

Yes, it was a huge disappoint. No, you... #14
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I find it funny that you say it is a DayZ "rip-off" when CastleMiner Z released two and a half months before DayZ. #1.1.5
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... #2.1.3
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No Bad Company 2 on the list for the amazing Vietnam expansion? #13
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You beat me to the punch. Bubble for you good sir. #1.1
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L.R.R. and K-DST for me.
I've got, two tickets to paradise! #19
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You only need one reason.
The game won't be done for November. #5
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There is a fourth one as well. #1
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That and pulling a bullet out of your leg after falling or relocating your shoulder after you get shot. #1.2
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If Red Dead Redemption is any indication, GTA V will be getting some MP mini-games either at launch or later on as DLC. We can only hope for the former. #9
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Not to mention you can make your own on PC. #1.1.1
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