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It's US only... like the majority of EA deals.

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More of a teaser than a trailer

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Seems rather late to do a preview. Pretty much everyone who has any interest in DOTA 2 has a key, and those who already do have a key have 10+ extra keys.

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Maybe add a bit more consequences to your actions in single-player. Get the player involved in the world instead of being on rails with only one "correct" path. Have choices, multiples ways of approach, an open world in which you do not dominate everything, but are a part of. Give the player a reason to fight for something.

As for multiplayer, stop this bickering over K/D ratio. Stop mindless slaughter, give a reason for fighting, reward the player somehow. For exam...

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As it saddens me to admit it, I think you're right.

Unless they allow for complete upgrades (new case, motherboard, cpu, etc...) this won't be too upgradable. And if they do offer the option of new cases and such, then why not get a PC instead that is hooked up to a TV?

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I had tons of fun with this thing. Didn't bother with mutli-player though. I found the gameplay to be rather fun and the story to be good, not great, but good.

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A planet on Earth? That's new

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Because Bethesda are sucking up to consoles (mainly Xbox 360). Skyrim is a console port.
Compare Skyrim to Morrowind. Morrowind has many more features than Skyrim. This is due to memory limitations on consoles.
If Skyrim were developed for PC as a 64-bit application, it would run SO much better, would look better and have many more features. I'm not sure if it is even multi-core aware.
The modding community pretty much saved The Elder Scrolls series. Morrrowind has...

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Isn't this just a list of games that are scheduled for 2013?
Some of this games haven't had a single screenshot released, like Battlefield 4.

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ArmA 3 should be on there and MW4 should be taken out if you make a list based on speculations.

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Everything needs competition. If there is only one manufacturer for CPUs, then they can decide the market prices and control the evolution of that particular field of technology.

Everything needs competition.

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AMD is better at single-processing, while Intel is better at multi-processing.
The problem with Bulldozer is that there is only on decoder. Steamroller will have 2.
AMD also supports overclocking with their Black Edition processors.

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I have to agree with you there.
For instance, I really want to play Dragon's Dogma, but it's just so goddamn expensive where I live (Iceland). My nation's currency isn't very strong at the moment. Dragon's Dogma costs about 92 US dollars here on either PS3 or 360.
And what's also terrible about this is that the PSN and Xbox Live reject any credit cards from Iceland. I'd have to buy pre-paid cards for both of these services which is almost twice as e...

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Huh... never heard of this digital retailer...
But they do have solid bargains. Thanks.

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Quake is vastly superior to L4D when it comes to FPS.

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I find pretty much all console exclusive games to be the most linear of games.

In pretty much everything where I can influence stuff, I want to be in control. I don't want to be on a rail with a single path.

Updating drivers is completely optional, but recommended. Stock drivers vs. latest drivers shows significant performance differences. Especially for Nvidia drivers. Some drivers increase performance by 30% in some games.

You don't...

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Buying a console at all isn't worth it.
What do consoles have that a PC doesn't? (Besides some exclusives)
The idea of consoles is outdated and should come to an end.

Consoles' specs are fixed. They will not be improved until it's successor arrives, which is generally ~6 years. This halts the progress of technological advances severely in the hardware market.

If one part of the console defects, you have to get it fixed by someo...

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Looks like it feels like every generic "gaming mouse".

Also, I can't stand SteelSeries, they always jump on the bandwagon.

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I think that number 1 and 3 (maybe 2) are in the main story, so everyone will experience it...

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5. No
4. Hell no
3. Maybe
2. Maybe
1. No

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