Building PCs over 15years been gaming since 1985


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I like to See controllers specially designed for all types disability by your main branded company's as well as third party In same stors as you buy the systems.

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Kinda stupid tbh, People who want to buy will buy people who wish to pirate will always pirate, Then theres me The guy who likes pull game down because There no demo's no more If i think its worthy I certainly buy the game. Thoes are your types that never change so no sales wont increase and yeh Possibly decrease..

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Thats cos EA are not same company thought bought into manynyears ago.. Google it the 16bit days long gone they were great days.

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4 series many that old now come on UBi you been going years now

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Hell yeh baby loved it on PC.

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Tbh take from me the recommended i7 9/10 is marketing ploy unwarranted from someone who had plenty i7s and i5s as a primary Gamer first not much in it for the price performance. Any game built to run on mid range pc optimised well is a game that deservs your money and devs support.
My rigs I build over the years tend to been high end money saved from i7 to i5 spent on better vga

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Yeh miss read early retail copy ps4 we just have to see if roll patch out ... WTF

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Why ppl revieing a game just before launch based on a BETA knowing what a BETA game is....

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33 years gaming here 1985 I say visuals are as important for obvious reasons.

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Tripple A quality half the time half the price..

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Not a gimmick however its still expensive tbh I think thats part the problem..

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Yeh there been games I have played when you been forced to do certain things to progress ect..
But that was in the game to suddenly pause it press skip would be stupid infact it would become abused how? Say someone got stuck in a boss awwww im going skip it that becomes the standard in gaming then to me thats not a game if you chose to skip your as good as cheating .

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After the days of atari spectrum C64 AMIGA amstrad ect ect there were consoles SEGA And NINTENDO ever since then exclusives matters it sales consoles sega better than nintendo sega meaning (genisis) btw, Sonic vs mario mortal kombat vs streetfighter.
This will and should always be the case if thoes of you disagree and every platform had no exclusives then there only ever be one console. It never happen MS needs to put hands in pockets invest in more IPs that simple..

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Heres something I notice alot with all tom clancy games that are same on xbox ps and PC some reason devs love given treatment to enviroment making scenary ect look fab but once you do the main missions which means going to involve building the same horrid low res textures... Thats same for all platforms same for advance warfighter 360 same for vegas and vegas 2 360 and ps3 with vegas 2 and advancewarfighter 2 pc had same i game on pc.

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This is great middle earth 2 stynx 2 only now with co-op.

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Morph into toilet roll lets hope it doesnt get used.

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There back Must remember to self Ghost storie games

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Ok soo just me who loved bloody Raor

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It is, @Lambo I gess season passes are on you then for everyone lol

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Ive been a gamer for 31 years made no money in gaming but I love gaming its a true passion.
If you agree please goto with idiot trolls and fake advertising.
Being sarcastic btw stupid spams

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