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decrypt is correct. Not quite sure what Lev is angry about??? Maybe he just doesn't understand... In any event have a great weekend everyone, try not to get angry over this stuff it's quite silly.

@Starchild that sounds sweet, I'll look into that.

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I apologize if my first comment was a bit not to your liking, I know you're just expressing your opinion and like I said - you have a right to that... However...

I sincerely hope you are not the type of person who supports the recent censorship of The Killing Joke comic book cover, or the banning of Hatred from Steam (which was reversed), or the banning of Hotline Miami 2 in Australia. Because if that's the case, you have two opposing arguments going on at the same ti...

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You bait people in with a headline that sounds like you have a legitimate point, then you criticize gamers for calling out false advertising and bringing about the rectifying of the situation through developers actually trying to do what they originally promised. Cool story bro.... I respectfully disagree with your notions, but you have your right to the opinion.

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kinda semi interested in the game even tho i hate fighters. always cool to see how games are made tho. nice nice.

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Interesting, so this is the guy who will be the face of the tour games for a while now.

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Lol.... Live Action Trailers eh??? Relevant....

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^ this. plus the firmware updates are not very significant, so who cares....

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Good call buddy. I buy consoles online too and they never break. Gamestop seems to throw their stock around violently and I've heard of other stores doing the same. So I don't even use stores for hardware either.

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Cool [email protected]

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Brace yourselves for the delays on all of them too.

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This is also available on Windows PC and coming some time this year to Xbox 360. Thank you for checking out my Review. Have an excellent weekend.

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button mashing is so lame, I don't like fighting games personally... very boring and repetitive. Starting to not want to play shooters anymore either... which is sad, been playing since they were invented on PC a million years ago...

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Spoiler Alert: Lots of pink!!! Game doesn't look too bad, doesn't look too good either... Pretty standard stuff.... Resident Evil is beginning to end me thinks...

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Personally I never liked this series.... oops .... hate me for that? Lol...

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I loved the second one, third one is probably going to be sick. Rebellion knows what they're doing.

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If you buy this you're supporting a company that does shoddy workmanship.

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This is how HD Remasters are done..

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This is looking like a must have, I still am rocking this game and blown away by what Shinji has accomplished. And check my track record, I'm not easily amused...

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Conveniently enough Sony constantly uses forward looking statements as a reason to excuse their false advertising, doesn't seem to be working out too well considering they are being sued for Killzone not being 1080P.

But by all means... continue defending false advertising, it's hurting you the gamer more than anyone.


That's the problem with people defending false advertising, they think it'...

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