Building PCs over 15years been gaming since 1985


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Mechanics was taken from max payne 3 put into gta v I likes the mechanics.

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This is funny I remember when he first came in charge everyone who was on side on ms here thought he was great then less than a year later all them titles that excited everyone well guess what most of them hit the pc too then he reveals how he loves PC.
Now i read this article oh how times change is he the right man for the job well hes better than most ceo MS of had.

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OMG ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED MUCH goodness sakes dont tell me you put ingrams in too visuals last gen too.
This game been in development for ages now looks like they now taken differnt path cloned ark's crafting and building featureswhile visually the same as when first shown.

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If you longterm steam gamer then steam sales become less and less appealing mainly because you bought thoes games several sales times ago, However for thoes who are fairly new to steam year or less steam is like the god of games and steam sales games at 75% off are a dream can quickly help pay for your parts.
Today we live in a era where soo many games flood out gates yet we live life most of us having to balance out our pockets on what we can afford to buy so i say no to stop buying...

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Is anyone fedup with these groups tryin to get attention by interupting gamers time online,Becomming a trend that needs to stop.
Im not downplaying consoles here for PC lord knows we have our share too but I think ms and sony need to talk to valve they admit they get hacked everyday yet we normally dont feel a thing as a user they have great way handling this.
There not hackproof sure but they do seem to hold up very well ask any steam user whos been on steam longer than 2 y...

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Oldie but a goodie agreed with C-H-E-F

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yes thinking back to the case your right, my bad

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Played this All the time frikken brilliant,if remember u had the 3 movies in one too.

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Yeh but im sure knowing goverments they are going to recoup the money, games industrys is huge buisness model now matching that of movies.

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If you going put a $30 PSU in my pc I kick your butt your pricing man is way off base mike.

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Yess another game done away with MSAA

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DaMist I understand that i bought the game day 1 pal my concern is season passes bad enough now we maybe looking at extentions in games lasting much longer in getting sequels by adding "season pass year 2" a trend that could become the norm.
When people buy a season pass they expect it to be one time deal now looks you have to buy season pass every year at a stupid price.

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What the beep UBI not long read how you wanted to offer free maps from now on in your games which was great but also giving players option to buy cosmetics ect then few days later I see this YEAR 2 SEASON PASS...
Guess clues in the name SEASON pass

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Loved bioshock infinite whats more they only devs i know that actually knew how to use unreal engine 3 look great...

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Someone who speaks up you Sir should be CEO For us PC Gamers i mean real pc vets not someone just bought pc year or 2 ago whis not been around.

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Desert strike

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Its not most poorly running depends on you choosing right server lowest ping.
Check your hardware try turning things to high to medium if vga memory or system memory is 4gb vga or below or system ram 8gb or below try the lowest start in 4gb mode, try disabling cloud.
There many ways to increase oerformance try playing in windows birderless for increased instant fps this works on hundreds games btw too.

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Ark,Ive been playing ark nearly 2 months now on PC late adopter but was glad I took the plunge on this early acsess game.
Pros, wheater your into PVP OR PVE The game is still engaging still a challange and still filled with lots to do,
Explore a open world each sector (the island) has split into various lands you have the tropics more laid back more plant eating dinos then you have swamp lands that can carry more deadly creatures such as bees 30ft snakes ect.. Volcano are an...

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What I love about all this is the scale of detail put underwater where many dont explore as much as they do on land.
The devs are awsome can you imagin underwater caves.

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Project IGI

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