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This is what they needed to do keep it real keep it old school,Its a buy from me thoes who dont like it maynot understand the reasons us old timers love this idea.

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Perfect match.

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Agrred with FTL if your a gamer previous to this IE consoles ect.
then I suggest to go in at deep end my recommendations be HL1-2 ,Darksiders,But now and again nice to have a break from these style games soo anything like racers or relaxed indi game too.
Also apart from metro many these titles are pritty lightweight on hardware too. :)

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but yet we can have movies that do same thing but thats ok....

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The fact that this particular party used a complaint form that is online and openly available, doesn’t make this any different.”
Soo $2550 refunds happens often huh.. Look ive backed on kickstarters you take a gamble but same time you pay for what is being sold to you via kickstarters description or Video,then upto you.
The game promised much but years later offers nothin like what was described yet still in development.
Devs walked out on this game cos the founder ...

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OOOHHHH I LIKE,Mario i need one

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The game is incredible not without few faults 1 being servers sometimes bad 2 mixed crazy pings.
However the devs do great job they continously supported this game with FREE arenas FREE crazy arena styles and modes ice hocky style to hoopz.
As for the title Lets face it majoraty PS folks had it free playstation plus thats crazy good dral for a very addictive game,but my point is cos it was free when was launched on ps not long after it come out i think makes thoes numbers. ...

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I buy a remaster and im not one who buy's into remasters with games been out few years or so.
But this game was huge very old considering times we in now well deservs remake.

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You wouldnt say that if you played it.
Graphics or mods to one side this game was very good caught the atmosphere of that time trust me you felt it.. Nothin like cod 3 ppl right saying cod 2 was best but lets not forget united offence.
For mod of game this age running on old dx8 ( thats direct x to you guys) This awsome mod.

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Ok guys calm the beep dowm, the guy knows way more stuff we ever inow.
Hes a coder look at the twitter replys below also he works at ID.
What he sais is right again read the tweets below the article.
However even he knows dx12 will over shadow open scource sadly,unless you hit pc's in 90's you never understand this.

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Still not bad company destruction still... I buy this love WW

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Nvidia is just destroying AMD in every aspect. They revealed 1070 1080 but didn't mention a thing about 1060 until AMD revealed 480, then they dropped the bomb...good ol strategy.

Amd released there mid range card they've yet release low end or there high end..

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I wish more company's grow some balls do the same looking at you EA, activision,Ubi.
But i read long time ago there few types hacks programes that doesnt write to game files hard virtually impossible to track some that do modifie files such wall hacks auto aim ect...
Truthfully if any of you want to look into it like i have its a worryingly dodgy black market that generates millions each year.
This because some the code have been known to be leaked to these prog...

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I cannot comment about your freind as I in the end bit the bullett installed it.
However you can stop such things from happening like this in your window update settings,if this went above the user request then yes thats wrong.
I tell all my freinds family clientel to disable windows updates after youve done first load updates example windows 7 and service pack update plugins ect. After that if not broke dont fix it

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MS are not!! forcing people to upgrade they are however making it harder for people to stay with there older platforms such as windows 7.?why because shortly windows 7 updates will be disabled no longer supported.
DX12 TIED to WIN10 this to force gamers devs ect to move across. just like DX11 was win7 windows 8 only.
Microsoft have all of us PC users by the nuts always have.
but no other platform gives us as much options as windows discounting MAC here thoe devs nee...

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your out of date then pal with the drivers. BTW both venders operate well its how the devs optimise there games for what cards some do both but many bought true fact.

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The wife nobody messes with the wife no amount of gods or mythology would dare to.
If real life bet she kick his ass lol.

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Maybe they have there blessin or dev worked on the idea.
Rocket league my most played game EVER.
I have steam libary hundreds games.

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