I fell in love with gaming after playing Pong on an Atari 2600


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He wasnt the only one who figure it out.

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I wish Cole hadnt been killed off.

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Im enjoying the update. Im curious about whether or not people can see your base also. Id presume you can since it allows you to leave a message for others.

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Thats all, 600 hours. I spent 1980 to about 1998 playing offline...I laugh at your 600 hours...meh

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Fugging whiny ass babies...

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Yep, despite the drift Im thoroughly enjoying psvr.

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I had issues with drift. I was watching Netflix and by the end of the 2 45 minute episodes I was turned almost180 degrees. If the cords for the headset hadnt crossed my chest I wouldnt have noticed until removing the headset.

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This is a good game, that I need to get back to.

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Wish Bloodborne made the list.

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Interesting to know Im not the only person that will get psvr and won't have that ps4 connected to a tv. I will eventually get a pro and a 4k hdr set later.

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No. Any game I buy and enjoy, I give no fucks about what other people think. If I think a game sucks I give no fucks about what other people think. Although in the latter I may feel like I wasted my money.

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Maybe Naghty Dogs engine but Gerillas Games engine would be my best guess.

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Yep the beta was great! Cant wait to play.

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Didnt get to play the alpha but I didnt think the beta demo was hard at all. It did take me a while to decide what stances I prefered with different weapons. After about 3 hours with beta demo I deleted it and decided it will be a day one buy for me. No need to spoil myself on an unfinished chunk of the game now.

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Nothing to see here. More complaining. Meh.

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Game demos and trials aren't always good reflections of the finished game. Besides I'd rather developer work on the game and not a bogus vertical slice of an unfinished product.

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I wanted the game...on Vita.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma is great on the Vita. Just don't break it from frustration lol

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Coop endurance? Sounds interesting.

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