Building PCs over 15years been gaming since 1985


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Really happy to see your enjoying your time with PC SCW.
Your 2 grand to many may seem bit stupid but you get good setup which im sure you have, its good investment bonus of 60fps well lets just say you find it hard to go to 30fps after a while, you recoup that 2k back on cheap games on steam also by time ps5 comes out or ps6 thoes games you play now be playable then Right there money saved...
The key word you said thoe was FREEDOME thats what everyone gets when on pc.

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Ha ha ha knew it $10 too must been scam but whats most funny is many thought this was liscensed not nintendo you need ok by but all publishers too.

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(community's perception) keywords

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Mame,snes,nes,genisis,n64,c64, amiga,master system,gameboy list goes on free on the pc platform. On a pc near you

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Wait wait firstly playing roms is ilegal how the hell you going play the emulator without them...
Second $10 seriously im sticking with dolphin

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When are people going to learn that exclusives don't move consoles? Sure you get that one exclusive every now and then that is able to sway people. But those are few and far between
Worst comment on here,I bought psx for crash bandicoot demolition derby granturismo,,I bought ps2 twisted metal granturismo many more exclusives that blew our minds,I bought ps3 for insominacs fall of man ,bought the ps4 for killzone as i loved the series exclusive is one the most factors to choosing ...

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All the hype of DX12 weve seen little what we have seen be patched in after in return offering us not much boost in some cases worse.
All the years ive been in pc gaming since DX6 this not showing much signs being anything good as yet.

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Yup I hear you there but from what we first learnt about this game, he was after payback on the mafia.
So even thoe we may not be playing as a mafia we are playing against the mafia so in effect the mafia aspect is there.
I completely get what your saying thoe but im open to this cultural revenge to mafia its intresting idea on a very controversial era.

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Theres a reason why its called mafia there is a tie into the game as you play it.

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Since start of 2016 any big hitters that have come out we have this is a GOTY... lol
I must admit i love look of mafia 3 thoe love watching gameplay Im buying it but GOTY well I guess i need to play it first.
Contender certainly but your up against first party juggernaughts and 3rd party games,looking at you uc4 man miss my ps4 now.

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Valve thoe removed all there crap to protect there users from anymore harm,tottall respect there while in process also given 2 fingures up to the devs for trying such a move.
Fact is they can take valve to court they wont win,(safe place wakeup call internet is not safe...)
You dont want bad comments its freedome of speech buddy and comments are there for just that.
This is why you deluded A@@ [email protected] will fail in court you give your review copys to people you do you...

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Thx G20WLY

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Question regarding the headline to everyone..
Are these games free if so can you...
Play without the need of subscription dont ansew unless you tested this
Reason cos you can when i had the ps4 i could play planetside without psn sub and retribution. (That didnt indicate paywall and acted same as PC)

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its great that there trying a new IP but dont totally turn your back on KZ you never know how you all feel in 4 years time or so.

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• The HP of the shields has been reduced, from 800HP to 150HP
Wow ubi seriously you drip feed us with maps and operators reduce in game credits earnt by 80% enforce paywall constantly messing around with weapon balancing when game was fine in the start.
You killed RS series with this game.
Hope you learn next one

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What when this get on PC im not moaning Just hope it works well.

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I remember this he he this was actually fun.
@phoenixUp sony had many I miss alot sonys IP and third party IP's we only ever saw on first playstation.

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CP you dont own a pc do you....

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It get leaked soon as the console is eaither in production or ready month before shipment just like every console.

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I wont be buying on PC till i hear connection is sorted you read our nat type properly and stop using MS tunneling.

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