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I Did my 7Th personal Build ready for BF3 does that count.
No on topic never bought console cos one game. #1.2.1
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Much prefer the user based testing thx for this info.
Be nice test with intel cpu with amd card? #1
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If People are willing to embrace VR thn it can really improove be apart of gaming not just gaming but I can see this being used with movies too.
We need to Adapt to change but if not enough willing to VR wont take off I love to one day be in the game than to just watch it on screen as i move few sticks/mouse keyboard, I too started with 1 red buttom and a stick. #3
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Wow so the guy moved to nfinity ward part of activision maybe money had gone to his head.
Future Gaming gowning down hill fast, anyone noticed price hikes season passes too we be paying for 2 games soon. #62
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Classic EA died long time ago 16-32bit days. #1.4.1
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Thx cleft5 just about comment something simular Star craft indeed has millions of its own crowed many play just star craft much like some warcraft players.
So no not bad timeing plus you can pick up any game at anytime suits you. #1.1.1
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Now thats respectfull. #1
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Why Tag PC n article if not going to mention about it.
Actually PC will always lead fact but on console front as it stands at the moment.
PS2 why cos play old ps games. Trust me first ps had epic amount games. #1.12
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I Still rock a DVDwriter never know when needed :) #4
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Lets get something straight here, these specs vary from Mid end GPU to High end.
Prices of say 7970 are really good right now on ebay R9280x is same card this will play this game 60fps solid being one the cheapest noted here,As My mate had 7970 in beta Also any quad core cpu will play this game fine dont always be duped by sys req not always the case for most part way making gamers think there systems need upgrading when again not always the case.
If you have a card thats 1gb... #1.2
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I bet it sold tripple that on consoles...lol
Yehhh crazy 2 consoles out sell PC based on steam sales. #8.1
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R290X here smooth no frame stutter 60 constant ultra, I know many had problems some havent.
I know there be patch soon for others who have issues. #2
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What a Idiot response, The only looser here is your ignorant uninformed comment of just how Huge modding is and how Mods can help games sell more even.
Losers I think not... lol not even going give you a disagree cos its that pathetic. #1.1.2
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Thx for the heads up yeh more I read up threwout the year less less feel that it will happen. #6.1.1
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Still Alpha any official release date guys? #6
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Performance drops intresting, I agree with betas crossfire not 100% supported always, as for ccc that sounds like a stability issues.
Windows 10 Is a real pain more for others less for some problem is not about custome pc's as all pc's custom built even shop bought, main issue lies with MS wanting to controll most thing windows 10 admin rights if windows dont like it Windows simply close the app or give a error Right now You may as well roll back to windows 7 wait for service... #4.1.3
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Not for me tbh been rolling with betas for past few years with few video cards.. Whats been your problem? #4.1.1
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AMD delivers drivers WHQL Drivers need to be beta tested then beta tested before it gets signed off, This is where Beta drivers great if you want latest drivers fast without small wait.
Myself I 95% time grab the Betas Bad drivers thing the past with AMD having a company now focusing more on software drivers Things will be soon changing.
No more ccc and more efficiant easyer program incomming matter of weeks. #4
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The 4 maps free not apart the season pass DLC #1.1.2
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Wait minute 4new maps 8 New operaters new weapons and skins And game modes...
Can be purchased for most part with ingame currency?
Why many moaning Dont see EA Activision doing this... Ubi are greedy there huge company EA greedy any major company will do what they can to cut corners make profit welcome to economic world.
However rarely Do we get rewarded which we should considering what we pay so stop moaning.
Plz bring on stealth Disagrees not reply back as to... #1.1
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