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I view this as more of a kids system. I like to play mario kart and smash bros with my kids on it. I don't have much of a problem with it. My kids can go online and I don't have to worry about stupid people swearing, taunting, and other bad things. If this was how PS3 or Xbox was then I would have a problem cause that is the system for me.

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Love snowblind studios. Had some great co-op rpgs that I enjoyed playing with my wife. hopefully this will be good.


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I played the game with my wife was a good co-op game. Loved playing the Mercenaries co-op. Haven't played it on my own don't think it would be as fun.

Does the DLC and to The Mercenaries? If so I am in.

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@nycredude -It is a video game are you serious! You need to get out more.

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No problems here. In Midwest US. Original 60 gig

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I couldn't agree more. It has become the cool thing to do here. Piss all over MW2. I almost passed it up after hearing about all the glitches and how almost everyone here said it sucks. Good thing I still got it. To all you Treyarch haters I don't get it. They supported their game like very few do. N4G is really just a place to hear people b!tch and moan.

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I wish you had to put in you age when you sign up for psn. use your ss# or something. I would love for there to be rooms for 21 and over only. Maybe there would be less lone wolves, less crap talk just an overall more mature experience. Let the little kids run a muck with themselves

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I got a key from file planet try to put the key in and says it is no good. Is that cause the beta didn't start in the US yet?

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Got in!

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@randomwiz You can easily fix your ylod for 20 bucks or 0 if you have a heat gun. I did this 2 weeks ago and it worked. Use the pdf and youtube video that Gilksy made follow it and it should work. When you turn on your ps3 does it go from green to yellow to blinking red that is what i had.

Hell of a deal

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I agree with you. IW lost it for me when they didn't support their game on ps3 and was unplayable for a long time. At least with WAW they supported their game. Props to them. WAW>MWF

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More excited for Agent won't be gimped by DVD9

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With PSN I can have an account for me, my wife, and my son for free. If I were to do that on 360 50*3=150 a year for one household. That my friend is a joke!

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I think its funny how people complain about free stuff. Don't like move on. I doubt that there was a giant budget and workforce behind this. Don't know if I will use it but it is there if I want to can't complain about that. This site must have the biggest following of complainers and whiners.

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I agree with you. The exclusives that sony has is what to advertise. They are what sells the system. I just find it odd for a multiplat game to say it is played better on one system over the other. Who said it? But the multiplat publisher shouldn't let it be said. Either way

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Weather I use it or not it is free and I can't complain about that. On the other system if you don't use it and you are paying for the service you think what the hell am I paying for???

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cause you would have better luck with a virtual girl?? Rape simulators would not be released. Only in your dreams. Pervert

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Seen those Walmart MW2 MS add where is says best played on XBOX. Wonder what happened on PS3. MS and Activision got something going? HMMM? Not enough servers for PS3 go figure.

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My disc is stuck too. Left it unplugged last night and tried again this mourning with no luck. I keep it on its side on top of entertainment center not enclosed and hardly ever on more than 2 hours a day.When I turn it on It is green light followed by a brief yellow light then red blinking light. Called sony 150 for repair sucks.

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Wanted to test this out today as I should get my disc today. * some what off topic * But as I was loading up Dead Space (finally got it from gamefly) my ps3(old 60gig) got the red blinking light damn what terrible timing with all the great games lately.

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