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That would be really good milage!

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I knew about Aeris's death and watched many of the videos available before the release of FFVII, and it still was one of the best experiences ever. It didn't really detract from its inherent awesomeness.

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I wouldn't be surprised if he was focusing on each project with wide variation in attention. FFVII is probably so undeveloped that they only have to ask him general questions on which direction to go. It can wait on detailed work until FFXV is finished.

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Yeah, you really have to take what you can get nowadays. And now with jobs and a family I'm just happy they're still making Final Fantasy's. Persona is enough to satisfy turn-based entertainment. Final Fantasy was never turn-based at it's core. It's always been experimental. The ATB was arguably the first step towards a more action-oriented RPG experience. I'm not surprised they got away from traditional turn-based as soon as they could and I welcome the new game mecha...

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Yeah, NieR is a great game. I 'did' everything in it, but I never managed to get the last two endings. Fantastic story and gameplay. The grinding was even strangely soothing.

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I always get excited at the thought of a new Mana game, but then I remember how it never entered the 3D world well. I want the magic of SoM again, heck, I want the magic of all SNES RPGs back.

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I don't follow gaming girls, but this Rae Johnston is so much sexier here than the "done up" photos I found of her in a quick search.

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Piracy isn't Socialism. It's closer to Libertarianism than anything else.

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Hmm... I never had trouble using all the characters. I liked having them at even levels, they all had their own strengths and weaknesses, and none of them were boring (to me) to have in your fighting party.

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There an iron clad law of programing that increasing the number of people working on a project in the middle of it INCREASES the amount of time it takes to complete.

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I love the borderline copyright infringement of his game names.

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Hey look, the author came by to Disagree with every comment.

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Wow, it's a game. People like weird stuff because people are weird. You don't have to go all "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" on it.

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The biggest news for me is that Japan still has arcades.

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This is great news. Maybe SquareEnix will come around. They can't do much worse.

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RPGs with restrictions are the worst. Why would I buy an RPG for hectic limited play? The whole point of the genre is to go at your own pace, explore, and do whatever you want.

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As did VII.

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Terrible, terrible name. First thing that came to my mind as well.

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It is getting way too expensive and time consuming to make great games. I want to experience photo-realistic interactive emersion as much as the next guy, but until someone invents a way for developers to impose their will without having to go through meticulous programing, we will be left with beautiful, but short and unimaginative experiences.

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