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What about Forza 5? Also, as the console generation continues, developers will be able to get more and more out of the systems.

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I bought Borderlands 2 for $10 during the Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale a couple days ago...

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Undead Labs and Microsoft never promised that it would happen. They said they wanted to, and it was at the top of the list if they were allowed to do it, but they never definitively said they were going to do it. If they would have done it, they wouldn't have been able to work on anything but the co-op for nine months ( ). That means there would have been n...

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Crackdown DLC had a free version that included a portion of the paid content. Forge Island for Halo 4 was free. Cold Storage in Halo 3 was free. Both Fable and Forza have had free DLC.

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Sony are guaranteed to get money from you so long as you want to play the games they provide, as you have to have PS+ to play them. Microsoft, on the other hand, give the games permanently to anybody that has paid for a Gold membership.

That means that you could buy a one-month membership for $2.96 ( 1786d ago 10 agree4 disagreeView comment

Albeit a terrible in-ear one that looks like those cheap ones they bundle with cellphones.

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This just further proves the point that the people complaining are a vocal minority. 31,126 votes (as of right now) of the potential 77,000,000 console sales (current sales of the PS3). That is ~0.0004% of the possible purchasers that have voted.

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"What could 3rd parties even do?"

Require you to connect to their servers to play the game...

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To get a loud applause.

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You really think somebody like EA won't?

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This. So much this. If their game is using 5 GB of RAM, they clearly have no idea how to make an engine properly. To give non-tech-people some context, GTA V on the 360/PS3 has to use 512 MB of RAM or less; that is 10% the amount of RAM that The Witness is using.

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Yep! You can hear him say 1080p and 60 FPS at about 7:53.

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I don't know if this is in the video (can't view it), but what about Ubisoft's Battle Tag game they showed at E3 2010?

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Completely incorrect. You fail to account for casual gamers on the 360 and PS3. You fail to account for the people that solely bought a PS3 as a cheap Blu-ray player that can also play games. You fail to account for any crossover gamers that own more than one console (I own all three). Basically, your argument is swiss cheese.

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Prices haven't been stated for either console. Microsoft have only stated that your Gold account will carry over. Sony have said nothing.

Sony have not said anything on the topic. Microsoft said things, have since fully retracted any statements made, and said that "Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games." (

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Pretty much this. Really bad imbalances led to the Theater of War being pretty much useless. The complete lack of dev support for huge issues like units disappearing ended up killing the game for me.

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Awe, you edited your post. You're no fun.

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You have no idea what you are talking about, do you? Those accounts were accessed by hackers through hacking other sites. NOBODY hacked Xbox Live to gain access to those accounts.

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Logic... on N4G? What is this madness?

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