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Games sell system and expand the userbase NOT systems alone!

Think twice before you write!

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Stop being so ignorant and give props to Nintendo for actually trying to market their system!

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Oh c'mon people don't be butthurt that much! just buy a Wii U a be happy as I am!

You get Nintendo and Sega exclusives on HD what else do you wanT???

f***ing fanboys -.-''

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still not exciting. 4 of these games are shooters, 3 of them are sequals and you mentioned Driveclub two times!

PS4'S launch doesn'T look so exciting!

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go to Nintendo! They make a variety of games. Everyone is hyped with no apparent reason for these next gen consoles but I don't seem to share this feeling. I see two fat consoles with lots of shooters coming and a nex gen console from Nintendo with so much more games available!

btw: this is also the reason I shifted sides to Big N!

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Mario Galaxy should have been compared to not NSMBU!
Thats THE evolution!

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Super Mario Galaxy


Why everyone is putting shooters on here I don't understand..
Really Mass Effect??? oh man..."gamers" nowaydays -.-

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just because NVIDIA made it clear that the PS4 won't be a super computer all you fanboys bash every NVIDIA related article..

This is some funny shit right here.

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..and he still sucks xD

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I don't think so..Even today there are many PC's which outperforms the PS4 easily!

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He's like a Baby!

"This time its the last time. I swear to GOD its the last time! I know I'M wrong everytime I open my mouth but THIS TIME ITS TRUE"


Thats pretty much the picture I (and many) have of him xD

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I just looked though the comments and seen more doomed comments than I expected!

Bias N4G community is BIAS

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I agree. Ubi is milking hard. Time will tell if they will be successful

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next gen started already. you live in the past huh?

also: The gap will be much smaller this time. 6 gen status.

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Well the Wii U will have a much larger gaming library in this year than you think. Just take a look at X, NFS, Lego City, Zelda WW, Mario 3D, Pikmin, Monster Hunter, a LOT of eShop titles which are very unique IMO and that thing is BC which is remarkable how Nintendo can bring 30 years of Nintendo games onto one console.
In my opinion Wii U has a HUGE variety of games now AND coming!

I don't see that with the PS4 or Microsoft. Killzone 4, Driveclub, infamous, Knac...

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what are you talking about? it is being developed for the wii u ...UBISOFT already stated that the wii u is next gen in an article about watch dogs.
the development for the ps3 and 360 didn't even start while the wii u version is already running.

other than that Splinter cell is coming to the wii u too you looks very good this time around for NIntendo and 3rd party support..I don't see another wii situation!!

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I lol'd at your sentense sooo much xD

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it should be around 150

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the touchpad seems like a cheap reason to call the controller innovative! thats just weak sony... I expected more...way more than just a poorly excuse for a "new" controller", just better graphics, and online features which will be used by 10% of the people who actually buy your system...if it will be at a resonable price which I don't expect since the RAM is GDDR5..

So long Sony

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stop nitpicking.. he corrected it!

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