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Yeh pc gives option to choose non cross play but your right I love the feature despite mixed pings my most addictive game by far basic yet works. #2
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Ha I love this I get good sppeds maybe your router, listen psn are servers vary I can confirm after many years the PSN network are horrid for downloads here in UK not the router specially when places like steam gives me better downloads.
Plus psn read your connection wrong to varify that go to any speedtest sites match it up.
They need region based servers.
Btw I started with 2mb down and 320kbps up gone threw the years with increased speeds now have 80 down and 17mb u... #1.12
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Not meant too if you played Rollcage you understand this, Its more a Wipeout but with cars half the speed closest i can come up with.
Still alot of fun btw #1.1
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Hope it will later be patched in, However time will tell but more we see of the exploits threw this loop hole hopfully more the team will want to do something.
However with the campaign and side missions could be enough to keep us going till fix The PVP section.. #1
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I remember my first Sega master system it had built in alex the kid i was gutted cos i wanted sonic.
It wasnt bad machine i was in my teens then,I remember a freind wanted swap it for his mega drive hour later he wanted to swap back. Deals a deal where i come from love the mega drive always on i. The genisis (in uk it was the name for the handheld mega drive.) was a powerhouse of a hand held despite it looking like a brick not as portable as a gameboy but true 16bit in your hand.
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This gen is worse babsed on the amount of downtime not how long. #6.2.1
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No I actually played my ps3 The fat 60gb version then 2 years on the slim everyday.
Im not downplaying the console why would i buy frikken ps4 had all the playstations ALL,I do feel something lately is wrong not just sony but MS too even when they do go down doesnt effect everyone But still problem.
My thoughts are hackers still tryin break in most days even thoe most time we not effected.
Even in recent statement Vavle The biggest Digital online gaming platform on PC... #6.1.1
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Tbh I think ps3 had less downtime compared to start of this Gen erea thats scary seems as its subscription despite the good offerings. #6
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My idea Ghostbusters open city manhatten #1
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Despite the game allowing you play this way deception is cruel you seem to enjoy it not cool.
The game far from boring it can be alone sometimes but matchmaking or jumping on other groups in game really helps that.
Im buying this its everything I hoped nice visuald open world good gameplay lots activities to do yet weve seen nothin yet. #1.1.4
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Love the article very well pointed out its soo true. #1
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Actually valid vendors buy from publishers too. #5.2
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Bring back Expansions.. #3
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Not supprised you cannot compete with steam prices,Im from UK Ive not bought box game for long time then that was shopto.
My goto is Steam and Valid Cdkey vendor this is how I pay for my rigs. #1
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Yeh snowdrop engine first used for this game implamented also in R6 Siege this is Ubi new Engine. #8.1
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System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD7770 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space

This on steam. #3
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COD has MT in the game too its becomming the norm remember dead space 3 EA. #1.9
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If you own the Base game you get the new level expansion free complamentory from the devs. #1.2
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Wow we have a mature adult who knows little about life I commend you for speaking out from 1 former farther and husband to another. #4.1.3
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When did AC do hacking car jacking? WD was its own game was good too. #2.2.1
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