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"I fell in love with gaming after playing Pong on an Atari 2600"


Practical, no. However it seems to me people are highlighting convenience and not practicality. Is it convenient to have five different pairs of gloves on a cold day? Yes. How many is it practical to wear? Just one.

Id guess that working adults with reasonable social lives that have multiple system keep massive backlogs of games on at least one system if they purchase games on occasion. Unless you have other gamers in the house you could argue people like me with multiple sy... #29
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No Siren BC = broken list #1.1
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They should just stop talking about this game already. There is no olive branch they can present that wont be broken, burned, and pissed on. Besides the more they talk about it the less I want it. #1.3
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Reviewers trashed the game for its length when it was released but it is a good game. The combat can be simple but allows folks with a bit more manual dexterity to get quite technical with the combat. This is a game that deserves a proper sequel on ps4. #1.3
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Im sure everyone didnt purchase the last collection and the number of PS4s in the wild makes this cash grab a no brainer. If its on other platforms it might not be a complete collection for all. #8.3.2
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So I just need a friend to have a copy of Assassin Creed Unity for coop play?! I dont even need the game?! #1.2
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@Darkstares Publishers including Sony can choose to put multiplayer behind a paywall but not all PS4 mp requires plus.

However, I don't like the pay structure for PSNow and emailed Sony that feedback. I also suggested I'd only use PSNow if it was a subscription based service. I also don't think PSNow should be placed behind the PS+ paywall. But I do think PSNow should be discounted for PS+ users.

I want services like PS+ Live and even EAs services... #1.1.7
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Yep I choose warlock for teh powah #3.5
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I was impressed by the weather effects now. Improvements would be great. #1.2
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I sell high value cards for plat so I don't have to spend money. Loki prime helmet is good plat right now. Its the new shiny. #1.2.2
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The outliers (really profitable mobile games) make mobile gaming appear profitable much like COD would lead outside observers to presume any FPS will sell like hotcakes.

Only hotcakes sell like hotcakes. #1.2
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This is why I only get certain games if I can get them discounted. #2.2
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I agree and would argue that some gamers follow this trend. Switching from PS2 to 360 then to PS4. I don't even think people are following their friends to one console over the other. I believe it comes down to exploring the new thing that happens to be first out the pipe. #3.2.1
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Please have good AI! #6
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Better story and more content would be awesome for the next game. I expect they'll be optimizing the hell out of their engine for the next game if they choose to continue the series. #2.1
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When can Delsin shoot from his other hand?! #1.2
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My thought. Releasing Titanfall on the 360 was an bad move. Until that version is released there is no telling what the final sells will be. For a new IP it's doing well.

Also delaying or having to delay the 360 version does nothing for the overall advertising momentum for Titanfall. Normal folk who don't frequent gaming sites probably don't know it's coming to the 360 and might think it's xbox one only. #1.1.11
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I won't let my 12 year old play any mature games unless I've already played them and can review the content for myself.

Otherwise when he can start paying for his own mature games then he'll be mature enough to play mature games. #1.2.1
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Agree 100% #11.1
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Playing good on inFamous has always been about precision strikes. Playing evil gives you the chance to go no holds barred. #4
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