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When I read that I thought...

Do they mean better as in quality?
Or better as in popularity?

Because popularity is a hard thing to beat.

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I've had many of those so called "friends" at school too.
As soon as you live school you will realize who your real friends are. I never talked to some of them but I started hanging around daily with some others.

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mine do but they all play cod games they cant tell Killzone is superior.

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EA GAMES: GT5 had too many free cars... they should have made them into 10 $10 DLC packages...

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@Qui-Gon Jim international law... not interplanetary...

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In Killzone 2 when you stood next to other people liko Rico you (Sev) looked really short.

Thats because they placed the camera in Killzone 2 around your chest but a lot of people moaned about this.

So in Killzone 3 they must have moved everything up to your head height meaning the gun is now too high up.

Its not fake its just the way KZ is.

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Is this "Kinect-style" enough for you?

Edit: the guy on the video above is a total noob :P

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1. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots: Sibling Rivalry

3:10 onwards when they do the same moves on eachother (which shows they are more than cloned brothers they are identical in so many way not just their DNA) it made me want to cry :(

MGS was epic.

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No Getaway looked really awesome with a triple A...


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but for example you could have a house with a garage you didnt have to place a bike next to it did you?

they tried to make the towns look alive.

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its really zoomed in because its far away from the track

picture 2 is a zoomed in version of picture 1.

I laughed at the picture with the fast food shop that has the words:

How is the box lunch!!

This is epic I've never noticed this things while driving though maybe i will drive ny slowlly one time and take a tour :P

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We should send that idea to the developers... make it work with move as well and make it possible to knock out his teeth.

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plus the split screen image seemed to be in the same location... does this mean you can play killzone 3's story mode in split screen?

you could do that in killzone 1 maybe you can do in again it would be awesome.

edit: I love how every single comment is positive :D

that is so rare on n4g i doubt this has ever happened on n4g before.

This game is so epic even die hard 360 fanboys can't say anything about it.

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-2 day buy... pre order.

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