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The game had many devs walk out on this game due to the project being stupidly expensive for what started out as a Indie game has been forever in the making full of false hopes.
They even ask people to buy ships and even sell merchandise to feed there growing greed.
Where the promised modules .... You dug a whole soo big you cant get out so you change your TOC to save yourselvs law suits.

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There always be a war between platforms,im 37 remember this dating back in 8bit-16bit days

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.? This problems on consoles..

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Whats up with these kids these dats its alpha but youtube low quality taken from E3 spect caught on camera..

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He has a point thoe we never wanted this,we hoped sony get back the liscence make crash instead activision knocked up some studio not even sure there have the real passion of naughty dog in there creation of crash.

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Thats it pre orderd think they nailed it well done 2K

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Dishonored wasnt dull but was set in a very depressed time hard times.
The game however was amazing and one of few i played completed 3x over

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Jees i need head back on titanfall im rusty.

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Getting excited is good Its the analysing of the games visuals expecting it to be exact on your system of choice thats the problem.
Look at new games for what they have to offer aka gameplay use the visuals with pinch of salt as normally there early dev builds to look stunning its marketing ploy selling point just dont be fooled.
But this gen shown massive visual improovments over last gen on consoles.

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We supposed to be gamers all are one no matter if your black white or mixed,own a sony platform or xbox or nintendo or PC.
WE ARE GAMERS WE ARE THE SAME skin makes no differnce..

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Wait forza 3 on PC i thought was tied to xbox only..

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I love that to be true but Nvidia does have bigger install base with more capital and can afford to keep putting out bigger better cards to AMD..
Its called showing off there money screw whoever doesnt like it.
But AMD has made good move here mid range card at good performance with oc head room...two cards costing big chunk less than the first top tier Consumer card 1080 not bad at all.
I bat for both team tbh and doesnt make you any differnt to support green or red...

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Do the people that gave them money on kickstarter get their cash back?

No money gets taken from you till the goal target is reached,only then the money be taken from you if for sone reason it fails its then down to devs to refund you.

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I much rather have Dying light 2

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No Disrespect to xbox owners but i much prefer Sony as a company there systems and games,but there controllers compared to MS have never been as good quality. I just replaced my 360 controller on pc after 5 years the thumb stick started sticking grips worn off.

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Take from someone who is british can talk english is english blood, and cant F*ucking spell good.
you Sir are what we call a complete A hole.

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No but Activision does... Dam you Activision.

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Your talking trash you know nothin you look like a complete idiot with your comments.
Feel free to respnd cos im not wasting no more time on your blind comments.

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He he funny see cliff one the original devs behind unreal IDs arch enemy playing and loving Doom.

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Overwatch Is very simular to Team Fortress only better artstyle more charaters special abilities maps on par to thst of team fortress.
Only blizzard have well optimised this game its fluid runs smoothly thats important in game like this Im buying this as loved the beta.
Plus have a account with several big games Not WOW.

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