I fell in love with gaming after playing Pong on an Atari 2600


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Has it been confirmed for PSVR?

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I purposefully did not mention PC to focus on the console space and Major Nelsons conments.

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If devs cant check some boxes to make the Scorpio version graphically the best looking console version of the game then this statement is all hot air. Scorpio will have the smallest install base which you cannot argue against. No one develops for the stronger system traditionally in the multiplatform space. They develop for the weakest system which will be the X1. You have to follow the money and the PS4 install base is where the money is.

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No cross save. I was hoping for the same. Just need to finish three noc trophies for plat on ps4

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I didn't upgrade to a Pro until after I sold my base PS4. And I wasn't going to upgrade until I could get rid of a PS4.

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Yep. I got a pro then a 4k tv. So if I got a Scorpio I'm good to see all the joy.

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I have one reason not to...where are the games? Not prettier games but games I cannot get anyplace else without a PC.

When MS announces some games let's talk. I don't care what this plastic boxes specifications are anymore. I already know it will be the most powerful console hardware.

Let's talk games!

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But the 3rd party games are where it's at on the Vita. And I'd disagree Sony didn't abandoned the system while agreeing they've abandoned games. Updates to the system is the only clear indication the isn't abandoned.

If you're waiting on 1st party games on the Vita, sell yours right now, or be glad you don't have it anymore. However, if you just want to play great games buy games, because complaining about Sonys 1st party not being there is...

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Yep the Cold Steel series is still $29 -$39 too I think. Either one of these games drops norw than $10 they are mine. My Vita backlog us too big to buy full price games right now.

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I agree 100%. The new hardware is suppose to be better. Dumbest shit article ever.

What's next? I know let's compare video cards from 2 years ago to the ones released today and do a deep dive into why today's video cards are better.

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Lots of Vita games in here. It's a rpg monster system.

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Yep Vita always has games to play every month. Only people not in the know make ignorant comments about the Vita not having games. Other people complain and say it doesn't have games they wont to play without really ever exploring this systems catalog of games.

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Yep. My ps4 backlog is stupid. I really want this game and will get it eventually. I'm between like 7 games right now.

But if I see it under $35 I'm going to have to get it and put it on the pile.

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This game was not good from the start, so I'm not surprised. After a few betas it was clear this game was never going to be good.

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Fucking bullshit is that is true! Not a true review at all.

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Always use the save to cloud feature. Oh well 40 hours but how much progress through the story?

I was 110 hours in P4Golden on hard and was only 70% done. Still got to beat that game.
More Persona!! Mmmmm!!

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Fuck hardware boasting! Where are your games though?!

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In my opinion all turn based rpg are great for remote play. Any lag from tour connection has the least impact on the overall gameplay experience. This game is stunning on the PS4 and looks great on the Vita screen.

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Two thoughts.

What games are Xbox 1 people buying this year that will pushed to the next level on Scorpio?

What games that have been released before 2016 on Xbox 1 that people are going back to play again with this new power?

Generally speaking lack of console specific exclusives to the mid gen upgrades, PS Pro included, will always limit the scope of games and depth of these consoles. But oh man the graphics.

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@VC thanks for info. I only buy games discounted and I'm just cheap lol.

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