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First? #1
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The biggest news for me is that Japan still has arcades. #1
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This is great news. Maybe SquareEnix will come around. They can't do much worse. #8
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RPGs with restrictions are the worst. Why would I buy an RPG for hectic limited play? The whole point of the genre is to go at your own pace, explore, and do whatever you want. #3
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As did VII. #2.1
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Terrible, terrible name. First thing that came to my mind as well. #2.1
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It is getting way too expensive and time consuming to make great games. I want to experience photo-realistic interactive emersion as much as the next guy, but until someone invents a way for developers to impose their will without having to go through meticulous programing, we will be left with beautiful, but short and unimaginative experiences. #4
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"Generations: Persona" ;-) #5
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@Eamon You are mostly correct, but I would argue that Square has already woken up and most people are too stubborn to give FFXIII-2 a chance based on the entrenched opinions of the original game. FFXIII consensus has shifted more and more negative over time and it has become fashionable to slam it no matter how little experience one has playing it. Yes, it was a very disappointing game compared to expectations, but if you take the game for what it was instead of what it was supposed to be, I... #1.1.2
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Yeah, Nier was surprisingly engrossing. The story was fantastic, and even the grinding, if you bothered to do it, was very zen and satisfying. #3
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It wasn't an error. Square is meticulous with their translations now, they are doing the English and Japanese simultaneously, so the words are saying exactly what Square wanted to convey in English. #5.1
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Why don't they just make identical systems with differently shaped boxes and names? Then they would have the exact same games and we can throw any concept of competition out the window along with the incentives to make better games more cheaply. *end sarcasm* #10.1
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I'm concerned about this too. Many pictures I've seen appear to be less polished than the original game on PS3. #3.1
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I was wondering, would places honor a price-drop guarantee, like at Best Buy, if you buy it from them within 2 weeks of the price drop, get your free games and then go back to the store for the difference once it goes into effect? #12
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I meant as the only console. #1.1.1
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Nice. I especially like the Castlevania reference.

Too bad this is only on Xbox. I do think it's transparently dishonest that they make their "points" slightly more than a penny. As if they think people are so stupid as to believe they are spending less than they are, or hoping they will spend more by believing you are no longer using money but some fake kind of credit that isn't really worth anything. #1
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Yeah, I got mine today and I pre-ordered Day 1. #1.1.1
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You shouldn't have to play the first one to enjoy this game. Square is using the Noel character as the clueless character that needs everything explained to him, so it may actually detract from those who played the first and don't need all it reiterated, but I think this game will be enjoyable to many more people than the first. #1.9
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@ crXss: You don't have to get the Collector's edition for the Original Box art. The regular version gives you all the good extras anyway, the soundtrack and art book.


It's $2 off at Amazon right now if you pre-order. I love their release day shipping. #1.1.2
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Article fail... people who like SE don't care about most of the games listed. For the ones we do care about, they are not the best examples of hope. FFXIII-2 is the only one (on this list) I'm looking forward to for redemption. #7
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