I fell in love with gaming after playing Pong on an Atari 2600


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Maybe Naghty Dogs engine but Gerillas Games engine would be my best guess.

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Yep the beta was great! Cant wait to play.

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Didnt get to play the alpha but I didnt think the beta demo was hard at all. It did take me a while to decide what stances I prefered with different weapons. After about 3 hours with beta demo I deleted it and decided it will be a day one buy for me. No need to spoil myself on an unfinished chunk of the game now.

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Nothing to see here. More complaining. Meh.

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Game demos and trials aren't always good reflections of the finished game. Besides I'd rather developer work on the game and not a bogus vertical slice of an unfinished product.

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I wanted the game...on Vita.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma is great on the Vita. Just don't break it from frustration lol

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Coop endurance? Sounds interesting.

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Im down for this.

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I dont think even more than 200k people could ever show proof of use. Think most of this settlement will stay in the bank. I had a PS3 during this time but will never be able to show proof of use.

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Console exclusives use to mean you made real life friends with someone who had the console you didnt have. Now its fodder to non sense arguing over plastic boxes.

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Good deals here. Tomb Raider and Battlefield Hardline for $9 for PS4!

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The fact they have to explain what they're doing with an updated console is already a bad start. The more they have to explain their plan the less traction it will have confusing people even further. They are already getting into the weeds on this and need to stop explaining.

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Sony is completely at fault. They operated arrogantly under their old logic, if we build an awesome piece of tech people will make games for it and we dont have to. Sending the device out with horribly pricey proprietary storage and no good advertising was Sonys fault. Then the games people wanted never came despite the promise.

The Vita is the best handheld ever.

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It won't take that much space on my PS3, it's not invited.

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Damn that site is horrible. Felt like I had opened someone elses overstuffed suitcase, shit all over the place I dont want or need to see.

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I also hope for a release date this year.

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Yep. Ive had it on my Vita for months as well. Just uploaded from ps3.

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Nope Darks Souls 3, Witcher 3, and Uncharted 4 are nust a few games with epic music.

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