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Get back here and take your beating

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Sometimes opinions are better left unsaid

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Crappy smart refrigerator fanboy. Should have been a Panasonic real 3do port.

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Speak for yourself

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If they did that i would be done. Not buying every year just to keep up. But they won't that would be stupid.

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If i take anything away from this video is that they did well with mobile and terrible on xbox. I would expect a huge gap but honestly i just came away with xbox version looks like crap.

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Lol mr cranky pants

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I think you already have that covered



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Phil is a joke. I praised him years ago but he is all talk.

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Preordered can't wait.

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Are you overweight? I'm over weight. And can say shut up. Unless someone is going at a kid or directly at a woman shut up. Political correctness is trash. Ideally you shouldn't be overweight it's not healthy.

There was Fat Princess

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Fat Princess

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Kakashi shut up. Don't try and change what he said. I'm overweight he didn't hurt my feelings. Doughnut Drake is funny.


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This is a joke right? Can't wait to see all the old Nintendo Fanboys wearing cardboard backpacks and fishing poles. Or waiting for the parents to complain that the boxes are ruined after spending 70 to 80 bucks for this. Card board not that durable.

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Agree single player games are great. While not the best game this gen i had the most fun playing dying light with my wife. It felt like i was playing a single player game but with someone. We need more games like that. Want the single player experience or if i want play with someone.

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How about some Trivium

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Sounds like you described yourself

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These companies don't make much on console sales. They make the bulk of their money on games. So yeah not sure what your point is. Piracy just hurts everyone.

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