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Yeh thoes cant or wont pay full price the buety of steam are there sales.. A New tripple A title will see itself in a steam sale. Fact is steam has sales each day then mega Sales certain parts of the year were you can save from 25% 50% 75% and sometimes 90% off titles.
Some people say building pc cost alot sure can do for decent rig but then you get that back over time with these sales... I now have my rig set me back what £800 to build up my steam account net is worth just unde... #2
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I think its high im glad if its true gaming should not be sexist reason why i beleave its higher is playstation Home on PS3 plenty girls there. sure they could been fake i know there were some. But we have no real evidence to show how many girl gamers out there but I like to think there more than we realise.
Ive gotten all my partners into gaming im not talking puzzles heck theyve even completed games like hitman burnout ect.. Dont under estimate girl power plus they can be stubbern. #6
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Well i took one thing from this if found to be true Activision knows nothing. and the devs know more what the fans want but when pitched activision doesnt want to know. instead they wish keep liscense under wraps money talks everybody... Just need sony to hear us louder Come on buy the bloody IP. #1.7
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Open the door You open the door! I'm not opening the door. #7.2
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Bungie really we going see another halo streak... Come on im sure you can hire more staff handle 2 projects #4
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then dont click on articles relating to a subject your fedup with. #4.6
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You know i really loved resident evil 1 the game kept me on edge but when i first played the very first silent hill on psx also lets just say my hair stood up back my neck.
Knowing was on my own light was off no sound other than the game. It didnt take too long when i decided turning in the light or taking a coffee break was best. #3
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$500 hmmm dont suppose get free copy ? #4
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Yeh i dont like this whole rent thing doesnt sit well with me with paying for ps plus.
The best outcome for this is a set fee to sony to have acess to all rentals subscription. #3
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Actually they never went bankrupt they made a buisness decision to downsize sell off some assetts so they can focus on wich I think silly Free2play.
This did however mean wages got pursponed but everyone got repaid in the end and certain IPs such as Homefront did get sold off but with a stipulation which they wont state.
What I made out from what I read few weeks back is the homefront devs are what crytek calling there engineering base or something to that effect. meaning they... #1.1
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hmmm MS never learn from last gen wasting money on stupid content deals timed exclusive ect ect....
just buy some studios invest new games. #6
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While the core of RARE went the remaining devs created perfect dark so they clearly can create good games.
MS needs to use them more wisely kinnect is a waste of there talent. #1.1
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Sony has always done just that since psx #3.3.1
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Nice for you pal but again kinda pointless article.. You mainly telling us your setup what frames your getting.
Not being rude pal but there many benchmarking sites for this. #2
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Ok apart from tryin show off your rig on a game thats not too stressfull anyways even on a midrange card.this post pointless. #1
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AGREED #1.8.1
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Hmmm rip off from COD well firstly founded by the original devs not all granted but key devs that started from pc WW series to the epic COD4 . Yes they will implament features theyve been using for years but also NEW features ideas from other devs.
Lets see what made titanfall soo differnt well not too much but ive yet to see

TITANS yessss you know them Mechs looks at reveal multiplayer mmmm nope no titans
Cant see anyone hitching a ride on a mech eaither or... #1.7
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I had a breif read threw still scratching my head at the headline."Xbox One Needs to Win North America by Christmas"
why north america why not worldwide...? #1.7
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Pointless imature comment. #3.1
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34 Million guess there be no layoffs at rockstar north then.
On serious note thats serious amount of cash earnt well done R* now bring on PC port next gen consoles. #3
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