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I'm concerned about this too. Many pictures I've seen appear to be less polished than the original game on PS3. #3.1
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I was wondering, would places honor a price-drop guarantee, like at Best Buy, if you buy it from them within 2 weeks of the price drop, get your free games and then go back to the store for the difference once it goes into effect? #12
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I meant as the only console. #1.1.1
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Nice. I especially like the Castlevania reference.

Too bad this is only on Xbox. I do think it's transparently dishonest that they make their "points" slightly more than a penny. As if they think people are so stupid as to believe they are spending less than they are, or hoping they will spend more by believing you are no longer using money but some fake kind of credit that isn't really worth anything. #1
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Yeah, I got mine today and I pre-ordered Day 1. #1.1.1
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You shouldn't have to play the first one to enjoy this game. Square is using the Noel character as the clueless character that needs everything explained to him, so it may actually detract from those who played the first and don't need all it reiterated, but I think this game will be enjoyable to many more people than the first. #1.9
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@ crXss: You don't have to get the Collector's edition for the Original Box art. The regular version gives you all the good extras anyway, the soundtrack and art book.


It's $2 off at Amazon right now if you pre-order. I love their release day shipping. #1.1.2
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Article fail... people who like SE don't care about most of the games listed. For the ones we do care about, they are not the best examples of hope. FFXIII-2 is the only one (on this list) I'm looking forward to for redemption. #7
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I just found this in my email. The first thing I thought of was Catherine because of the bright pink and the "Do you still like us?" as a reference to people going ballistic at the "no plans" comment. #11
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The Japanese probably weren't as harsh on FFXIII because they don't mind empty grindfests (Monster Hunter). Now, I enjoy a little grinding, but FFXIII was a little too repetitive.

The western audience never asked for an RPG version of a rail shooter. Even the casual gamers would like a sense of immersion and exploration. #7
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I was waiting for someone to comment on this. It is such terribly written article that I kept wondering if this was one of those auto-translated articles or if English was the author's first language. I hope it wasn't.

Besides the writing itself, half the points were very poorly made. The logic was lacking and evidence was slim. For instance, why was Square waiting a year to release the game on 360 in Japan such a blunder? Was releasing it simultaneously on both... #10.2
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When this game arrives, it will be the 'real' FFXIII. The original FFXIII will seem like a backstory prequel. #1.2
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I was being tongue-in-cheek as well as making an ironic comment. I found it humorous that you were dissing unpolished games while posting an obviously unpolished blog. I didn't mean to insult your intelligence... too much. ;)

And I didn't mean to imply that prices should be dropped in a predictable way, but I'm not convinced that would be a problem. People pay more for early adoption all the time. The only way consumers could actually control prices is if they all... #3.1.1
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As long as they make a real world to explore, especially with towns and dungeons that don't look like spaghetti, it will be a worthwhile venture. Have a more continuous, less dumbed-down, development system. Make every map more open with less thin paths. I'm guessing they used those so often because it didn't require them to draw surrounding areas in most cases, so they need to learn to streamline or draw faster. #49
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Just so you know, your title reads: "If your game sucks, don't charge 60 dollars bucks."

How could you not know how bad your blog title was before you released it? Not to mention your grammar throughout.

But seriously, maybe the question should be why do companies that make the best games feel the need to artificially hold the price of the game to $60. Eventually the price would go down, but how many people would be willing to pay $80+ for thei... #3
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Grow some, and take that question mark away. #5
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Finally, I've felt like I was the only one anticipating this re-release, and thus there was no new information since the announcement. Too bad the date isn't shown. #2
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The author seems to believe that it's naive to want the illusion of non-linearity. I think it's a very reasonable criticism. What are games except one big illusion? Half of the fun is tricking ourselves into believing there's more to a game than their actually is. I want to feel like I am exploring even when my choices are limited. You can have an extremely linear game and make it feel like you're in a real world with real choices, even if it's just an illusion. That&... #27
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This article was everything I was hoping to hear
When I heard all the complaints about the game, I was really hoping it was really how this guy says it is. I'm glad FFXIII is going to be a true experience. I was worried linearity meant there was going to be no depth. I don't think this is the case. I just hope there is something to explore at some point and not simply run around finding crystals so I can then run somewhere else and kill a monster, find new crystal, and repeat. There just better be more to it than that. #3
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I should be...
released on PSN... I'd buy it, but I don't need another console taking up space in my house. #2
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